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  1. You guys are the best! I feel kind of bad for not being very present on here lately and checking in with others, but it's all just crazy times in my world. I just finished creating striped fabric by sewing satin ribbon onto stretch velvet ... just buy striped fabric, crazy ballet people. As regards challenge - well, I'm eating reasonably healthfully most days, I did walk four times, and that's pretty much it. My end date before I get a break moved to next Tuesday ... I feel like somebody trying to get out of the criminal underworld who keeps taking "one last job". Except less crime and more sewing.
  2. Yeeeeeeees!!! People always act like they get bonus life points for coming to work to spread germs and sit around feeling horrible, unable to get any work done. Don't let anyone deceive you, you do NOT get bonus life points for this.
  3. I have a feeling this is not what you mean and I'm in ignorance of some slang the cool kids use ... but here's this anyway because why not:
  4. Aw, thanks guys! Yesterday was a rough one. The weather was lousy, I overslept, and my schedule was tighter than anticipated. I ended up not packing meals because I woke up too late, which is not the end of the world - there are reasonable options not too far away. I opted for less reasonable options, though - let the hungry and cranky get to me. No walk happened, except for to and from the car in parking lots. Today I'm more on track, but not any less cranky. I'm not quite the point where I was last summer, where I was seriously considering faking my own death to get out of responsibilities (apparently it's illegal; go figure) but I'm really burnt out and still have two weeks to go. I'm so stiff and sore from all the sitting and sewing, my last job assures me the check is in the mail but it's been several days and I haven't seen it, and I just want to sleep, or cry, or sleep cry ... Anyway, I'll live but I've got a lot of hours yet to work between here and rest.
  5. As you may have guessed, I once again underestimated how crazy a 90 hour work week is. So, nothing happened last week in terms of goals. I know I shouldn't complain about having so many job opportunities, but I am really tired of working. Anyway, it's a new week - it'll still probably be a 70-80 hour week but I'll try again. My goals for this week were to keep calories under 1600 (I can do it, I just have to not give up and eat out.), walk for 30 minutes a day, and do one strength training workout. I feel like I should be able to do that much. I really do need to get up and move around after all the sewing.
  6. Not gonna lie, I'm not feeling it this morning. Any of it. When my alarm went off I literally said, "No!" and rolled over. Then I rolled back over and got up cause I had a meeting ... Anyway, another challenge starting off with a week of madness. It seems to be a theme. Last challenge I had The Big Musical - this time it's The Goth Punk Surfer Opera (just the way Mozart imagined it, I'm sure). Week 1: The focus will be on healthful eating under my calorie goal of 1600 a day, and tracking it. I got lazy on the tracking at the end of the last challenge. Exercise is going to have to go by the wayside, although I will be walking to and from a super far away parking lot and also lots of up and down stairs while working the opera. I will, however, do my mobility/flexibility routine five times this week. Week 2: Will still be mildly crazy, as I switch to the ballet. However, I should have a smidge more time so I'm going to add half hour walks back in. And one, count 'em, one strength training workout. Just one. Week 3: The ballet continues. This week I will aim for two strength training workouts in addition to other things. Week 4: I will be off work. I WILL BE OFF WORK!!! Is this even possible? Do such things happen? Fitness goals this week - add a third strength training session, and also go walk some trails in the woods!
  7. Or, maybe you're just stuck in a time loop. There may be an ancient alien artifact somewhere that you need to destroy to escape. Looks like good, practical goals!
  8. Ha, yeah - I think it's mostly that he had weight to lose whereas mom was already at a healthy weight and just wants to lose the "last five pounds" to get to her ideal goal weight. Plus, men vs. women ... I'm sure there are guys who lose weight slowly but the guys in my family seem to lose five pounds by thinking about going on a diet.
  9. Went over on calories yesterday - about 1800. But I also walked for an hour instead of half an hour, and I also did my mobility workout. The going over on calories tends to be because I want an afternoon snack, especially when I have to go straight from one job to another and don't get supper until after 8 pm. Not quite sure what to do about that ... I guess just deal with feeling hungry? I usually have an apple and peanut butter. My lunch usually contains some element of mayonnaise or olive oil, so I could cut that out? (But then things are dry and tasteless, I whine). However, I'm usually only about 60 - 80 calories over - yesterday was because I had chocolate. So my parents started carb counting to help manage my dad's diabetes. In six weeks, Dad has lost all the weight he needed to lose (about 25 pounds) and now wears the same size jeans as my teenage brother. Mom is following the exact same diet and has lost a pound. She is ... not pleased.
  10. Looks good! I'm working on walking and stretching, too.
  11. By all means, tell about your class! Your course of study is actually really interesting and unusual. What's a writing intensive? I would assume intensive writing? Whatever that is - but it sounds intense, it's even in the name!
  12. I think I'll just carry this challenge on into the next one. Last week was definitely rough on the eating stuff front - I was at my parents' house for Easter weekend and the Easter candy was abundant and incessant. As were the waffles for breakfast, the grilled cheeses for lunch, and of course Easter dinner to which a vast number of relatives showed up without warning. And yet somehow despite 11 extra people showing up, there was still far more than enough food. And yet, somehow, when I weighed in this morning I had not gained any weight. Hadn't lost any, but hadn't gained any. I'd call that a win, coming from a house where there was a literal tower of cupcakes. I got in 5 walks, and only 3 days of mobility work. And of course, I am once again going into madness. I have two weeks of crazy times, with once again two full time jobs. Then two weeks where I'll have two full time jobs, but one of them I can do at home in the evening in my pajamas. And then ... and then ... I have FOUR WEEKS OFF. I haven't taken any time off, for just me, in two years. I am guarding this time off like a dragon guards treasure. No matter what, I will NOT take any jobs during these four weeks. That may be the most important challenge goal of all. I'm going for another maintain what I'm already doing/trying to do week. So the goal this week will be eat under 1600 calories a day, take a 30 minute walk every day, and do my hip/leg/ankle/wrist flexibility/mobility routine every day. If I get a solid 6/7 on all goals, I'll consider adding/removing/modifying a thing for next week and the new challenge.
  13. Ugh, yes! Just tell me already! It's been a pretty rough week on all fronts. I just realized it's only Wednesday morning ... so a rough two days? All the upheaval at work has made everyone angry and upset and nervous, which is not surprising, but it makes for a very emotionally charged workplace. I think it's probably related that I'm 0/2 on all my goals. That and the extra things scheduled in the evening. I could totally have done a walk and mobility work this morning - I woke up in time - but I laid in bed and stared at the ceiling for 40 minutes because I just didn't want to get up. I feel like it's been a very bad week, but let me actually put it in perspective for myself: Walking - 1/2 Mobility - 0/2 Calories - 0/2 So I have only missed two days on mobility and eating under calories, and only one day of walking. Missing one or two days is not that big a deal.
  14. That sounds like some good chicken.
  15. The Big Thing at work turned out not to be a big thing - at least for me - just something I needed to know about that isn't public knowledge yet. My job is safe! For now ...
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