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  1. Toshimi

    Toshimi lays foundations

    So appointment went well last night. Still reading through what she sent after the appointment. This week I need to message my dr to see about some follow up testing, but I feel like we have a good path forward. Going to be trying quite a few supplements, but I'm willing to if it helps. No surprise but the biggest thing we're working on is how my body deals with sugar. Followed up by some possible adrenal issues and some other smaller issues. I know the next week might be kind of sucky with the cutting a bunch of stuff out. I updated my workout goals in addition to the nutrition ones. I'm just going to try and get some movement, mostly walking done.
  2. Toshimi

    Toshimi lays foundations

    So it's been an interesting week, rather exhausting. I did mostly get to bed on time, I did not stay off video games after 8. One night I played until almost 10, the other one I was in bed by 9 still. Did some mobility this week, but not enough. Didn't get a work out in yet, but talked with hubby about doing the work outs with me for a few weeks so hopefully i get in the habit some? The plan for this weekend. I'll be finishing up our closet and master suite. Not sure why this is a me job but it is what it is... Left to do is hang a door, case it, finish the painting of the walls that have 1 coat, do the vaulted ceiling in the bedroom, get the rest of the closet put together, and get everything put in the closet. This will probably extend into finishing up the bonus room. If everything goes as planned Saturday (and I get all of the above done) hopefully sunday will be measuring the front yard and finishing up that plan, and getting the garage cleaned up. Somewhat doubtful everything will get done with my current energy levels, but Hopefully with enough green it will be doable? Today is the NTP appointment, and hopefully a trip down to get the last pieces we need for this weekend. Work is slowing down finally a little. Hopefully next week wont be as crazy. My parents are both out but my coordinator will be back so glad about that.
  3. Toshimi

    The Monastery Kitchen

    I think this is the one I used, but left out the sugar (and didn't miss it) I will check when I get home and see if that is the right one, but even if it's not The Kitchn is a great recourse and I normally like anything I make from them
  4. Toshimi

    The Meditation Chamber

    I hadn't thought about using crafting as a mindfulness thing, but it makes sense. Just found my spinning stuff last night while going through boxes, might have to give it a try.
  5. Toshimi

    Toshimi lays foundations

    In law visit was good. We spent Friday walking around downtown LA, did the Broad museum, a scavenger hunt (3ish miles of walking just for that) and lunch. Also got to pick up the light and the fan for our bathroom & Bedroom. But then yesterday hit, and I'm realizing how crazy work is going to become. I took over another role (estimating) on top of running production, which since production has been super slow hasn't been bad. But with my production coordinator out until Monday, our office admin out a half day on Friday and my parents (aka the owners of the company) leave Friday for 1.5 weeks, I'm a little stressed out and brain fried. On top of just the I'm doing 3 jobs until next week (Then I'll at least be back to 2 jobs) one of my field staff left to help their family business in Montana last week, and looks like we're also going to be letting one of our other field staff go. There's some issues that have come up and we're trying to work on them but from what we've heard from all parties involved so far there's not much we can do. I'm not sure it's a bad thing, it's someone we've wondered for awhile if they are the right fit for our company. At the same time we're just picking up production and it sucks that this is the time everything is coming to a head. I do have another guy I could promote but I don't think we're going to be able to hire anyone else for awhile. I'm glad I don't have the know how to go out into the field because I know there would have been the push for that if I did. I don't think I'm going to change much on the challenge- other than adding that at least 1 day on the weekend I'm not going to allow myself to work on work stuff. Going to talk with the NTP on Friday about what I can do to either do a large prep and freeze stuff or if there are any box delivery options that would work. Not going to slide back into eating out all the time. My sister and her husband have a list of stuff they've worked out and it seems to work for them. They did it mainly based on what bugs who first. But that only works when someone is "bugged" by it not being done (this does not seem to happen with hubby) Super excited about the next quilt I'm going to do. Just trying to figure out what the plan is. Not sure if I'm going to do a standard 9 square, or if I'm going to do a disappearing 9 square. I know I"m going to do some bigger blocks with the Love you to the moon and back fabric, but still working it all out. The sheep and moons are the backing fabric.
  6. Toshimi

    Mistr wrangles weasels

    Glad to be following along for this challenge! On chrome (not sure if it works with others) there is a wonderful thing called facebook eradicator extension, It doesn't allow you to see your facebook news feed, but does give some great quotes. It does not keep you from using groups though. It's helped me a lot be off facebook at work.
  7. Toshimi

    ATLA: Treva vs the Fire Nation/Ozai

    Glad Habit bull is working out!
  8. Toshimi

    Toshimi lays foundations

    I've been doing a lot of reflecting on past challenges, and I feel like I've taken on more than I can. Trying to take things slow, especially with working out. Hydrate and Sleep should be easy ones to reach. Well being I might need to get figured out a little more, but I think that's the minimum I need to get done. I also have realized I need to make some time for things I enjoy doing. Lately that has been playing video games (Horizon Zero Dawn) but I am realizing I am playing at the expense of other things. Nutrition: This one is a little imprecise, just because I don't know what it is going to entail. I meet with a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner on the 22nd, so I will update this after that. week 0: fill out nutrition logs Week 1: nutrition apt Week 2-4: No dairy, no sugar (monkfruit sweetener okay on occasion) no grains. no more than 1 drink per week. Take vitamins/supplements Exercise & Mobility: be This is one area I really need/want to work on. my knee has been having issues, and I know it's largely because I've stopped stretching and doing the things I know I should. Mobility can be Yoga, dynamic stretching, or time with the foam roller/trigger point ball. If funds allow, I am hoping to take a trigger point class in the next 2 months. Walk 15 -30 mins 3+ days a week Hydrate: I do pretty okay during the week, but weekends are really bad. Drink 64 oz of plain water- Squeeze of citrus okay Well being: Keeping the house in order does wonders for my mental well being. Like others, I don't get a lot of help with it. I need to figure out the minimums I need to do to keep the house in a state that I can live with. Right now the house is pretty crazy, we tore out our main closet 3 weeks ago, and hopefully we'll be finishing it in the next week. That will allow me to get my crafting room set up which I am realizing how much I'm missing. Spend 15 mins at least 3 days a week cleaning up the house. Clean both bathrooms and do a full wipe down on the kitchen every week Spend time in the yard/crafting/doing something for me Find new options for therapists Sleep: I've gotten into play Horizon Zero Dawn, and it's been effecting my sleep schedule. No video games after 8 pm on work nights.