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    Realizing I need to figure out a sustainable plan, mostly with food. Didn't realize how much everything was helping until it all fell apart the last 2 weeks. Need to find the balance of staying on track to feel better, but how to deal with some of the cravings. Going to go back to really strict on the food then have some more control of how I reintroduce things and what can I add without doing all the things, the only thing I've added that I feel like I do okay with is potatoes. Rice is for sure a no go. Food: Take supplements 4 times a day no added sugar. no more than 1 serving a fruit a day. Sugar replacements (swerve/monk-fruit) only 2 x a week. Week 1- stick to strict food plan. Week 2-4 play with adding things in as able to. Drink the water! minimum 80 oz per day Physical: Trigger point ball/Foam roller/stretching at least 3 x a week. Do some sort of extra moment 2 x a week. Mental: spend 10 mins a day cleaning Monday-Thursday Go to bed by 10 pm Sunday- Thursday nights Set alarm and get up at 6 am. Stuff to do this challenge: Review where we are with taxes for the year. Hem curtains for crafting room Finish painting in master bath Get Trello chores list done Re-stack firewood Get glucose meter & figure out schedule for checking it. Find a therapist that is accepting new patients