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  1. I think I'm modifying the mental portion a little. Be in bed by 10 on work nights. and using my panda planner. It's more structured than bullet journaling and I've never really given it a full go. Filled out the month view for the most part. A few more areas to finish. Weekly is done other than my "things I will do to make this week great" and "top 5 goals for the week" I think this will help me with a morning/evening routine. Should only take 10 mins for each but would be nice to have something to start and finish the day. Today was a huge drag getting out of bed though. Hopping that as I get back to a more normal schedule it will be better. I've been looking into what options I have for getting back into martial arts training. Right now I"m a little torn between 2 options. 1- I found out the person who was my teacher most the time at the Kung Fu place is now teaching out of his house. or 2- going back to the Jujitsu place I went to years ago. I loved the kung fu style I was doing, but not sure about only doing 1 on 1 lessons, it was nice being able to work with other people as well. the Jujitsu- the times aren't ideal, but I think they could be doable. Goal is to make a decision by the end of the month and get started by next month. I have realized lately how much I miss some of it. So between now and then it's also how can I best prepare myself for getting back into it injury free. Knee has been a little iffy so need to start focusing on it some more with the stretching and strength. Back to wearing running shoes as daily shoes since I think that wearing cute shoes might be contributing to it being a little funky. On day 4 of taking blood glucose readings. The next few days I'm going to be doing it more than once a day ( I have a dr apt on the 11th) so I'd like some good data to go into that with. Over all the finger sticks have not been as bad as I thought. over all things going pretty okay.
  2. Not doing so great with the no added sugar but working on it. I started testing my blood sugar levels yesterday. Should be interesting to see. the goal is to track at least twice a day. Once first thing in the morning and once 1-2 hours after a meal. I did do most of the menu planning for the month, so that's been going decently. Took the dog on a nice long walk the other day, and then used moving bags of mulch as my other workout. Stretching so far has been the easiest. Working on reading through some of the made strong workout stuff since I want to start doing that at least once a week. Bedtime and wake ups going alright. Had to be at work early every day this week so was up before 6. We'll see how next week goes with going back to normal schedule
  3. I like cauliflower rice a lot. my favorite way to cook it lately has been on a sheet pan with some ghee, then after it gets nice and roasty mixing in some nuts (either pecans or pine nuts) and sun dried tomatoes. I've also done onion and capers and onion. For the hunger one thing I've found if you're doing less carbs for a meal sometimes it helps to up the fat.
  4. First robotics? or another kind? I helped out with the chairman's team for a few years with one of our local teams. Making sure there are healthier go to options are a great way to help with this. I keep frozen cauliflower rice on hand all the time. And also some thin cut steaks (can cook them from frozen so you don't have to worry about thaw time) Finding some things like that might help out too.
  5. Realizing I need to figure out a sustainable plan, mostly with food. Didn't realize how much everything was helping until it all fell apart the last 2 weeks. Need to find the balance of staying on track to feel better, but how to deal with some of the cravings. Going to go back to really strict on the food then have some more control of how I reintroduce things and what can I add without doing all the things, the only thing I've added that I feel like I do okay with is potatoes. Rice is for sure a no go. Food: Take supplements 4 times a day no added sugar. no more than 1 serving a fruit a day. Sugar replacements (swerve/monk-fruit) only 2 x a week. Week 1- stick to strict food plan. Week 2-4 play with adding things in as able to. Drink the water! minimum 80 oz per day Physical: Trigger point ball/Foam roller/stretching at least 3 x a week. Do some sort of extra moment 2 x a week. Mental: spend 10 mins a day cleaning Monday-Thursday Go to bed by 10 pm Sunday- Thursday nights Set alarm and get up at 6 am. Stuff to do this challenge: Review where we are with taxes for the year. Hem curtains for crafting room Finish painting in master bath Get Trello chores list done Re-stack firewood Get glucose meter & figure out schedule for checking it. Find a therapist that is accepting new patients
  6. If there's a lot of chopping I'll do that prep the night before so I can toss together in the crock pot in the morning and come home to dinner done.
  7. Adventures in nutrition stuff: apparently I need to cut out the fake sugar too I was doing okay until I started using swerve, now the cravings are so bad. going back to being really strict for at least a week. The experiment with rice didn't go well. thankfully no stomach issues, but just haven't been feeling as great. Got a lot done in the yard over the weekend, and continuing to work on it. We're working on putting a fire pit in, but that also means digging out to level for the edging, then moving dirt around for a level area for the whole thing. I'm about 1/2 way done with the edging I think. Hopefully we'll be laying the brick for that this weekend and can start leveling out the middle of it next week. The cleaning has been going alright. We're pretty much keeping up with things. The kitchen could use a little extra love today so I"m hopping to get a little extra time for that. That will also include installing a new to us dishwasher! a 5 year old one will hopefully be better than the 30 year old one that's there. Also need to get the last of the laundry put away.
  8. Cheater pork stew from nom nom paleo is one of our main go to's. Pork shoulder or chuck roast are my favorites that I do quite often.any cut that has some fat is good, also don't worry about some of the tougher cuts, the long slow cooking will better break down the connective tissues that make them tough. So this can be a cost saving thing too, tougher cuts normally are cheaper, so win on both things. I'll just start them in the morning on low with just some garlic salt. by the end of the day you have meat that can be used for a lot of different things. I'll use them for the week on salads, tacos, in eggs, or anyway you might just want some. Also if you do chicken pieces, thighs turn out way better than breasts. Thighs can cook all day without drying out. depending on the veggie will depend on if you want to put it in all day. Some do alright, others turn to mush. Leafy things (other than cabbage) I'll add 20-30 mins before eating. This includes things like Chards and Kales. Spinnach you can add right before you eat. you can also dump a thing of salsa in with it if you want a Mexican flair. Or sprinkle curry on it, then add coconut milk at the end before you serve. Here is my pin board of one's I've tried, I also need to get back to trying recipes I've found that look good too.
  9. Good to see you back! This has been me for the last few months. I have noticed in the last week-ish it has helped, and instead of saying something is too big to tackle (since I haven't made the time to do it all at once) just a little at a time has made a huge difference. I don't have kids to deal with, but the slow cooker has been great for me on weeks where both my husband and I are home late. We have a few go to recipes we really like, I'd be more than happy to share if you'd like.
  10. Our workout area/bonus room is clean! well other than the donate pile in one corner. But it's neatly stacked and waiting for the appointment for the stuff to be picked up. Master bedroom is close to being done. I should be able to get it in my 10 mins today. Still need to do some organizing in the bathroom and closet too. Might tackle it later in the week but there are some other things I Want to get done first. Laundry is almost all put away. There were a few things still hang drying last night that were still pretty damp. They will get put away as soon as I get home though. Last night I missed the 9:30 deadline. Will try again for tonight.
  11. so far this weekend is going great. Talked to Hubby about cleaning challenge on here, seems like he's on board. the 10 mins a day seems more manageable I think for both of us. I'm glad we have the extra day off this weekend to try and get ahead some. The rain we're supposed to get today will help us stay in doors and get things done. We got quite a bit done yesterday on finishing up one of the rooms in the house. I think with another 20 mins we'll have it done. Then I'm planning on getting our bedroom done as well (the last place we have boxes from the move at this point) For now enjoying tea and and relaxing before getting the day started
  12. So the brain weasels are creeping back. I've noticed it for the last few weeks, and I know I need to do something. After reading the article in @sarakingdoms thread, and finding This article from the Guardian I think I know where to start. I don't feel like I can relax because the state of the house, I always should be doing something else. But at the same time it's so overwhelming that I don't do anything because I don't know where to start or I know I wont be able to finish it in one sitting because of time constraints. I also know I wont get help with this. I have my follow up with the nutrition person today. Overall it's going much better, but still having a few issues. Hopefully after today I'll have some ideas of how to move forward. Struggling this past week of remembering to take my supplements and with just not being hungry much. If anyone has recipients for fat bombs, or protein balls or whatever is easy to make ahead and eat even when not really hungry. I am defining weekdays as Monday through Thursday and weekends as Friday through Sunday. House Weasel Weekdays: Set a timer for 10 mins and get done what I can in that time. Weekends: Make sure all laundry done is put away Food Weasel Track food at 3 days a week. Take supplements! Sleep Weasel Electronics off by 9:30 other than Friday night and Saturday night. Kindle reading included
  13. So getting camping stuff together is done, had a great trip out to Josuha Tree National Park. Was a little warm during our hike, about 90 degrees (32 c ish) when we finished but it was really pretty hiking to an oasis. Sunday we drove through the park and stopped and wandered around a few places. Watched some rock climbers for awhile which was fun. Went to dinner last night with hubby to start the birthday celebrations since he had to leave for a work trip this morning so he wont be with me tomorrow to celebrate. Ren Faire stuff is mostly done. Just ordered some stuff on amazon and zappos to hopefully finish it off. Also ordered ordered "its my birthday" and "birthday crew" temp tattoos for Saturday since we're celebrating 2 birthdays. Not sure if I'm ready for tomorrow, not that it's a big deal in some ways, but 30... I'm not where I wanted to be, but trying to not dwell on that too much. I'm getting there and trying to focus on that instead. I was able to find a cake that is compliant, excited about that. Almond flour olive oil cake that uses sugar replacement. Hopefully it's better than the meatloaf cupcakes with mashed sweet potatoes that I was going to do if I couldn't find anything else. Overall doing pretty okay.
  14. I have plenty in my yard if you need more! I decided to not fight the battle with them in the front lawn this year. Sounds like a great workout!
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