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  1. Toshimi

    Toshimi Battles the Weasels

    so far this weekend is going great. Talked to Hubby about cleaning challenge on here, seems like he's on board. the 10 mins a day seems more manageable I think for both of us. I'm glad we have the extra day off this weekend to try and get ahead some. The rain we're supposed to get today will help us stay in doors and get things done. We got quite a bit done yesterday on finishing up one of the rooms in the house. I think with another 20 mins we'll have it done. Then I'm planning on getting our bedroom done as well (the last place we have boxes from the move at this point) For now enjoying tea and and relaxing before getting the day started
  2. Toshimi

    Toshimi Battles the Weasels

    So the brain weasels are creeping back. I've noticed it for the last few weeks, and I know I need to do something. After reading the article in @sarakingdoms thread, and finding This article from the Guardian I think I know where to start. I don't feel like I can relax because the state of the house, I always should be doing something else. But at the same time it's so overwhelming that I don't do anything because I don't know where to start or I know I wont be able to finish it in one sitting because of time constraints. I also know I wont get help with this. I have my follow up with the nutrition person today. Overall it's going much better, but still having a few issues. Hopefully after today I'll have some ideas of how to move forward. Struggling this past week of remembering to take my supplements and with just not being hungry much. If anyone has recipients for fat bombs, or protein balls or whatever is easy to make ahead and eat even when not really hungry. I am defining weekdays as Monday through Thursday and weekends as Friday through Sunday. House Weasel Weekdays: Set a timer for 10 mins and get done what I can in that time. Weekends: Make sure all laundry done is put away Food Weasel Track food at 3 days a week. Take supplements! Sleep Weasel Electronics off by 9:30 other than Friday night and Saturday night. Kindle reading included