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  1. Thanks, i dont have time to log all my food i figured pictures are faster. Let me know if u can't see the pictures. Ps i keep eating my food before taking a picture,
  2. Posted pictures to my Gmail drive, use link here to check it out.
  3. My last challenge ended in a bad case of mono. Still recovering, little things are now becoming big achievements!! Like being able to do the dishes with out getting dizzy or having to sit down, driving with out neck pain and being able to work a full 8hr day!!! needless to say I'll be keeping this challenge low key. Mostly focusing on my eating while slowly incorporating in more physical stuff when I'm up for it. 1- Take pictures of my meals so i know what I'm eating. Don't eat anything unless there is a photo of it. I have a tendency to snack on unhealthy foods, mostly because its easier to eat crackers and candy than it is to make a salad. 2- Do something crafty once a week. I've got several projects in the que: building a fairy garden in a small green house (5hrs), finishing a friends baby quilt(15hrs) and finishing Christmas decorations/presents (1hr). 3- Be more social- not sure what to put here, will fill it out later.
  4. Charlie_Quinn, Mono has been tough, i didn't make my ugly sweater race but my body wasn't in any shape for running, and I've only got the one body so i do try to listen when it give out hints. Still get tired very easily so I've been taking it slow. Will be working on getting my strength back in the next challenge.
  5. Mono, i have mono. Its a complete bummer. So i'll be resting a lot tge next couple weeks, and maybe running again eventually. I still gave a goal of making my dec 12 ugly sweater run except i won't be running it. Hell i already bought the stroller decorations and my ugly sweater no way i m missing that run, even if i just show up
  6. Week3 WT 142lb speed: ran on a treadmill Monday so not counting it will update after my next run this week Week 2 Wt:no weight in Speed: 32.3min/3miles week 1 Wt:142lbs (note: gained back the 2lbs i lost last challenge while traveling for work ) Speed: ?min/3miles
  7. i looked over several Hal hidgon training plans and more or less have been between his novice and intermediate plans, with yoga or spin class as my cross training. Been slipping in a fewer long runs about every 2 or 3 weeks and i have been trying to include some speed work but have not been consistent. my training has pretty much looked like this Mon- official weekly timed run 5k after work and PT @ home Tues- am stretching Wed- PT in am, run with buddy at work he is way faster than me so this would be my "speed training" thur- am stretching friday- PT in am, light run on Fridays @work Sat/sun either long run or a short run and a gym class
  8. I had a Mirena for almost 1.5 years. It was OK, the hormones in it did not really agree with my body chemistry but it wasn't horrible. It shifted at a year and a few months and i got more cramping, and then shifted again a few months later causing worse cramps and other unpleasant side effects (strings poking my cervix ). I had it taken out. Boyfriend could feel the stings sometimes, weren't pokey though. NOTE: You should have some one drive you home from the appointment and they should tell you not to drive/operate heavy machinery the day you get it installed (if you haven't had a kid). for the first 24hrs after installation i had horrible debilitating cramps, not being able to stand, which is pretty common if your uterus is not used to sharing space
  9. Update for last week (nov 9th) Wt:no weight in Speed: 32.3min/3miles
  10. A nice to meet you cousin half elf! PT is really a bunch of oblique floor work done v-e-r-y slowly to maintain a high level of control and to allow me to check that my abs are fully contracted the whole time. I do a lot of heavenly modified crunch like moves with a scarf for support (See pic), a range of half bridges, side planks. no normal planks for me yet i cant maintain a neutral spine for more than a few seconds. my PT and i just finished our appointments but ill keep doing my PT sessions for at least another month every other day and then scale back to every three days for about six more months.
  11. Wow that's kinda cool, how tall are you? im 5ft 4.75in the 3 quarters of an inch makes a difference I'm all about gaining some muscle right now. need to build the goods so i can make it to gun show status
  12. Hahaha its always about the swag isn't it . I to am concerned about keeping my mileage up this winter, I live on the coast just north and slightly east of Boston (read windburn/frostbite happened when I run outside in the winter, even with ski goggles and a facemask).
  13. sounds like your busy!
  14. Thanks for the welcome guys!!! PT may become the focus of this upcoming challenge. the exercises they have me doing are hard and time consuming because they have to be done with precise form. but I'm hoping by doing them every day (4:45-5:30 ugg) ill see a difference ~quickly. Sulinar, not my first 5k i've been trying to sign up for one race a month, so far all of my races allow me to run in some sort of costume with out weird looks. I'll be participating in some kind of turkey trot this month. As for food i may try new veggies once a week, im the only veggie eater at my house so we shall see. I to love baked veggies in the winter!! my favorite ingredient for baked veggies is balsamic vinegar the cheap stuff is OK but the $$$ bottles are amazing
  15. So I've tried twice this week to time a 5k run, my phone bonked both times I'll be trying again this Friday. Wt:142lbs (note: gained back the 2lbs i lost last challenge while traveling for work ) Speed: ?min/3miles
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