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  1. WRAP UP!!!!! Battle 1: Become the hunter. Lara only had certain food to survive. No junk food! I have done really well here. I really gave myself a reality check on this one. My work has an annual Christmas Sale the first week of December. They put out a huge table with candy, cookies, chocolate, spiced cider, and it stays out the whole month with ever replenishing goodies. I was VERY bad the first few days. Stuffing my face every time I walked by the table. Then I was trying to do my workout and I felt like I had a damn weighted vest on!! Slow and sluggish, tired, not making progress. I sat down and needed to have a heavy self evaluation. I have goals and they are way more impotent to me then a freaking cookie. It made it really easy to resist the temptation when I had my goals in mind. The weight is coming off too so that is extra motivation. I will keep this goal going into the next January Challenge. Plots and plans Baby! ;} Battle 2: Workouts. Body weight Basics Kicken butt and taken names on this one after some troubles. I really miss my running but I was told not to jump back into that any time soon ... and.. well ... I have to admit, I am scared to even try to run again. It caused so much damage when I pushed before and it was my own damn fault.... I will try again someday...... but for now I am enjoying the workouts I have been doing. I like strength training and I have been working on some jumps to test out the back. Seems to be doing well. No major soreness so I hope that stays true. I definitely have to love the workouts I am doing. If I am trying to do a program I am just not happy about, I do not get out of bed for it in the morning. I wanted to do this program just to say I did it and that was stupid because I didn't end up doing it. I really like the regiment I have going now and that helps those early morning workouts. I am really excited for a program I will be starting in January. I LOVED the Assassins Mini Challenges! Before the surgery I would do all sorts of fun mini workouts at work. Dragon Push-up races with the warehouse guys and pull-ups in the isles. First time in a really long time that I was feeling up to doing these sort of things again. Broad jumps down the isles, scap pulls on a bar across shelves, push ups between customers. Feels really good and encourages me to keep going. Battle 3: Remember the most effective way to lose weight. PORTION CONTROL! I had some ups and downs here but portion control has been going really well. I am really excited to see the weight loss and I am feeling so good. I am excited for a new portion control program I am starting in January (maybe before). I am not sure how it will go but I am looking forward to trying something other than the counting cals stuff. Really ready for something new. Life Quest: Life Battle 1: Finish Chainmaille Christmas gifts!! THIS!! Has been so fun and so stressful. What made me decide to make everyone their gifts this year???!!!! I had a horrible start as I got frustrated with my limited skills but man have I learned a lot. I really pushed myself to try to do at least an hour a day and really that just wasn't in the cards some days. I did however get some excellent time in on my days off from work and a few days a week after work I got an hour or so in. SOOOOOO! One cute little red and gold dragon done. Around 5 hours of work. I may go back if I have time and rework the head. I am not happy with how it sits. One gorgeous necklace that I was REALLY stressing about. I had ordered the wrong size rings to start and had to wait to start until my second order got in. About 4 hours of work. One cool red and black bracelet. Around 2 hours. This one was the first I finished. It ended up being more delicate and small then I had intended so I tripled it up and connected them into one. Looks SO much better. I finished the wallet chain. MOTHER OF DRAGONS!!! 12G Stainless!! That wore me out. About 3 hours. I ended up having to order a new pair of heaver duty pliers to be able to even bend the rings. Its chunky and durable and will work great. I have some extra so I may make a bracelet with what rings are left if I have time. I have started some owls, another necklace ( that I may start over with a different weave. I'm just not happy with how it is coming out.), I have some little hearts to finish up , and a firefly. But feel pretty good with my progress. Christmas comes so fast@!!! but I have faith I will get them done. Push comes to shove I will stay up all night Christmas Eve to get them done hehehehe. OVERALL I had a lot of good lessons reinforced this challenge. Had fun with the mini's and they really encouraged me to push harder toward my goals. I learned to stop pushing the old goals. I just had to wake up to the realization that those goals are still there... They are just going to have to wait. I have been through my own little hell this last year.... I feel like I have a new perspective. Yes I have to start over... Yes that fucking sucks!... But life goes on whether your pissed off about things you can't change or not. I miss those that used to give me encouragement when I was super fit and cute but I can go on, on my own. I will be my own cheerleader. ;} Like Laura, I have fallen into some pit falls, I wanted to sit at the bottom of the hole and pout and cry and feel sorry for myself and wait for someone else to help me out but that is just NOT going to happen. I am responsible for my attitude. I am responsible for getting back after my ship wreck. I will do things I never thought I could and I will become my own Hero. ;} See you all January 4th!!!
  2. Did exactly the same elvenengineer! I was able to post my numbers so maybe try again. Great challenge!!!
  3. Freaking push ups after all the arm work last week!!! LOL Getting close. I have about 150 more to do over Sat and Sunday. I'll make it!
  4. Guess who's been doing broad jumps down the isles at work. Weeeee!
  5. We can do a combo of both right. Notjust pick pushups OR jumping? I was worried about jumping but did a bit today and seemed ok Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  6. That was insane!! Who comes up with this stuff!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  7. *whimpers* So hard! This challenge kicked my butt!! My shoulders! My arms! My chest! Can't wait to see whats next! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  8. I iz pain.... Everytime I go in our warehouse for product I'll stop and do a few scap pulls. That's the only way I will get close. I have got mushrooms .... just in case. Rows are in multiple parts of my daily workouts. Maybe I just need to stop in the middle of the grocerie store today and break some rows out with jugs of milk hehehe . We got this!
  9. Man oh man. Rows and scap pulls for me. Good thing I set up a pull up bar at work. ;} Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  10. I'm thinking rows and scap pulls as I can't do full pull ups yet. MAN! Thats like 100 a day! I only did a few sets of rows yesterday. Ok. Hunket down I'm going to work on a gourgous back and sholders this week! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk
  11. Week 3 update as always I am so behind on updates. Battle 1: Become the hunter. Lara only had certain food to survive. No junk food! Yeah for me. I have done so much better on this! This has been strength this challenge .... now to catch up on workouts... Battle 2: Workouts. Body weight Basics .... I have been a slacker. complete slacker. I have been off and on with workouts and not consistent at all. I think I need to find a nitch.... I loved running.... SO LOVED running. But Thats a no go SO I need a plan B... Strength training? biking? Not sure. I will play around with some ideas. Battle 3: Remember the most effective way to lose weight. PORTION CONTROL! Doing SO much better on this. I have been putting away the left overs and that has really helped me from going back for seconds. Life Quest: Life Battle 1: Finish Christmas gifts!! Plan A was scraped and may have to be a Bday gift as I will have till May. Think that will work much better for my lil brother. Plots and Plans. Mwahah Decided a dragon would be fun. So owls and dragons and bracelets and hearts and key chains and..... well yea. a lot left but SSSQQQQUUUUEEEEE!! I got my order. EHEHEHHEHEHHEHEHE. So many rings!!! Finished up my older brothers and started on my SILs necklace to find I ordered the wrong size.... booooo. EM to the company and hopefully they will let me know where I messed up my math. ;} OVERALL I swapped places in the last few weeks... My nutrition is SO much better . Now to get the workouts back on track. I am loosing weight one way or another and feel good about my progress. Thanksgiving this week.... So many foodzzz.... ugh. I will prevail.
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