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  1. Heyla Monks! I am a visiting Assassin but my 11 year old girl is definitely a Monk. We both practiced Martial Arts together for quiet awhile until our dojo had to move. I was no longer able to make it to classes after work. But she continued and has been studying martial arts for over 3 years now and is very good and loves what she has learned. She is in love with her sai's. She practices hard and knows that what she has learned is for self defense, exercise and fun only. She is why I am here. I need.... an opinion or a reassurance.... Yesterday as she was walking home from school 3 boys ganged up on her and started throwing ice balls at her. She asked them to stop but they continued. At any time she could have ended it and sent them home crying like babys....... BUT she held her ground. One of the boys faked that he was going to come apologize and threw another at her. She came home and my husband saw she was really upset so she told him what happened. He has a meeting with the principal today. She was upset about it but went to her MA classes anyway last night. Now please understand that I am SO proud that she didn't retaliate. I am afraid that I would not have had that restraint at her age. My dilemma is this.... Part of me wishes she would have retaliated. I know she would have been the one to get in trouble... but I feel if she taught them a lessen she would not be bullied anymore. Swallow the punishment to teach them a lesson. BUT then I can see others wanting to challenge her and get her to even more trouble. I am frustrated and pissed and I want nothing more than to protect her. I know its her battle and she needs to make the choice. I feel she made the right one and maybe I just needed to vent. But if she can't defend herself what is the point?
  2. EEEEEE! ... sorry that isn't a very quiet ninja Assassin reaction but I do LOVE Zelda! Link is my hero. What a great challenge. I'm adding them to the workout morrow. Sensei always had us do something like this but he called them dragon push ups. Easier I think because your not on your elbows. We got this Assassins!
  3. In Ogden. I missed it this year but plan to attend next year. It's in September right?
  4. Added reward stat points to my Goals. If I have mucked anything up or if you think I should redistribute let me know. I opened my savings account on Friday and will add my first deposit on Monday. I received some Christmas money as well so maybe I will add that in there. Ready to go shopping this afternoon and will be taking new pics and measurements *twitches*. I want this... and that's what matters. When I'm sore, when I am tired, when "I just don't wanna", I will remember how much it sucked to not be able to workout while injured and push through thankful I can do it.
  5. LOVE the GD stuff! Get it done!! Will be watching..... ;}
  6. So what is an Assassins Den for? Other than giffing hapiness?
  7. Love it! Great goals. Excited to see your progress.
  8. LOVE THE EXCITEMENT!! Keep that going and you will kill this challenge!!
  9. Sorry double post Have you read RuneLords by David Farland Older series but great story.
  10. Great obtainable goals. Love it! Make daily goals and hit em hard. Looking forward to seeing your results!
  11. HOW SCARY!! and you are absolutely right. You need to be able to apply your strength to real world circumstances or they mean nothing in a real emergency. Both 1 and 2 are fantastic goals. 2 that I myself am out of practice on. I may have to run those into a future challenge myself.
  12. Indra Tzal channels Samus Aran to do battle on Tallon IV After finishing up my last challenge I was just healing up from an injury (pinched nerve in hip that took 2 months and way too many visits to the Physical Therapist office to heal). I am finding myself finally able to hit the workouts again. BUT I am finding that in the 2months of not being able to do much of anything I have lost a lot of ground. Due to pain/stress eating I have gained back a lot of weight., I have lost a lot of my strength, flexibility and endurance and also can no longer pull myself up into a pull up. Cries OK Over it! Time to move on and get what I lost back! One of my all time favorite games is Metroid. I have always loved the story line and game play. One of my faves is Prime. In the beginning of the game Samus Aran has all her boss gear that helps her get to the BOSS to take on the Parasite Queen. After defeating the Queen Samus has to evacuate the ship that is falling apart. As she escapes she is hit by a shock wave that strips away all her upgraded features. I feel like I have defeated the Parasite but am now dealing with the fallout of the injury that has kept me down and out so long. MAIN GOAL: Recover lost upgrades (skills, strength, flexibility, endurance) do to a battle with the Parasite Queen (Injury) to loose 50lb by July Battle 1: Now that you can battle, DO IT! And earn back my Energy Tanks. I had to stop doing my regular workouts do to the injury. I did however do some modified Tai Chi to help me stay sane while I healed. Now that the PT has cleared me to workout I am slowly working back up to regular workouts 6 days a week. Battle plan: Workout 6 days a week. A balanced mix of Strength, Yoga, Pilates and Cardio ( STR: 2, DEX 2, STA 2) I am excited to get back to work. Nothing de-stresses me like doing a nice hard workout. I love body weight strength training. I love the relaxation and challenge of Yoga. I love the core work of Pilates. I love the endurance building of Cardio. I think a good balance of these will have me back on track in no time. Battle 2: Earn the Morph Ball to shrink down to size. I have let myself give in to pain/stress eating. Mindless and empty to the point that I don't even realize I just ate a whole bag of chips or the 3rd enchilada. I can not give up on myself or my goals. I need to get the snacking and fatty foods under control. Battle plan: Focus on cutting out Fatty/Sugary snacking. Pump up Protein intake. ( CHA: 1, CON: 2) I have tried to really limit my intake by having particular macros and cal intake and that has stressed me out and made my pain stress eating really bad. I have found that limiting myself to much (at least for now) is making me stress. I need to go back to the basics and pay attention to what I am consuming, really paying attention rather then the mindless eating I have allowed myself to go into. I also need to remember to build muscle I need to eat more protein. Battle 3: Earn the Gravity Suit by doing the Pull Up Challenge OK so I know in the game its made for under water but as a girl who has NO interest in being in deep water the Gravity Suit will be more of an Anti Gravity Suit. ;} Help me lift this body up to do my 3 pull ups again. Battle plan: Work on the NF pull up routine 3 times weekly. (STR: 1, STA: 1) I will be working my way through the NF pull up routine. I love the progression. Each level will be a week of the routine. If I can keep that up. Hopefully I can progress back that quickly. If not I will not penalize myself but will continue with the level until I ready. As long as I am working on it at least 3 days a week. Life Quest: Life Battle 1: Don’t let the metroids suck you dry!! Those pesky Metroids always trying to suck the energy levels out of you. Got prepare for them and know how to get them off. I feel like everything my family does leaves my savings account empty. I am constantly bleeding out money for everything. I had bills from the dentist and from physical therapy that was leaving me running pay check to pay check. It stressful! Then I get my last pay check and there is a note on it. “You have $520 in your Cafeteria Plan that needs to be used by the end of the year or it will be taxed and returned to you.†$520!!! I had completely forgot about that!!!! Amazing what $20 every two weeks can do. Battle plan: Save $25 each paycheck (WIS: 2) SO I am using that to ease the bills from the dentist and physical therapy, I will do the medical cafeteria plan again with my company but I think I will also start one for a savings plan. Start with $25 every check and maybe as I get some of these bills payed off maybe a little more. Life Battle 2: Cleaning the Metroids off Tallon IV Because my main Life Quest will only happen 3-4 times during the 6 week challenge I am going to add another small Life Quest. I work 5 days a week and feel like my days off are spent trying to clean up the house. Laundry, kitchen, yard work, kids rooms, and a constant de-cluttering of the house. I have read a few blogs about organizing the house and will be doing that challenge as well. http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/category/31-days-to-a-clutter-free-life/. I have no time to game and read dang it! I need my nerd time back!!! Battle plan: Take 20 minutes each day to de-clutter the house. (CON: 2) Each day I will take 20 minutes to work on the house so I am not overwhelmed on my day off and can take a DAY OFF. Decluttering will be picking up the random things around the house, through in a load of laundry, wipe off counters, and other little things that will save time on my days off . Scoring: Scoring will be on the following grading system. I will be using the Daily Success app ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dancingdroid.dailysuccess&hl=en)on my phone to track daily progress. Battle 1 36 days of working out. 6 days a week for 6 weeks A= 36-29 days B= 28-22 days C= 21-15 days D= 14-8 days F = 7-0 days Battle 2 and Life Battle 2 42 days of no fatty foods/Snacking and Cleaning daily A= 42-37 B= 36-29 C= 28-21 D= 20-11 F= 10-0 Battle 3 18 days of pull up routine A= 18-15 B= 14-11 C= 10-7 D= 6-3 F= 2-0 Life Quest 3-4 paydays in the 6 weeks. I want this one pass of fail. $25 is very little and will add up fast. I am excited to get into this and really get back to myself. I drifted into a really dark place for awhile when I couldn't workout and was in constant pain. I just want to take it slow so I do not re-injure myself but want to regain the progress I had made. I will be playing with Samus!!! She's my life long female hero. I so got this!! ;}
  13. Heyla and Welcome!! You found the best spot to nerd out and get fit! Saying no is a huge issue with me too. I am relearning the practice! 36 here too! Take on the challenge and don't let it intimidate you. Let it inspire you! Something new and exiting to take on!
  14. Heyla and Welcome! Sounds like you have some great goals. You just need to stick to it! Steve wrote a killer blog post How to NOT Suck at Goal Setting . It really helped me understand why I kept failing when I made goals and how to stick with them. Stick with it! We are here to help you reach your goals you just have to dedicate yourself to your own cause. It takes some sacrifice. But it is SO worth it!!
  15. Heyla!! Welcome!! I had a similar weight loss goal when I started! IT CAN BE DONE!! This is an incredible place to start. So much support and amazing ways to make fitness fun. Don't let it overwhelm you. There is a lot of info but a lot of help too. Take it one day at a time and if you have ANY questions! Let us know. We can help! We have been there done that and love to share with others to help you reach your goals.
  16. Heyla Nick! Welcome!! Great loss so far!! You will find tons of fellow Fito Nerds here. 5Ks are a great start. Can't wait to follow your fitness journey.
  17. My past is not a memory. It's a force at my back. It pushes and steers. I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story, the past needs resolution. What's past is prologue.

  18. And DONE!!! Wow! This was a great encouragement was killer. I thought about my fellow warriors a lot and it kept me in check a lot. WRAP UP!! Battle 1 Working out has been a pain in the ass over the last 6 weeks. I felt really disappointed that I couldn't do what I wanted. But I took advice of my fellow warriors ( friends here, family and friends, and PT ;}) and kept it moderate. Tai Chi was really fun and I learned a lot about the patients to heal and let my body figure itself out. This last week I have been pain free and working out 3 times a week. I am planning to put together a killer schedule come January. Just in time for the new Challenge!! I am excited to get back to it. I have a lot of ground to make up. Battle 1 Results: A I learned to love Tai Chi. It took a few weeks to understand that I couldn't have what I wanted. I couldn't do the workouts I wanted and I just had to learn to SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP and do what I could do. It ended up being just what I needed and led to my injury healing. I added things slowly and feel I am well on my way to 100% Battle 2 Yea.... A work in progress. I have done FAR better. And have got a good control on the binging . The stress and pain eating is under control for sure. Battle 2 Results: C+ The first few weeks were bad with pain and stress eating in control. Once the PT figured out the right course of action the pain went down so did the pain eating. And because I was starting to get that under control I was finely getting a hang of the stress eating. I feel really good about the progress now and am looking forward to keeping this up for the next challenge. I accept my poor score because of the first few weeks and that I got better and better with this. Fighting on!! Life Quest! This was absolutely fantastic. I really thought that everyone would fight me but getting them together was far easier than I thought. My girls are champs. They were up for it all and had great ideas for a vacation this summer. MWHAHAHAHHA I'm excited. Hubby was the most resistant of all. I need to throw away his phone and cancle his FB account we might see him now and then. But even he has had improvements. I think this has been my favorite part of this challenge. Life Quest Results: A I was surprised by how open the girls where with coming up with ideas to spend time together . Everything from a movie night at home to a visit to a Ghost Town ;} Hubby has had drama with quiting his old job and struggling with the farm. He has been less than helpful but he has improved. Putting the phone down more often and sitting down to dinner with us. The girls are rockstars. This is a challenge I will continue from now on. Makes it a habit right. Making time for family is at the very top. Overall: I CAME BACK PROUDLY WITH MY SHIELD!!! BATTLE SUCCESSFUL. I absolutely love this challenge. It has been such an inspiration to me. It has helped me get out of a REALLY rough patch and has helped me make time with my family. I will be back for more. Thank you all for the support and advice! I'm coming back for more!
  19. Way to stick it out!! Sounds like you made some fantastic progress! And looks like you have a good start point for the next challenge! Keep at it Rock Star!
  20. Take it easy and ease in slowly. So glad your feeling better!
  21. Last week!!!! It went so fast! BATTLE 1 Did a lower workout Tuesday...... LOL I am really REALLY sore! Not the injury spot but my gluts and legs are screaming. I didn't think I pushed hard. Took everything nice and slow. Worked on the balance. I guess that's what happens when you can't workout for 2 months! Did an upper workout today. Plank is still a lil wobbly at this point due to injury.... or not using core much over the last 2 months but I feel like I will be able to bounce back soon. PT was really pleased with the progress and doesn't want to see me for a week and a 1/2 and says if I feel like I need to come in, do it, if not cancel the appointment. I'm so excited. I gave him a hug lol. I think it threw him off. Bubbles Kelli Bubbles. ;} BATTLE 2 This week with food has been a pain in the ass with all the junk at work. Thankfully I have some healthy Reps that brought in boxes of oranges. mmmmmmmmmm nummy. Good snacking fix. Snacking at home is way better. My fave fix right now is carrots. nom nom crunchy. ;} LIFE BATTLE Daughter had a photography project that she needed to take pictures of old decrepit buildings. We have a few around our city and we took a look at some and she got a few pics. We drove around for awhile stopping here and there when I remembered Rocky Point. It was an old Restaurant that had burned down like 3-4 times. They built it and only 3 years later it burnt They built it back up and it burnt down again. They said it was hunted so they made it a haunted house and I believe it burnt again. So I took her to see it but all that was left was the long pathway up with a decrepit rock wall, creepy bent up sign, and a very creepy staircase that goes up to a cliff going strait down into what is now a giant gravel pit. She got a few pictures but it was just me and her looking around and exploring. It was great. She was laughing at me when I told her the last time I had been up here was when I was pregnant with her just after it had burned the final time. We had explored the old haunted basement. Yea that was me. Up for any adventure no matter what my condition ;} She really enjoyed and it and even did some research about its history when we got home. So much fun to MAKE time to be with them. Overall I am feeling hella motivated and my Nutrition has been REALLY good this week. I am going to wrap up this challenge on a high note and continue on with it for the next challenge. HUA!!
  22. I think that fantastic! No small victorys. They are all huge when taking on an important goal like this. Remember how accomplished you feel and strive to keep that positive feeling strong. It will continue to motivate you. Keep it up Ares!
  23. I think that should work for a reassessment. MEANWHILE Battle ONE Is going well. Tai Chi has kept me from going compleatly insane with no workouts BUT I am really happy to be making a shift. I do have to say that I have enjoyed learning the moves. My youngest even tried a couple classes with me. Whoot for extra family time. Battle 2: The last few weeks have been pretty good. My eating has been really good with no extra goodies but the dreaded Holiday stress and extra junk food EVERYWHERE is getting REALLY hard to resist. Evil Cookies and Cider!!! What can a girl do but bring her yummy carrots and protein bars for backup heheh. I will prevail. ;} Battle 3: This is really no battle at all anymore. Hubby has been out of town unforturnatly but the girls and I have been haveing a blast getting ready for Christmas and spending some extra time together. We helped my MIL put up her tree. Spent an extra hour and a few trips to the store to figure out Christmas lights but we rocked it and got her up and running. I even had a volunteer help me make some pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches one night. Nice to have her there to help out. Our dojo had some management rearrangements ... left us all in the dark as to what was going on and I have to say I was pretty upset! Left her entire staff up in the air with no job right before Christmas. Everyone scrambled to get an account together with donations to make sure they where taken care of and families came together with more donations and time to keep the dojo running for the kid and family's to be able to keep going. It was so beautiful and shows how much a martial arts family means to so many people. In the end money was distributed to the family and some of the main Sensei came together to buy her out and keep the dojo running. What a whirlwind with a heartwarming rally and things seem to be working out for a better program. I'm excited for the changes. The holidays are such a mess sometimes but I plan to troop through them with my shield and family and friends on the other side of this new year. Thanks you all for the amazing support and keeping me in check and accountable!!
  24. PT has cleared me for so light workouts so I am keeping my main goal the same but reasessing a few sub-goals. SPARTAN UP!! MAIN GOAL: To recover from injury while still eating well and exercise to loose 50lb Battle 1: Fight whenever, wherever, just fight! I am really struggling with not being able to do my regular workouts while I recover.... I need to realize that gainz and loosing weight are not the only fights I have in store. This will be a long uphill battle to recover enough to be back to where I was. Battle plan: To do Strength training and Yoga/(Pilates???) to help heal my back/hip. I have been doing heavier workouts and because of my injury have been stressing out that I can't do them. I will workout Tuesday, have PT Thursday and workout Saturday The rest will be staying with Tai Chi. I am down to PT once a week WHOOT WHOOT!! PT and ... well.... EVERYONE has said to take it slow. This whole processes has been SLOW!! BUT!! I don't want to go too fast and reinjure myself or injure myself worse. I really hope that keeping down to 3 days will be a good shift. I will see how this goes and if PT gives the go ahead I will add another day or pick up the intensity. I am leaving the heavy cardio out and concentrating on slow, purposeful, weighted moves to keep the hip from slipping, and strengthening the muscles that will keep it in place. Battle 2: Giving up is not an option. I have let myself give in to pain/stress eating. Mindless and empty to the point that I don't even realize I just ate a whole bag of chips or the 3rd enchilada. I can not give up on myself or my goals. I need to learn to control both the pain and stress to get my body back. Battle plan: Focus on cutting out Fatty/Sugary snacking. I have tried to really limit my intake by having particular macros and cal intake and that has stressed me out and made my pain eating and stress eating really bad. I have found that limiting myself to much (at least for now) is making me stress. I want to focus on finding the triggers that are causing the stress/pain eating and snip it in the bud. I need to go back to the basics while I heal and pay attention to what I am consuming, really paying attention rather then the mindless stress/pain eating I have allowed myself to go into. Battle 3: As I heal up over the next 6 weeks I may be adding more Battles. I am hoping it will not take the full 6 weeks to heal.... Scoring will be on the following grading system 36 full days of Strength Training, Yoga or Tai Chi (Sundays off for family time ;}) A= 36-29 days B= 28-22 days C= 21-15 days D= 14-8 days F = 7-0 days Eating and Battle 3 A= 42-37 B= 36-29 C= 28-21 D= 20-11 F= 10-0 Life Quest: Look out for you fellow soldiers. I am here to share what I have learned with my fellow rebellions to overcome obstacle and find a battle plan that works for them. I will also remember that my family is in this with me and are also my fellow soldiers whom I need to lookout for. Spend more time with my family. As my kids are getting older I find us all going in a million directions. We all have our individual things that we do apart from the family and spend little time together. Volleyball practice, Key club and “The Boy†for my oldest. Karate and hanging with friends for my youngest, Airsoft, our farm and Battle Field for my hubby and my life is just getting them to all of those events, work and a personal business ;} Even on days that I keep everyone home one is on the computer, one is playing games in their room, ones watching TV and one is on a Tablet. I would like to start doing things together. Even if it just going for a walk, watching a movie together or even a board game. We all have the things we love and I would never take that from them. I would like in the 6 weeks to have a game plan together for family time and ultimately a planned vacation that all of us have helped plan. Scoring on this will be an pass or fail. Its done or not. I will update with little things we have done to get together and plan but over all we have the vacation planned or we do not. Most important Come back with your shield, or on it! I will not let a silly pulled/torn muscle get me down. I will battle hard or come back licking my wounds and ready for another round We all have our battles. Some of them we have to fight alone but these. These I have fellow soldiers. Others to help me on my journey. I have a family and I have duty’s as a spartan to live up to. Duty to my family to be a good remodel. Duty to my friends to be proof that anyone can do it. Duty to myself to be the healthiest person I can be to be alive and healthy for as long as possible. I am ready to Spartan Up. Are you ready to go to battle with me?
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