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  1. Yes!!! Today surprised myself big time and did a pull up! First in my life! Already meticulously noted and saved in my Wootties Treasurechest so happy!!!
  2. I got 2:04 yesterday and I aimed to 1:30. Weird. Even weirder: three days ago I barely got 1:20, but breaking the posture twice. Go figure...
  3. This sums it pretty nice: http://www.muscleandfitness.com/workouts/workout-tips/top-8-excuses-not-going-gym
  4. Happy to report: 1:30. Yay! Epsilon, what's your time?
  5. Sure! I'm about to head to gym,I'll do it there. I'll be happy to hit 1 minute. Let's do it! )
  6. Ok, time to confess progress, or "progressette" would be more appropriate. During week days,: No beer/wine ✓ No electronics after 10pm ✓ Crossfit 3 times per week ✓ Plank challenge - not so good. Back to it today! No elevator ✓ Beauty hour ✓ But diet-wise I'm not that good. Maybe I shouldn't try to be 100% Paleo? As at some point during weekends I usually give up and binge on not-so-healthy stuff. I shall think about it. Studying, well. I try to stick to 1-hour daily routine, but I'm usually so tired after work and gym that I can barely keep my eyes open. Have a great week, guys! Since its Monday (and most people despise Mondays) please find attached this song; the video always makes me smiling like crazy and my feet dance under my desk. So awesome and energetic! P.S. That's actually dancing style that I profess, but not as gracefully as this guy. He's my idol.
  7. Hi! that's actually decent starting point. Mine was 30 seconds max I'm on and off on this challenge, so let's start together! Time to do it right this time!
  8. Hi! Thanks! I really needed the kick in butt. So, last week was epic fail. Epic. I didn't go to the box even once, I ate crap, I didn't study. Nothing, big fat zero. Of course I have excuses, but in the end its all bad time managing and lazyness. But! I will not give up. I actually started studying this week, so that's a plus. All in all, I AM BACK!
  9. Oh, reading about your struggles I'm so happy we have no pumpkin beer in my country! However, being a beer lover, I'm still miserable. I'm totally with you in this pain...So, maybe, instead of cutting things off try to "prepare" for them? My resolution is to drink no beers/wine during the week. And as I let myself have some during weekend I tend to plan it more or less before hand. Like: "Oh, are you going to drink 6 beers this weekend? Then eat less calories for 2-3 days!" I love these shirts! I will definitely go in that direction too, after all my fancy super professional quick-dry (sarcasm ) nike workout shirts become rubbish. And, as coffeeangel (sweet name, btw ) suggested - try Paleo, maybe?
  10. What about Rurik the Borodatyj (or Borodaty or Borodatyi)? ("Borodatyj" in Russian is "Bearded"). I'm definitely stealing your brussels sprouts recipe and artichokes! looks amazing. And fantastic job on the challenge!
  11. Congrats! I'm stuck on 1:30, which is huge for me anyway (30 seconds really was a success for me when I started). I got an idea for next plank goal for you - beat the world record! It's merely 4 hours 26 minutes so far.
  12. Ok, summing up week 2. During the week it was all decent, But weekend. Boy, was that an awful fall off the wagon. Two reasons why: 1) Everything was so darn delicious and not healthy. Cakes, bread, mayonnaise, pasta, fat, cakes. 2) Have you ever tried to tell your mother in law: "Thanks, I won't eat that cake you baked? Thanks, I won't eat that fat, full of wheat dinner you made?". If you do - good luck - this is how you create a tsunami of animosity. Big no-no. This pictures perfectly how I feel and how I see myself after this weekend's food craziness: But, it was not so bad alcohol-wise, which is nice. Anyway, week 3, let's start over. I can't wait to hit the box today, really missed that over weekend. And, question for the day:
  13. I've watched live announcement of 15.2. Emily and Michele are machines. Seriously, my mind can't imagine anyone doing 60 reps of pull UPS, yet I watched it happening 0.o
  14. 5 min? WOW! Congrats!! Are you Terminator? I got 1:30 yesterday, which is awesome!
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