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  1. I kinda want to hug you. Just so precious. Haha I like the look of your challenge, ans I also like that you're keeping it simple. Nice easy way to keep track of your progress! Actually...I think I should check my own posture...hm. Attitude is pretty big, fitness-related or no, and I think you're definitely on the right track. So I'll be keeping an eye on you! (AND YOU WILL OWN YOUR PARKOUR CLASS.)
  2. @Manarelle: Seriously! I have a Level 20 rogue and I'm standing here barely scraping by as level 2, tsk tsk, self, tsk tsk. And I have no idea what I was thinking, but I have already paid the fees. XD Parkour is awesome! I drill different moves for about 75% of the time and then spend the rest of the time working on linking moves together. When I go to jams, there's a lot more linking practice though. @Neva: YANG XIAO LONG IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL...ahem, yes, indeed! I love Yang so much
  3. The Inquisition. An idea, a legend long gone, revived by the Left and Right Hands of the Divine. The Inner Circle is a ragtag band of mages, rogues and warriors from all over Thedas, backed by armies of knights and commoners alike, serving as the only hope Thedas has for restoring the peace disrupted by the Breach. And at the head of it all, a young noble who was the only survivor of the explosion at the Conclave, nicknamed the Herald of Andraste, the Inquisitor! To all who stuck with me through that intro, welcome to my first NF challenge of 2016! If you can't tell, I am just slightly drownin
  4. To my fellow Assassins, If you are reading this, well...you're probably stuck in this little room with an excessive amount of walkers against all four walls. You see that window up above you? Use a wall run, grab the sill, do a climb up, jump across to the fire escape. Sounds dangerous? Think I'd rather let parkour kill me on a supply run than walkers. If I made it, you'll see a crude drawing of an Assassins Creed jacket on the wall. Maybe'll you see it on the way down. Maybe you'll be the one to scratch out my masterpiece. But whatever you do, don't be scared. You're pretty screwed either way
  5. Hey there, Noor...need a jump? This Crystal Gem's got you covered. Don't let Homeworld take you alive! Really hope you're feeling better!!
  6. I can get behind you on the punch someone in the face angry...I just happened to resign to crushing paper cups at work. Ah, sorry to hear you've been so stressed out Q~Q But one fierce look from the CoderGatherer and they'll pick up on it...eventually. STAY STRONG.
  7. Sooooo...I was just thinking. When you escape, take the train. Stop and stare at the sun. Then crush your pursuers with your deadly assassin-ness. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. And this future English teacher would like to mention Shakespeare is gorgeous~
  8. Sorry for the utter lateness of my reappearance but school and work has been keeping me pretty busy. I see everyone's pretty busy being awesome Nerdians in my absence! Ah, how is everyone? How are things? Keep it up, two more weeks, we got this! This has been a PSA from your local Steven Universe lover.
  9. Okay, so this MIA is officially over. Heeeeeeey there, party people! Jaz Xiao Long here coming at you with a fairly late (overdue) update! Been a little tied up what with school ending in two weeks, an excessive shorthandedness at work AND I just got a new charger for my laptop this morning before I ran off to work. Why don't I post from my smart phone you ask? Because I can't post GIFs. Boom. There goes the canon. On to the updates! Week 3 Summary Quest 1: Garnet 2/3 workouts. Grade: C Quest 2: Pearl 4/7 stretches. Grade: C Quest 3: Amethyst Good foods when I managed time to get somethi
  10. Week 2 Summary Quest 1: Garnet 1/3 workouts. Grade: F Quest 2: Pearl 2/7 stretches. Grade: F Quest 3: Amethyst Did not eat alot of anything this week. And when I did it eat, it was generally good stuff though. Grade: B- Quest 4: Steven I wrote the notes though. Grade: A Not a good week. I was so busy with work and sleeping that I didn't get to do anything that wasn't related to it! However, my birthday was the 21st and I turned 20 so that was really nice (even though I slept and studied all day). I also did a couple of exercises for the mini-challenge though. I really didn't like
  11. Uhm, I usually just grab an apple or an orange...or cook a big batch of something full of vegetables. I don't like to waste soooo I'm inclined to munch on the leftovers in the fridge. *nod nod*
  12. t Hmmm, I like to think I'm doing pretty good this week. Stretchy stretchy stretch. Keep up the good work, Nerdians!
  13. Haaa, thank you very muchly, Coder! It's only the beginner circuits, but heeey, gotta start somewhere! All the high fives!
  14. | Day 8 | Completed the bodyweight workout today...and managed to get through a solid three sets!! I had a little bit of a struggle with the last set of pushups but I pushed and I did it and my arms are sore but I am so proud of myself right now. I also discovered that 5lb dumbbells (what my gran had) is a little too light for my tastes, so think I'm going to shoot for 10lbs. I also replaced lunges with fire hydrants as they're a little easier on my legs when the day's out. Stretched it oooouuuuttttt today like no other. Did my routine right after my circuit, and I felt soooo much more flexi
  15. Heeeey yoooou, I see the Nerdian Captain is just-a hopping along like the awesome little coder that you are and you stay awesome and you own it because you are aaaaawwwwweeeeessssoooommmmeeeee. Oh, and keep on top of your groceries, haha!
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