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  1. Food is hella expensive
  2. Weak 1 recap Goal 1: - Go to boxing twice a week. - Train, Spar, Fight. Done. Goal 2: - Gain Weight. - Bigger and stronger. Starting weight: 74kg Goal weight: 78kg Current Weight: 74kg. 4 days this week I had a 4000 calories/day, and yet I gained nothing. Life Goal: - Sign up for Master's Degree in Uni. - CHECK! Registered for HR. - Move to an apartment. - Get promoted at work.
  3. Eat a lot. Lift heavy shit. Pretty much yeah. I've never been good at gaining weight. I have a fast metabolism and move a lot. I have a new job now, sitting 8h/day, so maybe that would help a bit.
  4. After training one month with a punching bag, expressing anger in its most beautiful form, Helix decides it's time to enter the ring and put those skills to the test. Goal 1: - Go to boxing twice a week. - Train, Spar, Fight. Goal 2: - Gain Weight. - Bigger and stronger. Current weight: 74kg Goal weight: 78kg Life Goal: - Sign up for Master's Degree in Uni. - Move to an apartment. - Get promoted at work.
  5. If both athletes trained 10000 hours for the fight. Floyd trained 10000 hours boxing. Conor trained 3k h boxing, 3k hours kicking, 4k grappling. (and perhaps a few thousand hours talking smack) It was obvious Floyd would win the match, he has trained for THAT sport and THAT sport alone.
  6. I am sorry, I did not enjoy the movie AT ALL. The only good thing from it, was that I managed to convince my GF to watch the anime, so I could show her that the anime was much better. And it is. I feel as if in the movie, Light was TURNED (pun because his name in the movie is Turner) into a pale version of a wimp. It was made more about a teenage couple, than than the problem of the idea of justice. L was some badass with anger issues. No shinigami eyes, no bloody writing. Netflix disappointed me. Watching the anime for the 4th time now, this time with my GF, so that's nice
  7. Hi there! For the last year, cycling has been my passion. I travel between my village and the city everyday (12km hilly windy roads with no lights and lots of dogs) I finish work at about 1A.M, so I head back home through a windy dark mountain-y road to get home. Every night there are guard dogs on the same spot, which chase my up-hill. A few days ago I "met" a new saint-Bernard dog. It got me with a few teeth on the leg. Gotta admit, I am a bit scared to bike on that road now, since the dog is there everyday. Now I have to get taxis at night... PS: Cars are o
  8. I began this account as Lord Helix, which was a random nickname from Pokemon. With time, i started feeling a bit more humble, down-to-earth and kinda shitty, so the name Helix The Peasant started to feel more close to me. I even role-played the whole change as a transition during a few challenges. The picture of a typical villager fits the atmosphere.
  9. Three months and counting. I think I am gonna move to MMA though. Grappling might be interesting, it's worth a shot
  10. 1. Just eat fruits. 2. Make your homemade fresh fruit juice or smooties. Never buy these fake-a$$ mass produced "juices" filled with sugar and trash.
  11. Try putting them in water before consuming, since they absorb water and are harder to digest otherwise. When you put them in water for an hour or so, you could also use them as an egg replacement in cooking, to make things stick together. Chia is love. Chia is life.
  12. Hi. I've had some muay-thai training. Never competed. Now, I am training alone because my work schedule doesn't allow me to train with the rest of the group. Muay-Thai is AWESOME!
  13. Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Late for this challenge, sue me. I kinda turned my view 180 degrees. I used to wear tank-tops to show off muscles and abs, but now I've started wearing hoodies to hide my power level. My whole goal is to improve myself, so I will separate this into three main parts. The Tripple S. 1. Strength. Return to my previous strength. Manage to do 25 pull-ups. 2. Stamina. Take only cold showers and sleep on the floor (with a sleeping bag), and meditate everyday. 3. Sex. Ab
  14. Kind of had problems with connecting to Internet, but here is my recap. Biked a LOT. I think I did my first challenge of 1000km for a month. I failed my Good Deeds quest. Travelled to about 10 new villages and places.
  15. Week 1 resume: Goal 1: Health. Ironically, got sick so I took a few days off biking, but managed a total of 10 hours for this week. I am four hours behind scedule. Goal 2: Altruism. Gave money to homeless people and musicians, tried smiling more at random people on the street. Feels pretty good. Giving it a 3/5. Goal 3: Novelty. With my bike I went on several adventures outside my town: Visited the villages of Luka, Cherno More, Rudnik, Vetren. All within an hour of riding, but quite fun. Found a new jewel for my bike. Feeling pretty fu
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