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  1. I work at a hotel overnights, which means I also have access to crappy hard-boiled eggs. My go-to? Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Blend. No calories, no weird unpronounceable ingredients. I put it on all kinds of stuff.
  2. I totally have, and will continue to do so. I started this last minute and on a whim, but now it's time to break out the crock-pot!
  3. 11/14 Subquests: 1: Pass, 2 sodas. 2: 0/3 for this week 3: Fail, was beat when I got home from work. Need to prepare ahead for this in the future. 4: Pass. Hit it right on the head. My work schedule is weird. I work 3.5 12-hour overnight shifts, so my idea of when days and weeks start and stop is not normal. A day for me is from 2000 when I wake up to about 1200ish when I go to sleep, and weeks are from Wed-Tues. And to clarify my original post, Gaming day is Tuesday when my D&D group meets.
  4. KiltieMacBagpipes here, and it has come to pass that my kilts no longer fit me. This identity-threat being unacceptable, it is high time I whip myself into shape. At 5'7" and just a wee bit over 300 lbs, I've let myself go way farther than I ever intended to. No time like the present to start fixing it! Main Quest: Fit into my 42" Utilikilt. Sub Quests: 1. No more than 2 sodas per day. 3 are permissable on Gaming Day only. 2. Strength training thrice a week. 3. Eat 1 meal per day that I actually prepared. 4. Meet my calorie goals from MyFitnessPal 5/7 days per week.
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