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  1. Suelk, I'm right there with you. I'm doing a half in mid-November and haven't been running for long (a couple months). I know I can finish too, however I recently learned that the half I signed up for has a course time limit of 3 hours and 3 minutes. Really wish I had as much time as I wanted for my first half marathon (today I completed my 3rd 5K ever). At my current pace I won't make it, especially since I doubt I can keep up my current pace for 10 more miles. I too have found lots of different training plans, but they all seem to focus on distance. Granted that's needed, but apparently I need to also figure out how to work on time too. Have you stumbled across one that addresses both (even a blog post that gives ideas and insights would be helpful at this point? I've got 19 weeks so I'm getting a bit worried.
  2. Last week was pretty much a wash for me (no change as far as I can tell). Watched the diet (even through Thanksgiving) but didn't get in any exercise except for Black Friday shopping :-). This week isn't looking much better because the only way I can exercise is with my kids (one of who's bikes needs to be repaired) or after they are in bed and I have so much to do after they are in bed right now that I just don't think it's going to happen.
  3. This last week was very hectic, not even from the perspective that we went out of town for the day for Thanksgiving. It would appear that my son has discovered the joys of computers and won't give mine up (thus why this is so late). Absolutely no exercise last week unless you count Black Friday shopping (speed walking from store to store). Diet went well (I think). I didn't journal what I ate at all, but the clothes are still feeling lose and my wedding band feels more lose than normal. All things considered, I'm happy with how things are going. I feel like I'm getting a handle on what a serving size should be (one of my biggest problems when it comes to eating). If only I can get my hubby to fix my son's bicycle tire the exercise would happen again. Oh, and I've given up on the garden till Feb (next planting season). Most of my seed starters didn't make it so I may try to plant the ones that have survived to see how it goes, but no big garden for now... sigh.
  4. Weekly summary: Getting in the exercise last week was difficult. I've had a lot going on with the kids as well as getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas (I'm making some stuff and really need to get cracking if I'm going to get done in time). The tire on my son's bike keeps going flat as well so that's made getting in a run impossible. I did swim a couple times this week and got in a few laps so it wasn't a complete bust. Diet went pretty well this week. Think I've even lost another pound (I didn't check today to see if it's still off but I'd lost it a couple days ago)! Don't have the desire to track everything I eat each day anymore, but I think I've been doing it long enough now that I have a general idea of what I can do and if I have a question I look it up. This week, I'm really hoping to get in more exercise. It's always been my demise because I've found that if I don't exercise, I don't have as much incentive to eat right. Going to be hard since Thanksgiving is this week. Good news... I've never been one to gorge myself. I treat it like a normal meal. It just means I have to work around the schedules of everyone else around me to try to fit in exercise. I WILL have a better exercise week this week. I have to. I don't think it can get any worse.
  5. Week 5 summary: Sticking with the diet for the most part. Have not been tracking as religiously the last few days, but I have been watching portions so I'm feeling pretty good. My ultimate goal is to not have to track every day so it's been a good test. Exercise has been MUCH harder. Hubby's work/sleep schedule has been such lately that I haven't been able to get in any runs or any pilates. I was able to swim some laps 2 times last week so it wasn't a complete bust. Steve asked in a blog entry yesterday or the day before I believe, "What's holding you back?" I think for me, it's the exercise. When I don't get in exercise I find that it's harder for me to stick with diet goals. Unfortunately, my ability to exercise is hampered by my hubby's schedule as well as the fact that I homeschool. Normally I would just put the kids on their bikes and then I'd run. Only problem is that my son's bike has a tire that keeps going flat. I think the solution for that is to get a new tube - today! Once that's dealt with, not only will I be able to run again, but I got a bike this weekend so I see biking in our futures as well.
  6. Bildungsroman, I saw a personal trainer a few years back to trim up for a cruise and I was told to watch the form of my calorie intake as well as the calories. I was told that for the short term to break down calories as follows: 45 - 65% carbs 25 - 35% - fat no more than 9 - 15% saturated 10 - 35% protein The idea was to have enough protein to replenish muscle, good / healthyfat to fill you for longer periods of time, and enough carbs to fuel you but not pack on the fat while trying to lose it. It's working for me so far. I've lost inches in the waist and my thighs so far (my two problem areas so I'm happy). I was told the key to this is that it's temporary. If you reduce your carb intake by too much for too long it can be bad for your health.
  7. Sounds like you are going to be busy this week. Also sounds like a lot of fun! Great job keeping with the goals even though you have lots going on.
  8. Hrunter, I used to have problems remembering to thaw beef too. I've started to make it a part of my nightly routine to move anything from the freezer right before I go to bed (right after doing dishes seems to work for me). Just a thought.
  9. Ladies... I blame my memory loss on my children not my age :-)
  10. I would highly recommend it. It was 83 today! It's amazing all the exercise you can get in when the temps are higher :-)
  11. Week 3 summary: Exercise: 2 runs in of about 1 mile each. (2) 30 min sessions of pilates with resistance bands. Wish I'd gotten in a longer run, but happy I got in the pilates. Diet: Still sticking to it. Had one day where I went off, but brought it back the next day so I'm happy with how things are going on this front. Non-fitness: Garden plot is just about ready and my seedlings are sprouting nicely. Can't wait to actually plant them in the ground!
  12. Week 3 went pretty well. Diet is going well. No weight loss, but the clothes feel lose so I'm happy. Didn't get as much exercise as I wanted (didn't get the 2 mile run either). Garden area is ready for hubby to put the planter bed in and we have lots of sprouts in the mini-greenhouse. This week, my goal is to just stick to the diet and get in some regular exercise (either running or some pilates with resistance bands at least 3 times this week).
  13. A bit bummed that I have not gotten in more exercise (especially in the form of running) this week. The kids have their PE class tomorrow so hopefully I will get in a run with them tomorrow. Completely broke the diet the other day (we went out for pizza with the kids to celebrate reading success last month), but am back on track. Thinking tonight will be the night with no dessert. Oh, and the kids and I finished prepping the garden area today. Now for hubby and I to get together about the design and get the bed built.
  14. Sounds like you are doing well. Down 1.5 lbs, keeping up with the exercising (better than me anyway), and are reading the 2 books with your daughter. Keep it up.
  15. Getting in my exercise was particularly hard this week. School work for the kids has kept me busy during the day and doing online Christmas shopping and crafting has kept my evenings busy. My back has also been bothering me lately too so that's not helping matters. The diet this week went well though. I think I've lost at least an inch (I haven't measured so I'm not positive but my clothes are a bit more loose). Hoping to get in a longer run this week (shooting for a 2 mile run) and at least one day with no dessert food.
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