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  1. Sorry I haven't been on here and updating everyone on my progress!! I have been crazy busy in life with renovations, and too stressed to really even go on the computer. It's come home from work, cook, clean, watch some TV, and then wind down with a bath. I've been on maybe once a week. BUT on a side note! I'm doing much better with my eating healthy, and our fridge is currently fully stocked which rocks! It was Superbowl Sunday yesterday, and I didn't eat too crappy I was very impressed with myself. My man made an amazing chilli, and I held on my macro's so that I could eat a bunch of it!! A
  2. BAM!! thatta girl!!! Definitely jealous!!
  3. I'm still at myy I believe it was 1200 word count for this challenge.. Life has gotten in the way, and this is the first I've hit my computer in over a week. Going to try to start writing more this week.
  4. Aww thanks! I really needed to hear that! Been quite the couple weeks....lots of personal stuff going on which is why I haven't been online for over a week. I did walk 3x last week, and cooked 4x.. no strength exercises unfortuntely though, but work in progress. So far this week I've gone for two walks, and cooked every night this week.
  5. A quote from my writing the other day, for all of you naysayers.. who are saying that you've only written this much It was a dark and stormy night.. who am I kidding, who starts off a story like that. I'm really not too sure what to write about, but as long as I write.. that's all that matters--practice makes perfect, even though this thing called perfection clearly does not exist, at least in my books. Perfection is overrated. Let your brain loose, and just write Just keep writing, don't look back. And even if you only wrote 150 words or less, that's 150 words more than you had that da
  6. I wouldn't give myself that much credit, it's just mush. Subject here, to there, to back where. lol. It's just me writing whatever is on my head as quick as I can to hit at least 1000 words
  7. Oh boy.. I really need to come on my computer more often. I keep forgetting to update this post! I've been doing alright, really slacking in the cooking meal department as life's been getting in the way. I just did a weight lifting class at the gym tonight though, and MAN I am so sore! But I learned some awesome new barbell/dumbbell exercises that I can practice.. so I've hit my 7 per week and some! I thought about editing my goals but I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet.
  8. Sounds like you're writing at about the same pace as me. I've only written once, and I wrote 1100 words in 15 minutes. I'm also not planning to write anything that makes sense, more just "journal" to speak.. As I've really lacked in trying to write on a daily basis, so this is just to get me writing again.
  9. Stoked to start this.. unfortunately it's late, everyone is asleep.. and I just got back from the gym and lifting weights.. so I'm definitely in no position to start tonight. I will do double time and some tomorrow! I am training for a 5k run soon so this is perfect!
  10. Having a rough day, and don't really feel like doing much. But looking forward to starting my writing challenge with my accountabilty group! Perfect time to start writing, I can get all this musky stuff out of my brain..

    1. TMedina


      Sorry it's been a downer - hope the writing challenge brings things around!

    2. mitch_dee


      Get at it, remember we're all pulling for you

  11. Writeordie is another great one! You can set it to different standards as to where you are as a writer. How many words you'd like to write in a certain timeframe.. how much distractions, if you want distractions.. (screen blinking or background change for examples) and how often you want it to begin.. if you stop writing after 10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc. My favorite author Michelle Rowen showed it to me, and I've used it ever since!
  12. Hi folks! The names Quart, well Courtney.. but Quart sounds normal and looked more badass. I'm a avid writer, well used to me.. I stopped for quite some time, and would love to get back into it, and what a better time to come across this group =) Thanks to the thread starter! Huge props! I don't know what I plan to write.. just go where my heart and f'd up head takes me. Romance, sci fi, childrens.. who knows! But I'll do my best to hit the 50k but in all honesty as long as I get even half of that I'll be happy. It's been so long since I've written anything, I ususally just do poetry. So th
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