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  1. Hi, JT! Welcome to NF! I'm relatively new, too, but I'll try to anser some of your questions. This is a forum full of good people who are trying to better their health, their habits, and their lives. You'll find many kinds of people with many different goals, but everyone is really supportive of each other! I'd suggest that you first look at the Rules/FAQ section to get acquainted with how challenges and stats work. After that, head over to the Warriors guild and see if they suit you! Best of luck!
  2. It's warming, and the moths are back. ^_^

  3. Greetings, Druids! I'm glad to have found you. (<- And to have found this Saturn smiley.) I hope to get to know a few more people during this challenge, and to post more often. Main Quest: Integrate healthy habits into daily routine. Goal #1: "Wild Mountain Thyme" Do 30+ minutes of physical activity, 3+ times per week. In my previous challenge, this was all yoga. I’m broadening it because it’s spring now, and I live in the Northeast! There are beautiful nature trails, state parks, and preserves nearby that I want to savor during the warmer months. My plan is to do yoga twice a
  4. Thanks, Bekah! I don't know why it's so hard to drink water either!! Just habits, probably. I'm used to everything I drink being strongly flavored so it's hard to crave water the way I crave other things. But listening more closely to what my body wants is helping. I highly recommend the Manduka! It's a sturdy piece of equipment, and it's performing great for me so far! I did a 45 minute yoga video today (Empower Your Boundaries) that really challenged me. It felt great! I had to improvise the strap and block, though, haha. A rolled-up-and-rubber-banded towel worked alright as a block!
  5. Hi, Druids! I'm a relatively new rebel - joined halfway through this 6WC - and a slightly-less-new yogi. As action-packed as the other guilds sound, the Druids' blend of physical and mental harmony seems like the place I want to be. I love my weekly yoga class! It makes me feel mighty in all corners of my muscles and mind! I'd like to take my home practice more seriously, as I can't afford to take more than one class per week at the studio. I've also been thinking about taking up journaling again, and haven't found the motivation to do it.
  6. Week 2.5 Update Man... Last week, I learned the hard way that posting updates on here really keeps me focused on my goals. Work was nuts last week (registration opened for the Summer Camp I manage), and I took my work home with me a lot. So, I'll give a quick synopsis and then hop back on the wagon. Goal #1: Did less yoga than I wanted to, but at least I went to my usual weekly class. I'm liking this instructor more and more! Goal #2: Most days, I met my water-drinking goals. Some days, I convinced myself that more caffeine would be better, but it never was. Goal #3: I'm starting to think
  7. Showshoeing is so much fun!! I moved to the Northeast just last year, and this winter was the first time I'd ever gone snowshoeing. Get it while it's good, Wolf!!
  8. Welcome back, Heather! We all fall away sometimes, but you have some serious fight in you. It's good to have you back. Way to go on this!! I had to battle my own soda addiction right out of college. It's a tough one, but changing your self-image ("I'm just not a Soda Drinker now.") is really helpful. As a member of your accountabilibuddy thread, I suggest you PM me an address so I can mail you a medal. More Nice Things: 6. You believe in yourself enough to chase down the wagon and jump back on. 7. You've had a positive impact on your roommate if she's stopped drinking soda as well!
  9. Thanks so much for posting, Wolf. This was a tough week, and it helps a lot to have some support here. I'M SO GLAD SOMEONE GETS THIS. So far, I've found the dragon analogy most helpful in terms of body image, rather than motivation. The biggest problem I have when thinking about my body is that doing things for it (working out, drinking water, etc.) always felt like another chore that I wasn't doing enough of. Now, I think of it more like caring for a partner. And the telepathy thing helps me remember to listen. I did! Just yesterday, I decided on the Manduka ProLite. It feels grea
  10. I'm glad to hear it's going well! Just a week and a half left! You should take up the Messenger quest if you have energy to spare! It feels so rewarding to send a nice note to someone. The trick is buying plenty of cards/stamps in advance. Postcards are cheaper to send than envelopes, fyi.
  11. Okay, here's my own stuff... 1. I'm afraid to talk to real-life people about my fitness challenge, because I've never had a fit and active lifestyle before and I feel like I'm faking it. 2. I feel dumb whenever I talk about my new habits, like I'm pretending to be someone else, and I'll just abandon it all a month from now. So, I've avoided posting anything about it to Facebook, and I don't even like to exercise at home with my husband in the room. There's this little voice in my head that says I'm just faking it, and I tend to assume other people are going to say the same thing. 3. I've
  12. I highly recommend online yoga! This video is great for beginners (which was me, three months ago), and is a reasonable length. The key is to listen to your body - only take it as far as it wants to go.
  13. This group sounds great! Mind if I join? Chaos, I feel you there. I moved away from home last year for my job, and making new friends is so difficult, especially as an adult. Heather's suggestion about MeetUp is a great one! I found a Spanish conversation group on there, and ended up meeting some cool people that way. Going the first time was terrifying, but it turned out everyone else felt just as awkward as I did.
  14. Science needs to make up its mind about the nutritional value of eggs.

    1. Papa Raf C

      Papa Raf C

      TLDR eggs are awesome!

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    Campus Tours

    Nice challenge! I love the website Budget Bytes, so I'm sending you all there. Last night, I made Roasted Cabbage Wedges. The recipe calls for lite caesar dressing, but I only had balsamic vinaigrette, so I used that. OH MY HEAVENS. This recipe is incredible, and incredibly simple! I can think of no better way to eat a quarter-head of cabbage in one sitting. Two main things turned my diet (and budget!) around: - Learning to love cabbage. - Learning to cook dry beans. Happy Week 5, everyone!
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