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  1. My neighbors have had an unexpectedly bountiful harvest of zucchini and summer squash, and, because they have left town, and will be gone for a while, they've given just about everything to us. So now my family is in possession of a TON of of zucchini and summer squash (think a basket so large we need two people to carry it), and we don't want to waste it. There's always the zucchini bread staple and we love to make our paleo-zucchini pasta. We're also planning on grilling some when we do our 4th of July weekend grilling tomorrow. HOWEVER, that still leaves us with far too much zucchini/summ
  2. Hey guys, I take progress pics only very irregularly, but I took one yesterday, and after comparing it to my first photo, I thought I would share . Sometimes it's hard for me to see my progress from day to day, and even from photo to photo, but after looking at these two photos (the first one in November, about a month after I found NF and started eating paleo, the second only yesterday), I realized that I really have changed a bit, on the inside as well. These changes are basically all thanks to NF, Steve, and Staci, who are pretty much my new heroes . Without them I never would have started
  3. Thanks guys! I watched both videos, and yesterday instead of doing my normal 5x5 for squats, I just worked on form, both with bodyweight, and with the light bar (the one that weighs hardly anything). After making a concentrated effort to fix the issues mentioned above, I found out a few things: -I am very inflexible. I always knew this, but I never realized it was something that was affecting my squats, because -When I focused on opening my hips, it was practically impossible for me to go down past parallel. My hip flexors did NOT want to flex. I also noticed that when I squatted this way, m
  4. Thanks guys! From reading through your comments, I've figured that tomorrow when I go into the gym I'll start with a longer warm up for squats (bodyweight, with just the bar, etc), and work on: - Improving my stability/no wriggling -Not drifting forward -Definitely going to try and switch to a low bar squat. After seeing the comments about the height of the bar on my back, I rewatched the video and yikes! It is really high. However, I feel like if I go any lower it's going to roll off my back, or I'll have trouble keeping it on. Does anybody have any tips for this particular issue? I'll re
  5. For those of you that are interested, I posted a form check video in this thread: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/64300-squat-form-check/ Thanks for the replies
  6. I mentioned in a previous thread in the powerlifting forum (the one about the trainer correcting me), that I would try and get a form check video, and I actually ended up taking one today. I kind of surprised myself, to be honest, because I'm rather shy about that kind of stuff, and there were a lot of people in the gym...but it was a spur of the moment thing This is me squatting with 28kg, for 5 reps. My last set of the day so I was a bit tired. I thought the first three reps were fairly solid, but then on my fourth rep I almost fail, and you can see me pitch forward, which is something I'
  7. I think if you want to do weights you should either make that a separate work out (instead of cardio at the gym), or at least do your weights before cardio. Cardio tires you out, and this can be dangerous when you're lifting weights, especially as they get heavier. I just started Stronglifts a few weeks ago, and other than rugby practice 1-2 times a week and maybe 1 sprint session, that's all I do in terms of working out. I found that after my weightlifting sessions, I'm dead tired, and I need time to recover. So if your goals are to start weightlifting, then I would (mostly) cut out the cardi
  8. Wow thank you guys for the videos and the advice! I looked at the videos you all posted, as well as the ones on the Nerd Fitness Academy just to doublecheck that what I was indeed doing was a low bar squat (which was my intention in the first place, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't confusing my squats). I think I'm going to continue with how I was squatting before the personal trainer corrected me, while still focusing on fixing my form, and watching videos/reading articles to make sure I am on the right track. I'll also try to maybe film myself next week (I'm rather shy, so maybe on one of
  9. Since I jumped into weightlifting about 5-6 months ago, I started very lightly with dumbbells and worked my way up, to the point that I'm using the barbell for all my lifts. When I was squatting with a dumbbell (eventually up to 20kg), I wasn't using proper form (though it took me a while to realize - years of bad bodyweight squat instruction!), but a few weeks ago I switched to Stronglifts 5x5, and made a concentrated effort to perfect my form for all my lifts, particularly the squat. Prior to Stronglifts, when I was squatting with a dumbbell, after each workout sets my knees would be achey
  10. I've never heard of this, but it sounds interesting - I will definitely check it out!
  11. Hi, it looks like I'm jumping into this thread pretty late, but I'm so glad that there's an LGBTQA space on here I'm an 18 year old lesbian/nerd/student studying in Tel Aviv - which, apparently, is one of the biggest gay cities in the world, although I still have yet to find a date to echo one of the posters above, going on a date seems like a really good goal for 2015. I mean, I've been out for a few years, I feel like at this point the big thing that's stopping me is my own fear. Also, I was reading some of the conversation about local LGBT meetups, and I wanted to add that I joined my c
  12. To be honest, I think I would give it another week/a couple more classes and see how you feel - as in, do you feel your performance is consistently weaker? Because if it's just one class, or even two, it could be a bad day, you didn't get enough sleep, etc etc. Sometimes I'll have a bad workout day for no reason at all - I'm just not feeling it. So I suppose my advice would be to wait maybe a week, and if your problems continue, you could look at adjusting your goals. For me personally, I tend to get impatient when I don't see results, and I have to force myself to be patient, when I'm not s
  13. I'm a little late to this topic, but I wanted to say that it's really inspiring to read about what you're doing! I'm coming from a similar mental place, where I've always been conditioned to eat at a deficit and count calories, and even though now I know that's not the healthiest way to do things, it's really hard to let go of that mindset. Right now I'm eating all paleo but with a deficit for fat loss, and I'm focusing on weightlifting as well, but I know that once I meet my fat loss girls I will need to up my calories to make gains, and the thought is a little...scary. Still, it's really coo
  14. I'm with you on the vegetables front! I used to hate all veggies on sight, but since I've been eating more I realized that I really just didn't give them a chance. Also, your motivation is amazing! Captain America is basically my role model
  15. I think all your motivation points are great, especially the part about being a good example for your kids! Yep, paleo is definitely a great way to go, I'm five weeks in so far and really enjoying it. Good luck with your challenge!
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