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  1. For now, whatever I can. Really its more about if I can cook or not. Being able to cook = healthy food days. Otherwise, I end up having pretty much whatever I can buy. I am getting better at eating primalish, but it is difficult since my SO does not follow a paleo diet... I´ve tried cooking in advance, but so far it´s a skill I have yet to develop.
  2. I am a jack of all trades by nature. I cannot focus. Trying to do so has spelled disaster for me in the past. So I am going to play to my strengths... by which I mean do a whole bunch of stuff at the same time, even if I only advance one at a time. But every bit of improvement piles up in the end, right? concept art for my d&d 3.5 wizard a Master specialist conjurer. Previously on Wizard in the making: As he continued his journey to reach new heights of arcane power, erosan realized one esoteric secret of his own: a wizard (a proper wizard I mean) m
  3. Did one! according to my calculations, I could singlehandedly finish this challenge, provided I continue at this rhythm for a year or so. (of course what´ll prolly happen is the guild will do the next 900+ pullups in the next 24 to 48 hours, "friendly"-competition style. also... does chin-ups count as a pull up variation?
  4. Oh, I am totally on board (pun intended) for this mini... BUT sorry... all the nathan fillion gifs make me think of Cactoid Jim...bonus internet points to those who know what I'm talking about without googling it.
  5. Print this, pin it to your fridge, bathroom mirror, office cubicle and anywhere else you deem fit so you can refer to it whenever you start to forget exactly how much ass you kick. Seriously, nee-chan.. you are such a badass.
  6. I don´t know if they still manufacture them, but I learned about 8 years ago about this company called d3o, that made a compound that acted like a non newtonian fluid, in that it stayed flexible while under the action of low intensity forces, but would get hard when struck with a sudden force, absorbing the shock at the same time. They use that to do like motorcycle jackets that are armored, in case you fall off your bike during a competition and stuff. ALSO (and the point I was getting to), they used to make beanie caps for snowboarders lined with the substance underneath... SO, maybe hunt do
  7. I know it to be a mixture of attention deficit and trying too many things at once. Also, life got in the way, as you so wisely mention. But its all accounted for... See, I know I am not likely to tackle all the goals in such a short time, 4 weeks is not a whole lot of time afterall. But I still name the goals, in case I can get to them. As with many of our experiences, it is not the short burst of effort that matters, but the long run. Kinda like having a slice of cake won´t make you fat if you eat healthy the rest of the year since on average you are being healthy. Same principle
  8. There you go... that´s more like it. Remember 2 4wc ago, when @BlackTezca challenged us to copy one of the masters in the Loft? same drill. Copying is a way of learning, yes?
  9. I would not call it cheating, unless you traced over the reference drawing, and even then there are things to be said about an exercise where you trace over a drawing from another artist... like developing muscle memory and you paying attention to how certain lines fit with the drawing and such. Do you know what do people call artists who draw looking at a model instead of drawing from their imagination? yup, they still call them artists. I´ve mentioned this to you before, but if you consider most of your drawings come out of your head, you are a more advanced artist th
  10. End of challenge recap This challenge was a bag of mixed nuts... some things went great, others... well not so much. e.g. I am without a job right now. I would make it part of my next challenge to find a new job, but knowing my luck I will probably find something before week 0 finishes... Anyways, lets revisit the goals... Currently Training Disciplines of the body: Walking - AAAACED it. Walked about 60 to 90 mins in the mornings alone, pretty much every day. Yup, I already knew I liked walking, so this comes as no surprise at all. W
  11. It looked like this: But at least we tried... Jokes aside, here is the graph. Congratulation on the win.
  12. duh... of course we made excel sheets and graphs... at least I did... graphs are cool, right? I used them for risk assessment before going into a fight... i.e.
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