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  1. Needing to respwan or reboot, start from where i left off(which i dont feel would be) or create a new character and start over?

    1. Grandkai_NL


      i would say: start from where you left. You can't changed what happend, but you can change whats going to happen. With a new character you forget what has happend

  2. So some months ago, I stepped back due to a few things that were going on....I forgot to come back...but I'm back...looking forward to Januarys fresh start and a new year to improve/try again. I haven't looked but...the weight is likely back with reinforcements, my physical capabilities will be down, although I have still been doing wee bits and I don't feel I'm back at the beginning (minor winning!). Lets hope 2016 is the year!!!
  3. These posts nearly made me weep Pic closest to how I look just now, taken in august when on holibobs
  4. so taken a few months out...needing a reset and will be starting back on the first challenge in 2016 (Jan 4th I believe!)
  5. Oh and feel free to add me
  6. Hi folks Taking a bow on this challange...had to much going on to really get involved, so will hopefully see you all on the next one...will try and keep logging in to see whats going on here
  7. so for anybody following me i am taking a bow on this challange and will be joining in on the next, will be starting to record things here again until it starts!
  8. HI folks If there are anymore Garmin Connect users out there i have started a Nerd Fitness Group (Steve and Gang, hope I'm not stepping on any toes - Will close if you let me know!). I have set as request to join, so just drop me a PM here to let me know your real life name and ill look out for you.
  9. delayed start to the challange...start recording form this Monday...will complete more this period!!!

  10. We do like a beard in Scotland! (out of interest where did you visit?) I finally got the title of "epic beard" and "looks like a dude" because of it thanks to a friend sharing a picture during a trip south of the border recently. I feel good that it has moved on from 'majestic'.
  11. Ok...a question for the masses... Scotland seems to be doing the sprint and a beast in the one weekend....I have passes for two races...do I do this and try and buy a super to get the trifecta in one year...my first year...or is that too much for an overweight beanbag of a human...it is nearly a year of training away?
  12. This challenge was a disaster for tracking! was off on holiday for 10 days, did loads of walking, had a mix of good and bad eating so below is a summary. 30mins activity a day...I Know I completed more than half of the challenge time, it was in the low to mid 30s (of days) so 1/2 Marks. +1 str +1 Sta Yoga...did 1 weekend...must try harder....no award <2000 cals I am going to award mid high 20s of days...I found it difficult to track when making our own dinners and when on holiday I just gave up...however I know there were days where it wasn't high and bad consumption as we were so b
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