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  1. thank you machete for the information, it helps alot, and i'm doing well lou. kishi, no I haven't all applications for ots are due by sep 4 so i won't know until about then. sorry about being away for a while there, i didn't have internet for the last week or so
  2. also i don't really know what i'm doing day to day with strength training until i get to the gym, i have a friend who works there and he lets me know what i should be doing for the day, based on what i want to work towards of course
  3. fair enough, i guess it was a bit of a cop out, you see i moved back home after some things happened and because i was paying school debt i don't have much money left, so they have been helping me like with feeding me, thats what makes it slightly harder for me to say i won't eat that, and in those situations i will try and control my calorie intake better, overall I am sorry about my poor mentality, and thank you for your input.
  4. yes i have, I took my AFOQT already, and now my recruiter wants to meet sometime this week to sign paperwork and get ready for the physical exam.
  5. and phoenix i forgot to say, my diet is paleo esque when i can, it's hard when you are busy and are stuck eating with people that refuse to eat food that has less than 15 ingredients in it lol
  6. yes sir that is the hopes
  7. When I run I always do sprints about every km or so, and I understand that doing pushups and situps would be the best way, but I have a hard time pushing myself to my limit with them while with strength training I can with more success, but thank you for your feedback I will definitely give it some consideration
  8. I need to meet certain physical standards so here it goes, First goal: I need to be able to run 1.5 miles in 12 min so I'm running 3 miles a day to increase endurance and speed Second goal: I need to be able to do a certain number of pushups and sit ups so strength training it is, 4 days a week at the gym is the plan Third goal: I still have 5 lbs to lose so the last goal is to again stick to my diet but also to keep track of and hopefully reduce my calorie intake. Life goal: honestly don't know what to do for this one, any ideas?
  9. overall i'm gonna say i did well this challenge, diet: didn't do as well as i could have, but did the best with what i had, +3STA out of 4 Stretching: it actually helped that i was running every morning because i was forced to stretch as well i'm gonna say +3DEX out of 3 Challenge: I participated in every challenge, even though i did not perform as well as some lol, I'm gonna say +4STR out of 4 Life goal: this actually has to do with why i started running and why i've been stressed, I took the AFOQT the other day and am waiting on the results (Air Force Officers Qualification Test) and as long as all goes well I should have my career set as well so I'm gonna say pass on this one unless proven otherwise +4WIS out of 4
  10. things went well, though this last week i've felt off, and also nervous i'll have an update tomorrow or the next day with some more clarification, but overall I feel really good about this challenge
  11. yeah, but, i got up this morning and i just feel weak, idk if i want to run today at all
  12. that's cool, you have to pay if you want more than one chapter per week after the first like 3 or 4, and thank you they love it
  13. yeah, but it's good for her to get to run a few times a week lol. other than that, the distance i run a day is the same, just broken up so i can help keep her in shape
  14. took my baby girl (maddie, my dog) for a short run this morning. She's getting up there in age so i was impressed she made it 2 km with me, though she was pretty tired at the end, she was a real trooper, i might have to shorten my run alone every morning so i can take her out on a short one afterwards.
  15. I have been falling asleep early every day, then waking up and being up for a couple hours then, sleep the next 4 hours so i've been getting about 8 hrs a night all week
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