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  1. Ha ha ha! My internet was tweaking out and I was just coming back to post here for---what I thought was---the first time. Glad to know you all know my true feelings
  2. Stronglifts Workout B Lifting -- Squat: 5x5 @ 5; OP: 5x5 @ 30 lbs; DL: 1x5 @ 50 lbs; Assisted Pull-up 5x5 @ -95 lbs Thanks for the support and encouragement and tips. I am so exited to get strong
  3. Sorry to hear about the anxiety, and I totally understand it. I am rooting for you!
  4. Sorry to hear about the anxiety, and I totally understand it. I am rooting for you!
  5. Sorry to hear about the anxiety, and I totally understand it. I am rooting for you!
  6. Week 1 - Day 3 Stronglifts Workout A Lifting -- Squat: 5x5 @ 2.5 lbs; BP: 5x5 @ 50 lbs; Rows: 5x5 @ 40 lbs; Calf raises with BW No pain with the squats this time. I think the problem last time was a not being properly warmed up. BP and Rows are a 5 lb PR
  7. Lots of nerds in Oregon, I love the people there! My husband and I lived up in Portland a few years (we have been in Oregon much longer). We loved going running in the west hills. There are 40 miles of hilly firetruck trails that are used for running and biking. The drainage is great up there too so even though Oregon is very soggy in the winter, the trails are very well kept all year! Man, so much outdoorsy stuff to do! We would still be there if we could.
  8. Where in Oregon are you going? I have lived there many years and it is the central hub of all my family for generations. A tiny bit jealous
  9. Bah ha ha! Love that Jimmy Boy! I have been thinking about this and realized that I came in from very cold weather and just started lifting. Should have warmed up a bit first, maybe that is the ticket. Good reminder! I have noticed this before. My squat coordination just isn't quite there yet, which is why I am building up very slowly. This does make sense, and I will think purposefully about this next time.
  10. Nice, did you find a new gym?
  11. How in the world are you over 200 lbs? Are you just a super dense muscle lady?
  12. Should I ice it even if it only hurt during the lifts? It's been totally fine since then. I don't have a form checker, but I have been working on form with just my body weight for a while. My gym has lots of mirrors and it looks okay. I wish I had a way to video record the squat and post here, but I lost my camera and still have a dumb phone. I will be opportunistic about this, though, and try to come up with something.
  13. Week 1 - Day 1 Oh man, here we go again. Time to log the workout: Stronglifts Workout B Lifting -- Squat: 5x5 @ 2.5; OP: 5x5 @ 25 lbs; DL: 1x5 @ 45 lbs; Assisted Pull-up 5x5 @ -100 lbs So, I had this weird pain shooting through my right leg starting at the knee during the second set of squats. It wasn't as bad when I favored the left leg for the rest of the sets. Hmmm, this hasn't happened before. It's fine now. Thoughts?
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