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  1. Ooh, I love this! There's usually a point where I know I'm not getting to have a perfect day, but making sure that you're always moving forward is a great idea!
  2. Hey! How did Week 2 go? Did you make it back to Krav or are you letting the shoulder heal?
  3. MISSION REPORT - 4/29 (Day 17) Challenge 1: Tracked food Challenge 2: No activity Challenge 3: I'm counting that graphic And I'm off to figure out my activity for tonight!
  4. Hey now, I'm not even late today!! I just posted my 4/27 recap at the end of that night instead of the next day (i.e. yesterday), which is my normal posting schedule I admit I do sometimes forget on the weekend, but not out of any ill will, just a lack of established routine. I do try to leave the tab open at home so I at least see it there, but that doesn't always work. Hmm, maybe I will set an alarm this weekend to be sure... Anyway, blessings on you for making it work with that extrovert job, though! Man. You're doing like... twice the work! Much respect from a fellow introvert MISSION REPORT 4/28 (Day 16) Challenge 1: Tracked food Challenge 2: No activity Challenge 3: Updating here, will reply! Thought I was alone in the office so I started doing some of those mini challenge burpees on my lunch break... and got interrupted hahaha. Ahem, pay no attention to my heavy breaths, coworker, tooootally just sitting here at my desk as normal.
  5. Thank you for the linkage, that Beef and Broccoli looks delicious! And a 3/4 pull up!!! OH man, I remember way back when you were still waiting for your pull-up bar to arrive [wipes tear away]. And I know you're coming for that full one soon!
  6. I love this so much. NICE WORK, THRILLHO!
  7. It was fun! Definitely more cardio-focused (as opposed to boxing form-focused) but a really fun workout. Basically your standard HIIT workout but with more punches and kicks...which is always a good thing!!
  8. Eek, looks like it's been a few! Now how did that happen... MISSION REPORT 4/24 (Day 12) Challenge 1: Tracked food Challenge 2: No countable activity Challenge 3: APPARENTLY NOT MISSION REPORT 4/25 (Day 13) Challenge 1: Tracked food Challenge 2: No countable activity Challenge 3: double fail MISSION REPORT 4/26 (Day 14) Challenge 1: Tracked food Challenge 2: No countable activity (last day of that streak, I swear ) Challenge 3: Counting this as still within the bounds of updating! MISSION REPORT 4/27 (Day 15) Challenge 1: Tracked food, stayed within calorie goals Challenge 2: Daily Burn Challenge 3: Catching up here and on replies!!
  9. MISSION REPORT 4/22 (Day 10) Challenge 1: Tracked food, stayed within calorie goals Challenge 2: No countable activity Challenge 3: Updating, caught up on my replies from yesterday! MISSION REPORT 4/23 (Day 11) Challenge 1: Tracked food, stayed within calorie goals, getting close on that protein macro!! Challenge 2: "kickboxing interval training" Challenge 3: Updating, will catch up more tomorrow! Launched the new website at work which means my days will be much less hectic moving forward! For a few days at least... I hope... Two Grand has been fun so far—it actually helps me to remember to log everything (and probably estimate better) if I haven't done it right away, since I have photos of all my meals! Whoo.
  10. Omg, go you on your sit ups! Now THAT'S some house loyalty
  11. Yeah! Maybe not the best letter grade in school, but if you were a team with a 67% winning average, that'd be pretty dang good! And now you have somewhere to go for next week
  12. Oh man I SO feel you on the kickboxing "workout"!!! Or should that be "kickboxing" workout? They can be pretty fun and challenging, but it's definitely annoying when they focus on burning calories over, you know... proper form. I have definitely X'd many a tab during my research of places that seemed only interested in getting us all "bikini bodies" rather than "punchin' fists". And seconding/thirding/infinity-ing your NF love <3 <3 <3
  13. MISSION REPORT - 4/21 (Day 9) Challenge 1: Tracked, went just barely over even though it was friend&wine night ('cause I anticipated and accounted for it throughout the rest of the day!) Challenge 2: No countable activity Challenge 3: Posting! Also, I sent in my phone to get fixed and thought I'd backed up everything... but then realized I'd been taking all my progress photos through an app (so they wouldn't appear in my main photo gallery) and I forgot to save them!!!!!!!!!!! So uhhh... I guess we'll just say that my current state is my new "before" I also started using the TwoGrand app, which is like food tracker + Instagram. Not really planning to use it as a food tracker per se, but more as inspiration. I am always very visually focused for food stuff (like, I very rarely will make a new recipe unless they have a photo of the finished product) so I figure it's good for me to focus on my own presentation as well as getting ideas for new stuff to make from others. Anyway, "tracking" there is definitely a lower priority than my regular macro/calorie tracking, but something I'm playing with to keep things fun My username is "missamerica" (gotta keep it #onbrand) if anyone else is using it!
  14. I did buy a bunch of cod after reading this post Now I just have to figure out what to do with it! Yeah, that's what I figured! I didn't want to count it as a "real" activity day for my tracking purposes, but definitely a good "off" day! The brother gets like, 25k steps a day on Fitbit though so I refused to friend him on it, hahaha. MISSION REPORT 4/19 (Day 7) Challenge 1: Tracked, stayed under! Someone please kick me next time I'm thinking about not tracking 'cause I think I've gone over my calorie/macro goals... and remind me of this day! Challenge 2: Boxing!! Challenge 3: Er, catching up now just under the wire MISSION REPORT 4/20 (Day 8) Challenge 1: Tracked, went a bit over caloriewise Challenge 2: No countable activity Challenge 3: Getting ahead! Will do my comments tomorrow since the post is already up Did a bunch of meal prep tonight too... spinach/tomato/eggs for breakfasts, sausage/veggies for lunches (thanks Solstice Tiger)! Making the food tracking verrrry easy on myself
  15. Quiet day goalwise yesterday, but stopping in to update quickly: MISSION REPORT 4/17 - Day 5 Challenge 1: Tracked all food! Challenge 2: Eh, nothing that counts! Challenge 3: Updating and I think I commented on some folks yesterday?! Hopefully And actually I can probably do today's as well! MISSION REPORT 4/18 - Day 6 Challenge 1: Taking one of my days off tracking—bf's bro is in town and more eating out than I'm used to trying to calculate. Lunch was at a good vegan place but I have been craving MOAR PROTEIN all day since then Like, literally "standing in front of the fridge eating chicken" craving. What's happened to me?! Challenge 2: Lots of walking but I don't think quite enough to count as an activity day. Challenge 3: Updating now, will check out some threads in a sec too!
  16. I so feel you on this!! I went out for dinner the other night, got about 1/3 of the way into my meal and tapped out. I surely would've kept going in the old days (it was very tasty ), but that tight belly feeling was just way too uncomfortable now. The added bonus of not overeating is now I have lots of leftovers! Hope your holiday was good... I can tell you're ready to get to work though, and I'm excited to follow along!
  17. Yes! My main issue is that when I skip an entry, the next day I'll think about doing it, but then think, "Oh no, I'll have to catch up on TWO days now... that'll take way too long!" And then that snowballs into a week of feeling guilty about not posting, as the number of entries I have to do grows larger and larger and larger and larger... Phew. So it's a lot easier in the long run to just spend the 5 minutes it takes to actually get it done that same day YESSSS!! I laughed, I gasped, I cried. Embrace the ridiculousness and having an amazing time Right?? Such a puzzling connection. MISSION REPORT - 4/16 (Day 4) Challenge 1: Tracked all food and stayed on calorie goal Challenge 2: Did a Daily Burn at home! "Do the medicine ball one," I thought. "It'll be easy," I thought. "You probably won't have to do any squats," I thought. Challenge 3: Updated, commented on some of my followed threads, and welcomed some new monk-ish recruits! Whoo!
  18. Welcome Janni! Your goals look SMART and doable—hope the challenge has started well for you so far! There is usually about a week or two in between challenges, so you can definitely catch up then... I was about a week late to my first one, but just continued through the break to make it up. If you're looking for any kung fu inspiration, check out the Monks' Guild, which has a focus on martial arts. Swing by the chat thread and introduce yourself, if you'd like! But in any case... welcome!!
  19. Aw yeah, OneWomanWolfPack! Your goals look great—how's the challenge going for you so far? If you're looking for more fighting inspiration, check out the Monks' guild and introduce yourself in our chat thread! Welcome to NF and I hope you're ready to kick some serious BUTT!
  20. Welcome, Daikaiju! Looks like things are going awesome for you so far... hope your sparring recovery is quick Focusing on stamina is nice 'cause, as you've figured out... you just gotta show up! Feel free to check out the Monks' guild for some martial arts-style support—you can introduce yourself in the chat thread if you'd like! I think we have some fellow kung fu practitioners who will identify themselves
  21. Oh man, that dinner sounds SO GOOD Also! I've never used it, but you might look into an app called Two Grand. It's a food tracker, but you just post pictures of your food instead of the actual data entry, so it might work well in addition to your normal tracking. But the cool thing is you can follow other people on it, and see what they're eating to get ideas... I think they have people sorted by nutritional plan/goal weight/activity level/etc. so you can see a daily sample of how other people are getting to 150g protein or whatever
  22. That video is so badass I'm losing my mind!! Excited to follow as you conquer Level 2!
  23. MISSION REPORT - 4/15 (Day 3) Challenge 1: Tracked food, stayed within calorie goals! Challenge 2: Back to boxing, whoo hoo!!! Challenge 3: Hmm, noticing that these are so much easier to compile when I only have to think back to yesterday... funny how that works. I'm posting this on the early side so I can get to catching up on my follows I know! I hope it comes back for season two... there's so much more I need!!
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