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  1. You know, I had heard about it while I was researching, but I think I got it confused with Chore Wars—which is similar but wasn't quite what I wanted for this. Now that I know they're different (and that habitrpg is so pretty and colorful) I'm definitely going to check it out! MISSION REPORT 1/20 - Day 16 Mission 1: Tracked food, went over 'cause I was being a snacky brat since knew Agent Carter shenanigans always put me over anyway... but then there was no new episode this week! So I wasted my over day for nuthin'. Mission 2: BWW completed Mission 3: no boxing Life Mission: wrote a blog post! MISSION REPORT 1/21 - (Day 17) Mission 1: Tracked and stayed on goal Mission 2: no BWW required Mission 3: Completed boxing Life Mission: face wash At some point during my boxing workout I totally jacked up my knees!!! I didn't notice until after though. It started out as a good thing kinda—I've built my wind up enough that I could do almost the whole video without stopping. Of course that included about 5 minutes of power/jump squats, which previously I was doing either very slowly or with significant breaks between. Hopefully I've recovered by tomorrow. They probably just need to get used to the structure of my newly impressive quad muscles, right?!?
  2. I don't think I ever did! I mostly just wanted some sort of app to track my habits, so that at the end of the challenge I don't have to go back and read all of my posts and add them all up. This one (Habit Bull) won out! It has the added bonus of kind of Don't Break the Chain style motivation, where it gives a nice visual to how long your streak's been going. There's definitely been a couple days where I've waffled on actually getting my stuff done, but I didn't want to break the streak! It's also really easy to track the missions I don't do everyday, but a certain amount of times per week—I don't have to grab a calendar and figure out if I worked out last Monday or last Tuesday, and how many times was that for the week, etc. etc... MISSION REPORT - 1/19 (Day 15) Mission 1: Tracked AND stayed under! Mission 2: no BWW required Mission 3: another video workout completed! I put it on the TV this time so it was a lot harder to pause... which I think ended up as a good thing Life Mission: completed
  3. Oops... now, where was I?? MISSION REPORT - 1/16 (Day 12) Mission 1: Tracked all food, check Mission 2: BWW completed Mission 3: no boxing video Life Mission: I checked this off as complete, so I must have done it, but I don't quite remember what it was now... face wash? Needle point? Hope it was something fun, self! MISSION REPORT - 1/17 (Day 13) Mission 1: Tracked all food Mission 2: no BWW Mission 3: no boxing Life Mission: I kind of went through and made some timelines of Life Plans for myself! Pumping myself up about the future ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ MISSION REPORT - 1/18 (Day 14) Mission 1: didn't traaaaaack! My first day not tracking throughout this whole challenge though, so. I went to a friend's house for football watching and ate lots of delicious homemade things, which I feel like is the best way to fail that challenge. Mission 2: BWW completed Mission 3: boxing video completed! Life Mission: Needle pointing Here's what my week looked like according to Habit Bull:
  4. MISSION REPORT - 1/14 (Day 10) Mission 1: All food tracked, BUT this was my lesson to actually keep track throughout the day! I was being lazy and waited to log everything until the evening, and thought I had enough left over for a bonus snack. So I ate one... and THEN later remembered I'd forgotten to put something down from earlier in the day, which then put me over the goal. Oh well! Mission 2: no BWW required Mission 3: boxing video workout completed Life Mission: face wash! MISSION REPORT - 1/15 (Day 11) Mission 1: Food tracked! Went over again, but I will say that I have been pretty good about not going to town once I realize I'm over my limit—all my "overs" from this week have been within maybe 200 calories of my calorie goal and more or less sticking to my (very easy) macro goals. Mission 2: Scheduled for a BWW today, but I woke up sick and sapped of energy. So I took the extra 25 min of sleep instead Still on track for 3 for the week. Mission 3: no video Life Mission: worked on my needlepoint! Feeling better today, so everything should be back on track from here on.
  5. Hopefully! I need to stalk a class to see what I'm getting myself into It was definitely good to think about though! I hadn't really verbalized to myself why I thought it was so important to keep my minutes up, so it's a little more motivating now that I have a real reason. I have the sneaking suspicion that the Rock didn't actually say all these things that people are attributing to him... but I will keep posting them as inspiration Yes! I figured out that as long as I stick to my missions, the weight kind of takes care of itself... so I don't have to worry about it myself, really I get to focus on the fun stuff!
  6. Thank you for keeping it all in perspective! At this point, I've kind of gotten to the point of treating any fat/weight loss as a nice secondary result of the diet/fitness improvements... my main motivation in increasing the workout times is mostly just to build my stamina for my real monk classes when I start them! Or at least to have the confidence that I will probably not collapse on the floor after 10 minutes... but rather after a very respectable 30 minutes. Maybe I'll put a little more focus on actually being able to complete the full video all the way through first (with no pauses) before adding anything else in though. MISSION REPORT - 1/13 (Day 9) Mission 1: Tracked everything, went a bit over again due to Agent Carter-related cocktail shenanigans but nothing too crazy. Mission 2: BWW completed Mission 3: no video today ;__; but still on track for 2-3 times this week
  7. EEK I had a good test of emotional/stress eating yesterday—someone broke into my car! Well, I say "broke"—but I must have left the door/trunk/window or something unlocked since they got in without having to break a window. I suppose that's the better option of the two, though it is the one that makes me feel sillier. Anyway, all they got were a dying, 9-year-old iPod and my grocery store discount card (like the kind you get for free???) soooooo all in all it could've been much worse. Stressful BUT I still did good for my day, goal-wise MISSION REPORT - 1/12 (DAY 8) Mission 1: Tracked all food, stayed within goals Mission 2: no BWW required Mission 3: BONUS, PUNCH YOUR PROBLEMS AWAY BOXING VIDEO COMPLETED. The video already feels a lot easier just in these few days, and I think I'll actually have to start adding to it—it's supposed to be a "20 minute workout," but for my first couple attempts, they were moving so fast that I would have to pause so I could get the correct number of reps in. I've been aiming for at least 30 minutes per session, which worked fine with the pauses at first, but now I think I'll have to start adding some other stuff to keep that time up since I'm getting faster... Life Mission: face wash!
  8. I love your goals and how organized they are! They all look super S.M.A.R.T., and I like how you have them set up on a timeline so you don't feel like you have to do everything at once. You're doing great so far so I'm looking forward to seeing you kick butt on ALL of these!
  9. That sounds like an awesome workout! Way to roll with the punches Nice work!
  10. Hope you have a great trip! Skiing seems like a good way to get your workout in for the day BTW, your character sheet has been super helpful for me! Makes it so much easier to keep track of what I have and haven't done so far, instead of going back through each post on my thread... so thanks for that!
  11. MISSION REPORT - 1/9 (Day 5) Mission 1: tracked and kept to goals Mission 2: BWW completed and (as mentioned above) hit 30 seconds for my plank! Mission 3: no boxing Life Mission: 30 minutes reading MISSION REPORT - 1/10 (Day 6) Mission 1: tracked, went a bit over Mission 2: no BWW required Mission 3: no boxing Life Mission: 30 minutes reading MISSION REPORT - 1/11 (Day 7) Mission 1: tracked and... the days's still happening but I'm going to assume I'll hit my target, and if not I'll edit to update Mission 2: BWW completed! Mission 3: boxing workout completed! Life Mission: hair treatment END OF WEEK 1 UPDATE: Mission 1: 7/7 days tracked (100%), 5/7 days under (71%) = A Mission 2: 4 BWWs completed = A Mission 3: 3 cardio workouts completed = A whoo!
  12. I just got up to 30 seconds+ on my past two!! Planks are such a mental game, it's weird—it always feels like I'm trying to convince my brain I can go longer more so than my actual body. This is LITERALLY the best gif I could ask for right now. Considering my last challenge's cardio goal was "take walks," this is certainly at least an increase in intensity!
  13. Having both forms of support is good! I need some good cops up in here too, thank you MISSION REPORT - 1/8 (Day 4) Mission 1: Tracked all food and stayed within goals. Mission 2: No BWW required. Mission 3: I had totally written off this day as even a possibility for doing my boxing workout since I knew I was going out and wouldn't get back until late. But then Kishi and cob shamed inspired me, so when I got home, I realized that I actually had plenty of time to get it done. SO I DID. I used a video this time instead of the Kinect, which I think was a little better—I could go at my own pace, modify stuff so I could actually complete it in good form to the best of my abilities, and not have to do certain moves infinitely when the Kinect camera deemed I was somehow not doing them at all. There also wasn't a 15 second long load time between exercises so I was d-r-i-p-p-i-n-g sweat by the end. CHECK! Life Mission: Did my fancy face wash—I think that will become my default self-care act when I realize I haven't done anything else that day, but it's something I wasn't doing consistently for myself before, which was the whole point of this endeavor!
  14. Edit: Aww, that was my 100th post! I'm a Malcontent now, ma!
  15. My weight is always higher at the doctor's office! I don't know if it's just calibrated differently or it's because it's usually later in the day and I'm wearing alllll my clothes/shoes?. But you have a good attitude 'cause really, it ain't nothin' but a number.
  16. Ha, I successfully became a vegetarian for about 3 years in high school by imagining the grossest things possible whenever I thought of meat! Hope your negative conditioning works
  17. Yeah, I think I'm realizing now that two days per week should be my minimum, NOT my goal! This week was uncharacteristically full of evening obligations, so I'll see if I can sneak in Friday + Sunday to still claim three for this first week—otherwise I'll take my two for now and proceed through the rest of the weeks aiming for three. I'm really glad I joined up with you guys now—I *knew* the monks weren't gonna let me coast!
  18. MISSION REPORT - 1/7 (Day 3) Mission 1: Tracked all food and stayed within goals! Mission 2: Completed BWW. Got to about 25 seconds on the plank... 30 I'm coming for you! (My first plank ~seven weeks ago lasted about eight seconds and made me want to die.) Mission 3: No second workout yet - my goal was 2x per week, so I will probably complete on Friday or Saturday. Life Mission: Quick draw from this book: I did a warthog!
  19. I know, I haven't watched it yet either! I'm sure it is amazing though, given his track record. Totally! Some elements of it are still challenging for me, but overall I don't feel completely dead when I'm done with it (or I wouldn't if I wasn't adding Advanced stuff on top of it now)! When I run out of Rock motivationals, I'll have to start making some of your words! Never stop punning!!! (^to both above) I never used to be able to get up early, but since committing to my first 6WC I quickly figured out that I would just... NOT do my workouts if I waited until evening! It's also the only time of day when I really have the house to myself, which was a big factor as well. I started with just doing a single BBWW circuit, which only required me to get up about 10 minutes early—so not too painful at all. It's funny though, on days when I wasn't planning to do my circuit, I could NOT convince my sleepy self to sacrifice those 10 minutes in the interest of getting anything else done. So basically I can only do it if I know a bunch of people are going to be checking in on me Part of my problem was I'd totally forgotten how to use the game, so I selected the wrong "workout" type thing and a lot of the exercises were floor-based (which the Kinect has trouble distinguishing). I'll give it another shot and see if there's a better routine in there. I mostly feel goofy because it has real UFC fighters in it yelling at you
  20. That's fantastically helpful, thanks! Look, he even has a Christmas special! DAILY MISSION REPORT - 1/6 (Day 2) Mission 1: All food tracked, or attempted at least—I went to a friend's house to watch Agent Carter, and I didn't want to break out my food scale on the snacks there! I tried to overestimate just to be safe, so I'm going to gracefully accept this as an "over" day. Mission 2: No BWW required. Mission 3: No boxing workout required. Life mission: Juuuust in case cocktails with a friend and sassy 1940s lady action heroes didn't count for self-care, I also used my fancy face wash just to be safe I forgot to mention that, for my Day 1 workout, I got up EVEN EARLIER than my earliest day in the first challenge. It was only 30 minutes so it's not a hugely impressive stat, but even that is kind of a big deal for me. In the past, trying to schedule workouts for a busy day I always told myself to just wake up earlier—but when the alarm rang I'd always convince myself to go back to sleep. NF and the 6WCs are the first time I've actually been able to do this... and stick to it consistently! (Spoiler: I got up at the same early time today.) Thanks NF!
  21. How's your challenge going so far, Retxab? Your goals look great!
  22. I use a Fitbit! I go through periods of motivation of actually trying to get to 10k—if you wear it for a few weeks, you can start to get a pretty good sense of what a "lot" of walking feels like. It is nice when you hit 8k or so for the day it will give you a little notification to motivate you to hit your goal! (These are all the default numbers, but you can change to whatever works for you.)
  23. Well, as a brand-new monk, I just wanted to say that I do totally appreciate all the support so far from the vets... but I also completely understand and expect that people are going to naturally gravitate towards their existing friends! Frankly, I'd much rather NOT get a response to every post I make than to feel like my posts are causing stress to you guys. I get a lot of inspiration just being around the monk community and reading people's updates—so while I definitely understand and sympathize that the group has changed a lot, hopefully in the end the influx of new folks will end up improving the group overall. And if not... well, I give you full permission to ignore my posts at least
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