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  1. This calls for an old friend who knows just what you're going through to ward off the bad feels.
  2. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Well what we do know is my subconscious has a deathgrip on the concept of metaphors.
  3. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    8/13/2018 And here....we...go Recovery Sleep - 8/25 2300 cals - 2250 : 2250 Aikido Jo - 5/10 Suwari Waza - 3/5 Adulting SQL - 55% Math - 2/5 Bench 45 3 65 3 75 3 85 3 99 3--3RM PR + .5LB!! 89 3x3 OHP 45 3 50 3 55 3 65 3 72 3--3RM PR + .5LB!! 68 6x3 Anyone who saw the video of that bench PR knows why I only did one triple at that weight. Cliff's Notes version: really heavy, clipped the rack on the last rep, had to move myself around on the bench to deal. It was messy and not as glorious as advertised. Did I mention the bar felt heavy? Because yes it did. Time shifting Shark Week and cut does not make for a subtle Monday. 2300 calories start now. I am hoping between now and the end of Shark Week, I will see my target number on the scale. I will of course be paying attention to the fit of my clothes, because that is what started this, after all. I haven't felt bloated in a while, which is good--despite my sudden interest in gluten and dairy free protein bars that have not led to the very best BMs ever. Just gonna put those in a drawer for now.... Bored of my SQL study and not sure how much of it will be useful vs just querying what I need to validate that the website is showing everything it needs to. We'll see. Aikido was good. We finally, FINALLY did the other half of Jo Kata I. I was prepared for the first half, and muddled through the second half enough to do the entire 22 part a few times. I got home, watched the kata video and the suwari waza kokyunage video, ran through the kata a few times and reviewed all the suwari waza in my head where I can't ingrain bad habits but I should be able to get started on the mat without having to struggle and look completely and utterly foolish. This and my husband deciding to do a new patient intake form at 10:30 PM WHY caused me to be a few minutes late turning off the light, but I need my winding-down time bad.
  4. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    I KNOW, right?? AS HE STANDS BEHIND THE DOOR YELLING AT SOME POOR WOMAN FOR BEING USELESS BEHIND HER DOOR. Because he's more scared of the poor bat than she is OMG. It's too good. This is the lovechild of my interest in flying fox rescue/rehab (I follow Megabattie FYI) and random funny animal videos manifesting via Youtube's recommendations.
  5. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    For those of you thinking you're completely out of control of your life.....
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    Just gonna drop this here.....
  7. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Okay brace yourself from some Slight Math. I went back and figured out how long the discrepancy has been going on, AKA the majority of the time I have been trying in earnest to hit 2500 daily. These numbers are a very, very rough estimate because beforehand I was averaging 2300, where the daily amounts fluctuated between 2100 and 3000, depending on the day. On the surface they do not look as bad as I figured, but depending on what days you're looking at the difference is somewhere between 200 and 400 calories, -ish. And not coincidentally, 7/9 is where you start to see a serious shift from 117 to 119-120lbs. Based on numbers just prior to this, an average of 2300 should begin to slowly move the needle back into the 117s, where I'd rather be. I don't think 2lbs less fat is too much to ask, we'll see if my performance takes a dive, though, because my body is clearly quite happy with the surplus.
  8. House closings are among the more anti-climactic events of life. It's exhausting and you don't even see the money lol. They aren't all this stressful when they don't have relationship changes attached, but they sure aren't tranquil by any stretch. I am very glad that you were able to find someone who'd buy your house so quickly so this process was 0% drawn-out. At least you can say that for your experience, right? Ya do what ya gotta do. When I go to TJ's I always get shelled edamame.....always. Bacon, eggs, and edamame are awesome.
  9. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    It's actually a different set of 3-blade razors, I remembered wrongly. But these ones have flex heads and that matters in the interests of Not Skinning Myself. Yeah, so we're learning. I have informed the husband and got no back talk, so I think we're on board for not fouling up the local air, water, and land. I'm gonna take Heck No for $1000, Alex. I ain't even mad, tho. I thought I was just a broken.
  10. Urgan

    RisenPhoenix Travels a Path

    That sounds just awful. Both the uncontrolled anxiety and feeling like choosing between that and a management strategy that you don't like so well for Times Like These.
  11. Even when the move is clearly a 100% Good Thing, this feeling can hit hard. It's strange when you think you should feel a certain away about highly anticipated events, but when the time comes WHAM you feel all sorts of different things all at once and there's nothing in that one moment that would make you feel good exactly right now. It's okay to isolate yourself if that's what you need to sift through the feelings, give them their time, and put them away in peace. You are not an extrovert, don't try to grieve like one if that's only going to run you down further. Sometimes more is not better.
  12. Urgan

    Jord - tackles inertia

    Completely fair and no point shelling out if you aren't sure you want/need it. Hopefully the free version will see fit to be helpful as a review.
  13. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    8/10/2018 - 8/12/2018 Excuse me, this one is extra-crazy and I ordered a slightly crazy? Recovery Sleep - 7/25 2350 cals - 2276 : 2372, 2444, 2036 Fruit Aikido Jo - 4/10 Suwari Waza - 2/5 Adulting SQL - 52% Math - 2/5 Friday OHP 45 3x5 55 3 60 1 67 1 72 5x2 Bench 45 5 55 5 65 3 75 3 85 1 95 5x3 Session felt pretty good, a little tiny bit on the heavy side when I got to bench, but okay. Friday crawled by, due to End of Sprint. Saturday Squat 45 10 105 5 125 3 140 1 160 1 188 5x2 Deadlifts 135 5 145 3 160 3 185 1 215 6x2 This may sound really stupid, but squats felt heavier than I expected. Detecting some decrease in performance. Not enough to stop me from completing the prescribed programming, mind you, and then adding a set to deadlifts because I was busy jawing with a gym dude about programming and college and stuff. Our new cat water fountain clogged up with cat hair and the water smelled like fish tank water and someone managed to get barf UNDER the thing.....discovered at 1AM. Adulting hardcore, y'all. I had a truly Interesting dream as well. Humanity lives in a deep below water city made of glass (because of COURSE). I am approached by my boss(es) and the client where said bosses have promised me, the QA person, that I will come up with their product (suspiciously sounding like a paper document...) all by myself. Spent most of the whole time being shadowed and harassed by said client for status while trying to do my job also the giant glass city is slowly imploding due to water pressure. Panic in the streets. Somehow I end up saving some girl from the chaos and steer her toward temporary safety, at which point the logical thing to do is turn into a dragon and make for the Surface. The End. This prompts more questions than answers about how my subconscious processes my career path. Also I would set so many things on fire. So very many things. Sunday I Adulted so hard, so thoroughly, so very. I marinated beer chicken at noon for dinner, cleaned countertops, moved cat stuff so husband could vacuum, mopped the ENTIRE kitchen and bathroom floor, and did all the normal stuff. And took a nap. BOOM. And in exciting news that is only of interest to a subset of you, but Shark Week made itself known in the evening. Why is this exciting? Because I was afraid that my Shark Week operates on a 5 week paradigm, which would push it out a week from now (striking next Saturday at the earliest). But no, it's here on the old post-BC schedule. I wonder if this and my weight gain is a partial indicator of my stress levels falling?? Speaking of weight, I'm bobbing around the 119lb mark at the highest, so we're no longer getting 120lbs on the scale. Did I ever tell you about the time I accidentally logged 3 squares of chocolate when I ate 4 squares for like, a month or so? I assumed it WAS for the 4, which added 50 calories every day to a bulk allowace of 200 calories, so. That didn't help. I'm going to go back and do a report on the difference this makes just to amuse myself. Will report back my findings shortly.
  14. Urgan

    Jord - tackles inertia

    You are alive~ It's been a minute. Also those are good goals. This smacks of a poor tool. All my language experience has been with a human teacher, so I could imagine software being a hard switch.
  15. Urgan

    RisenPhoenix Travels a Path

    The struggle is real when you're doing kotegaeshi pin and uke's arm is stupidly long.