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  1. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    12/6/2018  Thursdays are hard Nutrition  2300 Calories. 2187 : 2210 Aikido Jo. 2/8 Tech Review. 4/12  Adulting Measurements - 12/10.  Do the Can-Can. Declutter the Kitchen Table. Dust All the Things. Drain the Shoe Swamp.  Thursdays are hard. 3 hours of meetings are also hard, especially when they're unexpected in the late afternoon and blow out your late "meal" you had planned...and then I went home and made dinner before nap time, at which point I fell asleep until 11. I was tempted to just roll over and turn the light off, but I had to eat dinner, so I did that and transferred video from my phone to my laptop. When I turned the light off for real, I realized I had forgotten technique review, so I did that in my head to refresh sankyo, u. kotegaeshi, and the bokken taisabaki. Whee. Done with this week now.
  2. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    12/5/2018 Ukemi like this? Nutrition  2300 Calories. 2164 : 2121 Aikido Jo. 2/8 Tech Review. 3/12  Adulting Measurements - 12/10.  Do the Can-Can. Declutter the Kitchen Table. Dust All the Things. Drain the Shoe Swamp. Squat 45   5 135 5 145 3 165 1 185 1 190 1 200 2x1 Deadlifts 135  5 160 5 185  3 205  1 225 3x1--morning PR +4lbs This was definitely a mixed bag of a session. Squats just weren't there for me this time, but on the flip side cutting those off early gave me more room to "PR" deadlifts. Do any of you have people at work who want you to do things--I don't mean one-off things, but like changes to your workflow--but even they don't know how to communicate what they want you to do because they actually don't know what your department's workflow looks like in the first place? That's my life right now. Aikido was taitsabaki stuffs, and I got to help teach a new blue belt (who is a black belt in karate BTW....) the things. That was a riot. Went home and PRACTICED it AGAIN OMG. The end is nigh, get your affairs in order. I hate days when they say to do ukemi from one end of the mat to the other in a line. This assumes I can control where I end up and that is a dirty lie!
  3. That place has got everything. Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll right off a cliff, baby.
  4. Urgan


    This. Creating anything can be so sickeningly difficult to get started and a labor of love that the most important person your work can please is you. Whether is constitutes comparisons with Literature is a completely unrelated debate and throwing your Baby into the lion's den of lit crit is a good way to get something mangled. I personally couldn't contemplate factoring in pleasing people who fancy engaging in Literary Analysis for funsies when I sit down to work on my story outline, talk about a mood killer.
  5. Now I do not do The Outdoors, but I possess a fuzzy garment that I like to call my Opt Out of Winter coat, in that it + long sleeve shirt + gloves = not feeling the cold down to around 19 degrees. An ancient* Denim & Co. number that is allegedly an X-small, but it still fits with enough room for another half me in there lol. If clothes had stats, it would have a -25 CHA, but ain't nobody got time for style lately LOL. *Addit for context: It couldn't have been purchased less than 20 years ago.
  6. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    We do and it does help a bit during the evening part of the day when husband makes it happen. The smell is amazing. Currently seeking the balance between misery and shocking my body with toasty heat to freezing cold transitions. Difficult but not impossible to manage. Currently wearing a short sleeve shirt inside the office right now because gym days make me able to do such things.
  7. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    If half of the state doesn't end up with the Plague from this week, it will be undeniable proof of miracles.
  8. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Casually outdoes the human race. I randomly jumped to 119.2 on Monday for no adequately explainable reason. Been falling from from 117.6 to 117.2, and some jeans I thought wouldn't fit did this morning, so. I got that going for me. Rarely do we only do one technique per class, but we spend the bulk of our time on one technique, irimi and tenkan. Lower belts had more instances of just drilling irimi or tenkan. We almost always have a "quick technique" to drill for funsies or randori for the opposite of funsies at the end of class. You thought you have a monopoly on random cold snaps?? YOU THOUGHT WRONGLY. Lol. Sunday it was the 70s, today it was 30 when I got up, tomorrow will be just trash. The rest of the week will be a dance between the 40s and 50s, then RAIN alllllll Saturday with the mid-40s. Beautiful weather patterns. Cannot wait.
  9. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    12/4/2018 Flop Nutrition  2300 Calories. 2186 : 2182 Aikido Jo. 2/8 Tech Review. 2/12  Adulting Measurements - 12/10.  Do the Can-Can. Declutter the Kitchen Table. Dust All the Things. Drain the Shoe Swamp. We made it, fam. I did Aikido review TWO days in a ROW. CONSECUTIVELY. What is life even. It's been cold, the heater is starting to struggle, I am really hoping we can get to 2019 before having to replace our climate control. Plz. We are so close to having enough money to cut a check without being "out" anything since we decided to start saving sometime in May when we recharged the A/C. It doesn't like heating the house when it is <35 degrees outside, AKA it switches to the aux heat mode at that point and we might as well set dollar bills on fire in the fireplace for how much that costs to keep up. On an unrelated note, it is going to be 27 degrees Thursday morning. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  10. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    12/3/2018 Flawless Nutrition 2300 Calories. 2190 : 2190 Aikido Jo. 1/8 Tech Review. 1/12 Adulting Measurements - 12/10. Do the Can-Can. Declutter the Kitchen Table. Dust All the Things. Drain the Shoe Swamp. Bench 45 5 70 5 80 3 90 1 100 1 106 5x1 OHP 45 5 55  5 60  3 70  1 77 3x1 62 3x3 Well this session wasn't too bad. Considering how hard it was to crawl out of bed, this was darn near miraculous. I am somewhat concerned with the likelihood of ending up with a cold this week, given it was in the 70's on Sunday and over the course of this week temperatures are projected to crash. I could stand to not get a cold this year plz and thx. Aikido was all about ushiro ryotedori kotegaeshi and me drilling the tenkan two big steps, not one medium steps and a handful of shuffle steps like I love to do. Short leg problems. And I actually reviewed last Wednesday's sankyo and kotegaeshi to contrast the two days' techniques, since they start out similarly, along with jo kata and the bokken work we need to have down. Mebbe I need to get serious now if I want to test within the next three months or so. Ya know. That thing we do.
  11. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    December 2018 Goals The glory of Fall in full display Still missing daylight in the evening, but I'm getting up early enough to miss the dawn lately due to the revamping of my morning alarm. We survived the surgery without any casualties--2.5 weeks out he's normal as long as lifting "heavy" isn't required. I've bottomed out at 116.2lbs and am sitting in the 116-117lb range, right where I want to be. To tell the truth, I'm not sure whether it was the adjustment to macros, the cooling of weather, or the lack of creatine that did the trick. I changed preworkout and realized it doesn't appear to have creatine of any kind in it. It isn't sodium, because I haven't been minding it much, lately--I can only juggle so many numbers at a time. Still not dealing with migraines, which will never cease to be relevant lol--I'm still rolling my upper back/shoulders after gym sessions. Shark Week was normal, so I think it's safe to say the dietary tinkering caused my double-Shark Week is a strong theory. Nutrition Seeing as how I was dropping weight, I brought calories back up to 2300. I think hovering around 117lbs is ideal ATM. Monitoring calories daily, all macros + weight weekly, and the good old monthly measurements against performance in the gym to see what's up. 2300 Calories. 0 : 0 115 Protein. 0 : 0 173 Carbs. 0 : 0 25 Fiber. 0 : 0 128 Fats. 0 : 0 50 Sugar. 0 : 0 Aikido Jo. This is going to stay here until I get my purple belt and it becomes Jo Kata II, lol. 0/8 Tech Review. November was better than October, but still not great due to Holidays and Surgery and testing week and wow it was a mess. Let's try this again. Monday and Tuesday reviews Monday's lesson, Wednesday and Thursday reviews Wednesday's. AKA 4x/week. 0/12 Adulting Measurements can stay here because why not? This is just for my own amusement, I guess. My clothes are still fitting just fine. I just want to have that data against the natural ups and downs of gym time given I am pioneering my own dietary journey. On a note only tangentially related to things I put in my mouth, I have bought sufficient quantities of canned goods that I am struggling to find things, put things up properly. etc. You remember that disaster involving chicken a bit ago. I think the rational solution to this problem is to stick the surplus in plain sight so I stop buying extras until I use up what I have. This may seem to directly clash with the idea of cleaning off an adjacent surface--and you'd be right--but there's some stuff that just doesn't belong on the kitchen table, or in the kitchen at all. An unfortunate consequence of owning 4 cats is the accelerated accumulation of dust and nastiness everywhere. It's time to take care of business. Oh, and those shoes I got a few weeks ago? They need to have real homes and the shoes I don't wear need to Go Away. 4 years is long enough. Measurements - 12/10. Do the Can-Can. Declutter the Kitchen Table. Dust All the Things. Drain the Shoe Swamp. Weekly Debriefs: TBD
  12. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    11/30/2018 - 12/2/2018 We're at the home stretch now Nutrition  2300 Calories. 2136 : 2157, 2117, 2290 115 Protein. 117 : 101, 117, 109 173 Carbs. 159 : 180, 179, 133 25 Fiber. 16 : 12, 5, 9 128 Fats. 113 : 113, 103, 146 <50 Sugar. 22/28 Carb bomb. 4/4  Aikido Jo. 6/8 Tech Review. 8/12  Adulting Measurements. Moisturize. 26/28 Conquer Mt. Pants. Friday OHP 45 5 50   5 55   5 60  5 74 2 69 3x5--5RM PR + .5lb!! Bench 45 5 60  5 70 5 80 5 91 2 82 5x5 Definitely felt better than last Friday's session, which may seem bizarre given all the rest I had prior to that holiday session. A long, hard day of work followed and all I really wanted in the whole world was to crawl in bed. I did start some laundry in the evening, which basically never happens in a normal week.  Saturday Squat 45   5 120 5 145 5 155 5 182.5 2 173 5x5--5RM PR + 1lb!! Deadlifts 135  5 140  5 160 5 180  5 223  2 212.5 3x5--5RM PR + 2.5lbs!!  This was another exercise in me taking way too long on squats that deadlifts got the short end of the stick. Squats felt good, deadlifts felt like murder as a direct result. Keeping up with the junk that just tends to pile up on the desk is a part time job. At least that's sort of under control at the moment. Kept ahead of the laundry.  Sunday I kept ahead of everything that needed to get done such that I had the bandwidth to help decorate the tree. The light strands are always a PITA. But we got them on the tree and put a few ornaments on. We'll see if the tree is still standing 24 hours later lol. I reviewed Wednesday's sankyo a few times, FWIW. I haven't been doing such a great job of keeping up with Aikido practice, but this was truly a wretched month for forming new habits. Holiday time proved a dip in gym performance--hopefully that was all it was. One more month left to go in 2018, guys.
  13. Hello and welcome to my battle log, est. 2016! I've been doing challenges for over a year straight and I decided to experiment with an alternative style that gets away from the feeling of being perpetually "on" and one step away from the pointy end of the spear that is the 4WC format while not losing the structure that said 4WC format provides. Kinda strike a balance, like? This will be an ongoing experiment, with some room to adjust. This will be accomplished by a month-to-month formal re-evaluation of goals, without grading per say, and the freedom to change things up at any point with no regrets. All in one place! No need to wonder when my new thread will be up, just stay tuned for the next day's post! Below I will update links to each month's first post so you can see change over time. To round off 2016's activity, I'm posting links to prior challenge activity for the sake of completeness. ...And we're off! Index 2016 Challenges: January, February, March, April 2016: May, June, July, August, Intra-Month Madness, September, October, November, December 2017: January, February, March, April, May, Intra-Month Madness v.2, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2018: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December Lessons Compendium *~* 5/6/2016 *~* Magnesium deficient is something you don't want to be--supplement You might also be deficient in other vitamins and minerals--supplement with a multivitamin Magnesium is a diuretic Squat foot position should be maintained at hip width, no farther: a wide stance is Trouble for your inner legs *~* 5/21/2016 *~* Ukemi must be executed with one's head tucked There is in fact such thing as too much ukemi, especially when biased to one side of the body TM Fact: If you get to a place on Intensity Day where you struggle to PR, add volume to volume day *~* 8/1/2016 *~* Daily neck stretches keep even small tension headaches away Too much of the wrong kind of foot rolling can lead to TIGHTER feet *~* 8/27/2016 *~* Stress is real and it will harm training momentum. Knee sleeves are good tools in the gym for preventing quad tension. *~* 11/7/2016 *~* 1/wk DL Intensity Day is too intense. 2/month is good. *~* 1/29/2017 *~* When stressed, a massive deload is not necessary. Just hold fast to the same weights and...wait it out. Too much magnesium = diarrhea *~* 7/10/2017 *~* A reminder: sleeping on one's back reduces the risk of headaches and muscle knots. *~* 12/09/2017 *~* Do not stop taking Slo-Mag. Just. Don't. *~* 1/19/2018 *~* Drinking a minimum of 44oz of water helps regulate headaches, even migraines to some extent. *~* 7/18/2018 *~* Hormonal birth control does cause migraines. So does looking down at phone with bad posture all day. *~* 7/30/2018 *~* Dairy and yogurt disagree with my stomach. Vegetables + fermented food are keys to BM balance. *~* 10/1/2018 *~* Fruit disagrees with my stomach. Bananas are fruit. Lacrosse ball rolling helps manage bad posture headaches.