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  1. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    Years and years of entertainment and cuddles right this way. 15-20lbs of dog that uses a litter box. Is not scared of water until you bathe him, at least. Terrified of any and all crinkly plastics unless he is the one crinkling the plastic (I swear I'm trying to think back to if/when I traumatized him with a plastic bag or something). Follows me all around the house wondering what I'm up to. Loves naps right next to humans or other cats, will chill for hours.
  2. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    Harley will scratch on the door until we let him in with us. I'm in the process of teaching him the words "bath time" to circumvent this. He's so allergic to closed doors. Maine coons primarily use their water bowls as a splash time water theme park and whatever's left they might drink/leave for the other cats to drink. Or so we discovered with Harley.
  3. Osu

    This. Good grief it isn't ballroom dancing for the love of all that is good and right and such. Somebody kvetched about an atemi? Seriously? This is actually a thing that happens? Y'all I've been kicked in the head and kicks weren't even part of the technique because aikido, it just isn't that bad.
  4. Osu

    Maybe you could conform better to their expectations if they just dispensed with the pretense, hung you from one of those punching bag hooks one can mount on the ceiling, and armed you with pads with which you may not strike in any way whatsoever. You can only do so much damage that way, you monster.
  5. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Guys. Guys. I shit you not. Okay, so I don't even believe in Earth Day because Virtue Signaling, but presuming you celebrate the thing, you DO believe in it, right? My work is "celebrating" Earth Day with bottled waters and little bags of chips for employees (I'm not one, so I am not sure someone wouldn't come by and slap them out of my hand if I was inclined to take one). Seriously. There's like a hundred of each laid out on a conference table. I cannot stop laughing.
  6. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Thanks~ Yeah, I end up just extending my hips and "throwing" my knee/leg in tiny explosive movements and that gets the job done keeping up with people that have adult-sized femurs. A nice break from thumping my upper back on the mat lol.
  7. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    ...you're welcome. Actually this particular cat has known me since the day she was born, so I was able to get her out of the water without acquiring stitches. If this happened with another cat, I would have gotten ME out of the water.
  8. Spezzy continues to build momentum

    As a person who has lived to the other side of this eventuality, it is as hilarious as it is painful for everyone involved. So here's how it went down: Cat desperately wants to drink the bathtub water (epsom salt soak because Recovery, mind you....). Cat leans well over the majority of its body over the side because the water levels are too low. Cat is spooked by other cat, slips and falls in next to my arm. Clawed flailing ensues.
  9. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    4/23/2018 In Search of a Clue Food No gluten: 14******/28 Fiber: 16 / 16 Days Since Last Incident: 0 * = days I visited Panda Express Aikido Obtain techniques CD Practice: 1/8 Cleaning Bathroom - 2 Bedroom - 2 Living Room - 3 Kitchen - 1 Bench 45 5 60 5 70 5 80 5 97 2 88 3x5 OHP 45 2x5 55 5 60 5 67 2x2 60 5 62.5 5 65 2x5 This is what you call lifting until you run out of minutes. Amazing what happens when you get your ass out of bed within 15 minutes of the target time. I basically farted around with OHP for 40-odd minutes and felt a level-up in my ability to do the warm-up push-ups in the dojo. I hate pushups, an utter CWOT, but the intention is to elevate heart rate and literally warm us, so there you go. At least if I have to do them, I might as well not be sitting there sucking wind while Sensei is demoing technique (distracting) just because of that and shiko. Half the class dreads it, but not me because I am packing two layers of pants and QUADS. Traveling across the mat is NBD. Miraculously, I was not in pain all day long for the first time in weeks and weeks (aside from a weensy bit of tightness directly post-training session GASP). I have spent several days being particularly meticulous about sleeping arrangements, I got new contact lenses (that are not itching or pissing off my eyes...), and remembered that lacrosse balls exist. So that happened. While at work, I ate a few espresso beans in the afternoon, 7 hours separated from preworkout and kombucha. Gas. Immediate (defined as <15 minutes) regret. It would have been better to buy a bag of M&Ms. SIGH. Aikido was all about ushiro hijidori (?) kotegaeshi, or this: (Work reenabled Youtube, guys) There were three blue belts in my group, so we did the old triangle. One of them had sciatica AND poison ivy on her arms (she'd made effort to cover the sites with bandages). Good thing we forgot this was an elbow technique and went for the wrists for half the class. You have never seen such discipline for not touching one's face on the drive home. And of course that is when one's face itches.
  10. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    I'll buy that for a dollar. Sure wish I felt confident I remembered them. Oh well, grab one wrist and hope for the best, right?? Yeah, husband has been working at the same place for 16-17 years now and it's the best car restoration business in the southeast, competitive with any in the country. Literally. They entered the Detroit Autorama and took a prize the first time they've been (I think it was the first time...). Not top spot, but the show is more custom car oriented and this shop is more classic focused, so an uphill battle is to be expected. The Ridler is the highest award a car can win in the US, I am told, and it is given out there. That and my mom might die on the spot if I told her we were moving out of state. I could conceivably work remotely with a better setup (laptop life = no), the trick would be finding job openings to apply for. And figuring out how to interview for that....I've done phone interviews plenty, even recorded myself in video responding to questions UGH frightening. Now you know why I love Panda Express so much. I can eat it and not die.
  11. Clearly each head spews different elemental attacks. Prepare accordingly.
  12. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    4/20/2018 - 4/22/2018 Which side am I on again? Food No gluten: 13******/28 Fiber: 21 / 31, 12, 13 Days Since Last Incident: 0,0,1 * = days I visited Panda Express Aikido Obtain techniques CD Practice: 1/8 This is not going to happen until I properly label the technique videos I ripped off the CD, is it? Cleaning Bathroom - 2 Bedroom - 2 Living Room - 3 Rolled the couch for cat hair Kitchen - 1 So uh....this weekend. Friday OHP 45 3 50 3 55 3 65 3 70 6x3 Bench 45 3 65 3 75 3 85 3 93 3 79 6x3 Put in the work, ate all the things when our department went out for a late lunch. Had alllll of the gas. All of it. Probably could have used it for transportation and gotten home sooner than the rush hour-ish nightmare that was 3PM traffic. I did not at any point purposefully/knowingly consume wheat, but it was a cafeteria-style deal we ate at, so who knows how much cross-contamination happened. Beans were eaten, but I have eaten larger quantities before with no ill effects so I am reluctant to blame that. Purchased meatballs for dinner, more gas. Saturday Squat 45 3 120 3 140 3 160 3 185 2x3 188 3--3RM PR + 3, 2RM PR + .5!! Deadlift 140 3 160 3 185 3 207 2x3 212.5 3 215 3 220 2x3 --3RM PR + 10, 2RM PR + 7.5!! This day was pretty crazy. First up was kombucha, then after a little while lion loops + coconut milk, followed by complete Anarchy. Then my bowels were never heard from again this day. I may have killed it in the gym. There were reports of weights slain. There may have been a guy who admitted he couldn't pull 215lbs (color me not shocked). That 2x3 for 220 was because I realized after I did it that I had forgotten to record the dang thing, so I did what every sensible red-blooded lifter would do and pulled it again because f no I'm not leaving without proof. Probably could have done a third set, but my CNS was begging for mercy and noms. Sunday Other than the usual laundry + dinner, I wrote a LOT in my outline. Pity I just decided on the trip to work this morning that I need to rip out most of it in favor of structure that makes more sense, but you know. I tried. It rained a lot and the day did not last nearly as long as I felt I deserved. No bowel nothing today, seeing as how it was in shock from Saturday. Takes a day to get its shit together after that, you know? And of course I decided to go ahead and eat meatballs for lunch and pulled beef + broccolis for dinner, knowing full well that the former was a bad choice but I just can't stand the idea of wasting the food. I'm going to have to 'fess up. I did not want to find out that the meatballs had breadcrumbs in them, but they do. And I bought two batches of them and ate both, because meatballs too good. I faced facts AFTER making the purchase, so the Anarchy that hit this morning came as no surprise. I can't have any pre-prepared food, guys. If it doesn't have forbidden dairy, it's got wheat. Stupid choices like this plus a surplus of caffeine and other digestive aids probably don't go well together (I have reduced my kombucha intake to at most 8oz daily and believe it has helped a bit). It's all a matter of what I'm going to have to give up or reshuffle in my day to try to separate things a bit. This must be what "just not eating" feels like to people on a cut. I want my kombucha, my preworkout, AND my chocolate-covered espresso beans damnit. Of course it would come to this will a full jar of the latter staring me in the face...