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  1. ixaera keeps on going~

    I wouldn't stress too hard, because you didn't know, and while it's not appropriate for them to have explain that to you in advance that he is autistic - they could have put it another way and explained that there is a person who does xyz and this is how you should handle it. No different than if someone explained someone else's working style to you, be they autistic or not. So it's on them. I'm going to second this. How the bleep were you to know? And you weren't mean, just confused. Seems like an important detail to inform you about if you're to work with him (semi-)often...
  2. Cataleya, Ninja Extraordinaire

    I'm sorry, Cat. I'm afraid I can't do that.
  3. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Apparently we decided to share. It's a snotty and rainy 60 here ATM. Do Not Want. I'd prefer cold and dry honestly.
  4. ixaera keeps on going~

    Mistakes made BEFORE alcohol is even consumed lol.
  5. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    1/19/2018 - 1/21/2018 You know what makes it hard to leave bed? Cat cuddles. Food Lunch-time: 12/18 Water: 13/18 - 2 Calories: 2324 / 2457, 2615, 2185 Protein: 126 / 133, 106, 103 Fiber: 35 / 66, 18, 10 You can tell the meals that have BEANS in their name ran out when.... Sleep Curfew: 13/19 Self-Care Skin Stuff: 14/21 Still working on this. It's a balance between scaly and oil slick. Friday OHP 45 2x5 50 5 60 5 68 5 65 3x5--5RM PR + 1!! Bench 45 5 60 5 70 5 80 5 86 2 Saturday Squat 45 5 115 5 135 5 145 5 168 2 160 3x5 Deadlift 135 5 140 5 160 5 188 5 178 3x5 Despite repeating the previous cycle, OHP still managed to get a PR because I lost the equivalent session last cycle for some reason I CBF to go back and verify. Squats were hard, deads were easy. 188lbs was supposed to be a double, but I did 5 because I felt like it and there were people around to impress/rattle out of their conversation and NOTHING reminds you of where you are like deadlifts. Sunday was DOMS Central USA. I did some rare adulting, cleaned some things, and made tamale pie with pulled beef instead of ground. 10/10 would do again. In the land of cookie-themed gifs, nobody's gonna outdo Cookie Monster. Just over here confirming that 160lbs for 5s still sucks. Verified and greenchecked and ready to GTFO. Sadly, this just means I'll be doing 161lbs next time lol. I think it's a survival mechanism from that cold snap. Yup, gonna blame it on that and pray another one doesn't whip through the country again. WHEW. Weeellllllll.....
  6. Cataleya, Ninja Extraordinaire

    Put the seeds in the soup, he said. It'll be fine, he said.... It'd be fine to an ABA week and follow up with a BAB week. Feeling like you're outgrowing 2x/wk is a good sign and it sounds like you are ready to ramp up the practice time. I imagine you will smash the boss battle. I can only imagine being Responsible for the direction of the class is a whole other world from being a TA. I happily did TA work but would be petrified of leading a class in anything lol. #alleyesonme #introvertproblems #nope Food choices definitely play a role in how certain macros play together. I personally keep an eye on two macros, calories and protein, and just try to make sure the others are not ridiculously low. I can't advise you purposefully lowering protein on the eve of ramping up your strength work, but if it's mostly semantics to try to figure out how to make protein and carbs goals without going crazy, I can understand that. Are you still feeling low energy? You might consider loosening up the carb restriction a hair unless you have found a hard ceiling where you experience a negative reaction to higher levels of carbs?
  7. ixaera keeps on going~

    Might as well not be there, huh? Oh well, we get by. You'll get the hang of it in no time. Hopefully you can find someone to lead by example and/or past work to model off of.
  8. ixaera keeps on going~

    Ugh, rules. Do you remember the part where I said our process rules are passed out from meetings by word of mouth? And they are poorly explained so it seems so arbitrary? Like that for you?
  9. ixaera keeps on going~

    To be fair, ticket systems are made by actual trolls. The f you mean I add a discussion item it marks the ticket as not ready??
  10. Taddea Zhaan - tackles inertia

    "...and over here, we have our 'Odd Produce' section..."