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  1. ixaera's resting bench face~

    As the spine goes, running is hardest on lumbar and dissipates as the force travels upward, kind of a jarring effect. Or so I heard.
  2. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    Maybe get all zen and leave you the bleep alone for five minutes, lol.
  3. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    It's like umbrellas and rain with you and people moving. If you don't plan on it, it will happen for sure.
  4. ixaera's resting bench face~

    Sometimes I have these talks with myself where I ask if I shouldn't have loaded more on the bar because wow did that not feel as intense as expected, and I always come to the conclusion that it just means I can do more for SURE next time. While you're playing with form, it probably doesn't hurt to leave a little head room. Nobody gonna accuse you of sandbagging when you match or hit a PR, lol.
  5. ixaera's resting bench face~

    And you made it look pretty easy, too.
  6. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    9/21/2017 I do things my own way Lift NA Sleep Curfew: 4/5 No naps: 1/2 Food No bread: 4/7 Basic Bs: 4/7 "Variety" breakfast: 4/7 CYCLE RESYNC: 10-01 Monday = sliced turkey Tuesday = sliced ham Wednesday = sliced turkey Thursday = sliced ham Clean Clean Something: 0/2 Aikido Video review: 1/2 Not much to report. The day crawled by. I did make dinner in record time--this Chicken and greens (because I accidentally got recipes mixed up and used the broccoli in the beef stirfry from the same blog....not even sorry)--not 12 minutes because I am not that good, but better than normal. 1.5+ hours earlier than is typical. This was a stinkin' good recipe, too. Will be going into the rotation for sure. Fell asleep around 10 with lights on and woke up at 1AM. Missed my late night snack as a result. Macros are hard lately, as I'm sure it's no surprise since I've broomed a food group and all but ditched a second (dairy). This is the longest I have gone without cheese, guys, and I have somehow not keeled over. No Aikido review, which SHOULD have happened here.
  7. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    There is truth to this, and access to complex math principles does not make it much easier. I train a PhD and former math teacher, so I deem myself qualified to judge, lol. Pooping and breathing clearly are the most taken for granted things in life. I did...some!
  8. Taddea Zhaan Hikes to the Battlefield

    I observed in my own life that lifting tended to make it easier, with concentration on setting better habits, for me to maintain correct posture after years of making myself "small" (introvert problems) and generally being too weak to maintain good posture for more than 2 hours at a stretch. Pales in comparison, obviously, but it can be improved with training for sure. And FWIW sleeping on stomach has never been a thing for me. The active flexing gets old really fast.
  9. ixaera's resting bench face~

    I'll take one of each, plz k thx.
  10. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Third time is the charm, after all.
  11. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    9/20/2017 Is this real life? Lift It was one of those Plate Math sessions. Did singles at 160lbs, 10lbs too light on squats, realized it after I got well into deadlifts. Said F It and put my lifting shoes and sleeves back on, did the 170lb singles and didn't die. it's only Wednesday and already there are signs questioning my sanity. Sleep Curfew: 3/5 No naps: 0/2 Food No bread: 3/7 Basic Bs: 3/7 "Variety" breakfast: 3/5 CYCLE RESYNC: 10-01 Monday = sliced turkey Tuesday = sliced ham Wednesday = sliced turkey Bonus: My bathroom experience has improved a good bit. Clean Clean Something: 0/2 Aikido Video review: 1/2 The contact lens did not cease bothering me until I took it out. But first, Aikido test night happened. I uke'd the thing, only screwed up a little bit. Rolled corner to corner after being thrown by techniques I'd interacted with only once at most. So yeah, that was something. Made it a little less stressful for the testee, which was the point of the thing.
  12. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    Life is a multi-dimensional see-saw. You'll figure out the balance.
  13. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    Well look who's killing it.
  14. ixaera's resting bench face~

    Sure, but my point was just it's one of the legs on which optimum back health stands. If sleep or programming is off, I imagine it doesn't matter how good you eat. Game over. Insert quarter to try again.