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  1. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Actually the migraine hit Tuesday morning, so. Monday I was pain-free, and Wednesday was All the Pain. Except I feel fine while in the gym, because there is less temptation/mandate to stare at backlit screens and I hadn't driven far yet.
  2. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    Tiny detail there, lol. I know, just thought a pep talk would help. Acknowledge you are taking the high road in this thing.
  3. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    11/13/2017 - 11/15/2017 Circa survive Lift Monday Bench 45 5 70 5 75 3 85 1 93 1 98 1 102.5 1--2.5lb PR!! OHP 45 5 50 5 55 3 60 1 70 1 56 3x3 Wednesday Squats 45 5 135 5 140 3 155 1 172 1 175 1 177.5 1 180 1 Deadlifts 135 5 165 3 180 1 190 1 162 3x3 Dat PR feel. Food Calories: 2534 | 2621, 2786, 2442 Protein: 139 | 149, 155, 125 Fiber: 33 | 18, 55, 22 Do the Thing Winter is Coming: 8/28 Callus care: 2/4 Bokken time: 1/4 Sled time: 1/4 Sorry for letting dust gather here again. Migraine hit me like 10 tons of bricks attached to a wrecking ball that was shot out of a cannon like You feel me? I did PR on bench and felt pretty darn good on squats, seeing as how I was only supposed to go to 172lbs. I could have totally hit 185 and maybe more, but deadlifts. So. Saturday will be interesting. Otherwise, I'll just be outlasting this week.
  4. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    Not Settling is reeeeeeally hard sometimes, but it is the highest form of social wisdom. Better to be alone (a bit longer) than condemning at LEAST two people to a very special brand of unhappiness. We're all human, we can know all the stuff we want, but sometimes feelings have a turn in control. They tell lies about how filling the void of Having Someone will fix all of the problems you may have at a given time and make everything in life great, but truth to tell it can cause almost as many as it solves, especially if one settles in pursuit of a quick fix. How many people in your social circle have made this mistake and dressed it up on social media as the best decision of their life? Call me in 5 years and we'll see.
  5. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    It sounds like something about your training experience is improving, your view of it and/or how others are treating you. This is good to hear. There is a line between feeling left out in the cold and bitter that others aren't. Life isn't fair a whole heck of a lot of the time. There are days I would like to take back to the store and exchange on account of them being defective. I hope you go back to hitting it hard and feel energized for the break.
  6. Taddea Zhaan: planking, not just for ships

    I'm gonna need two, actually. Cuz. Squats and deads and whatnot.
  7. I Pummel My Body; I Make It My Slave

    The very definition of serendipity. If there was ever a time to dial back stress, swimming in illness is that time.
  8. [Alanna] Lioness Rampant

    When did you leave them??
  9. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    OTOH, a good excuse to eat then go back upstairs to avoid having to listen to certain people. #justsayin Seriously, though, I am glad my body didn't decide to stick with moving the energy drop thing it does up a week again. Maybe just maybe I'm onto something.
  10. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    11/10/2017 - 11/12/2017 Can't, I have plans Lift Squats 45 5 105 5 135 5 140 5 162 2 156 6 156 2x5 Deadlifts 135 5 145 5 165 5 190 2 181 3x5 I oopsed squats and should have done 3x5, but first set was 6 due to being distracted. Those were some heavy 5s. Deadlifts were solid. Food Calories: 2286 | 2379, 2352, 2239 Protein: 126 | 117, 131, 113 Fiber: 35 | 48, 45, 9 That isn't a typo. 9 whole gs of fiber on Sunday. Otherwise, NAILED IT. On Saturday I accidentally nailed my carbs and fats right on the nose (aka, MFP said I had 0g of each left by day's end). When does this actually happen? Do the Thing Winter is Coming: 6/28 Callus care: 1/4 Bokken time: 1/4 Sled time: 1/4 123lbs, 15 minutes, 400 ft Food and lifting are on point this week. No weirdness with hormones to speak of, just the usual work roller coaster this week. Which is kind of a big deal, considering last month. Missed a lotion day, but only because I didn't take care of my hands properly twice, just the once. I played around with yokomenuchi suburi, it felt mega weird. More practice needed. Then I crawled in bed and napped all the naps on Sunday. I hurry up and get the required stuff out of the way then go back to bed, for srs. Now if I can just get through this week without crashing and stuff, that'd be great. Let's have all the crappy feels on one week so I can at least PLAN for it.
  11. Hello and welcome to my battle log, est. 2016! I've been doing challenges for over a year straight and I decided to experiment with an alternative style that gets away from the feeling of being perpetually "on" and one step away from the pointy end of the spear that is the 4WC format while not losing the structure that said 4WC format provides. Kinda strike a balance, like? This will be an ongoing experiment, with some room to adjust. This will be accomplished by a month-to-month formal re-evaluation of goals, without grading per say, and the freedom to change things up at any point with no regrets. All in one place! No need to wonder when my new thread will be up, just stay tuned for the next day's post! Below I will update links to each month's first post so you can see change over time. To round off 2016's activity, I'm posting links to prior challenge activity for the sake of completeness. ...And we're off! Index 2016 Challenges: January, February, March, April 2016: May, June, July, August, Intra-Month Madness, September, October, November, December 2017: January, February, March, April, May, Intra-Month Madness v.2, June, July, August, September, October, November Lessons Compendium *~* 5/6/2016 *~* Magnesium deficient is something you don't want to be--supplement You might also be deficient in other vitamins and minerals--supplement with a multivitamin Magnesium is a diuretic Squat foot position should be maintained at hip width, no farther: a wide stance is Trouble for your inner legs *~* 5/21/2016 *~* Ukemi must be executed with one's head tucked There is in fact such thing as too much ukemi, especially when biased to one side of the body TM Fact: If you get to a place on Intensity Day where you struggle to PR, add volume to volume day *~* 8/1/2016 *~* Daily neck stretches keep even small tension headaches away Too much of the wrong kind of foot rolling can lead to TIGHTER feet *~* 8/27/2016 *~* Stress is real and it will harm training momentum. Knee sleeves are good tools in the gym for preventing quad tension. *~* 11/7/2016 *~* 1/wk DL Intensity Day is too intense. 2/month is good. *~* 1/29/2017 *~* When stressed, a massive deload is not necessary. Just hold fast to the same weights and...wait it out. Too much magnesium = diarrhea *~* 7/10/2017 *~* A reminder: sleeping on one's back reduces the risk of headaches and muscle knots.