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  1. Steve and @spezzy, because they introduced me to the notion of free weights being possible for someone like me. Coach Rip because he taught me how to squat when I got strong enough to shift the empty bar. And created a novice program that was simple and resulted in me making great gains in strength and confidence, which ultimately allowed me to convince my parents of the benefits of strength training. So he's played a big role in changing my family for the better. People who don't understand that there is no one program to run your entire lifting career and cost novices all the easy gains to be made by just putting more weight on the bar than you did last session. Until such time as one truly cannot anymore, at which point you do another program. Just say yes to easy gains. See #1?? I dunno. Extra mention: Crossfit A lot of good coaches who can teach and program foster great lifting careers at Crossfit boxes. A lot of great talent and work ethic can be found there. People with no strength background can get stronger while being coached competently. A lot of weekend certs given to people without a clue about programming and proper form instruction. Loaded human movements done for time in an environment that defies you to maintain safety if you are at all competitive. A sport comes with acceptable levels of risk, athletes court injury in all sorts of activities in the pursuit of winning. If the training IS Game Day....that's a training fail.
  2. Lol. No, I am just doing 2/3 lifts per day because I don't have much time and KISS. I'm trying to add a squat and bench session to Monday and Wednesday sessions, respectively. More frequency plz.
  3. 7/21/2017 - 7/23/2017 -- WEEK 3 DEBRIEF This week be like Lift Look, I did a fitness. Squats felt good. Yay. Recover Calorie AVG: 2532 / 2466 + 2679 + 2602 + 2472 + 2675 + 3123 + 1894 Iron Maiden: 20/28 Recovery Summer: 7/8 We gots iron, we gots stretching, we has all the calories, but not all of the consistent weigh-ins. Oops. Sunday was low because I tried to avoid dairy in order to see if this new protein powder I bought would be acceptable to my stomach. So far, so good?? In other news, I eat too much cheese. Week 3 Averages: Cals / Carbs / Fats / Protein / Sugar AVG 2532 247 107 134 46 TGT 2500 281 97 125 50 Weight Calories Aikido Technique review: 4/6 Some very cursory review of technique just to keep from forgetting how to even begin the two I've been introduced to. Weekly To-Do Polish jewelry project - 100% Finished polishing my jewelry. Only one did I fail to get clean. Ugh.
  4. Six times down, seventh time up. Here's hoping for a pain-less week. Maybe not not pain, but less??
  5. You're right, @Emerald_Dragonfly We can't know how we'll recover 'til we get there, but we do know it'll result a smarter, wiser Red regardless.
  6. I was distracted when typing because typing heartfelt things at work is hit or miss, and did not choose my words well. I did not mean to compare your situation against the common cold. I was thinking about my battle with what the doc called sinusitis, which is 2+ weeks of cold-like symptoms + a really, really bad headache that moves around your head over the course of the day. After that it was just months of the 24/7 headache part with years of fallout when trying to play video games for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Can't even tell you when that last part started to go away. Nobody could tell me when it would be over, and it was my first experience with really serious head pain. Also, I just woke up with it one day so there was nothing to even attribute it to. No, I was most certainly NOT trying to trivialize your situation and I am sorry it sounded that way. Sometimes stuff just strikes you down and it's really hard to have faith that there is an end to it when the end isn't clearly in sight. That's what I meant to say before. This month will be better, I know it~
  7. Well, that is a shame. Should we talk about the weather? And other R.E.M references, perhaps? If the parents do not lift, it is hard to explain to them the value in terms other than the clinical. And that is so boring.
  8. Being injured is a lot like being sick. Feels like you've always been out of commission and it'll always be this way. You will outlast this obstacle. You must Know this and plan accordingly. And try to keep your spirits up in the meanwhile, I know it's hard to believe in the light at the end when you're at the bottom of a well. But you gotta--what choice do we have?
  9. In addition to being critically adorable, it also has the benefit of being accurate.
  10. 7/18/2017 - 7/20/2017 There went my hopes and dreams for morning squatting Lift Nope. Recover Calorie AVG: 2540 / 2466 + 2679 + 2602 + 2472 Iron Maiden: 17/28 Recovery Summer: 7/8 Aikido Technique review: 3/6 Weekly To-Do Polish jewelry project - 83% Haven't updated much this week, mainly because I got slapped with a migraine Wednesday and did nothing productive that whole day aside from purchase an iced coffee because YOLO or something. I guess I did manage to eat a good bit considering my first bite was after 3PM. I've been pretty good about iron, but I did miss a dose that one time. I've done well on stretching and technique review, maybe my efforts will show up in squatting and in a reduction in having to be completely reintroduced to techniques after a long absence. Speaking of, did not go to the dojo on Wednesday, obviously. My scalp was so tender my hair hurt. Thursday wasn't very fun for that reason. The bench talk was probably the highlight of my day, so thanks for that.
  11. I felt my chest really contributing to the lift for the first time....ever? when I switched to a bit wider. Kinda neat. No, I haven't, actually.
  12. NF: Problem-Solving BAMFs.
  13. Just trying to shave off some moment arm off my bar path. I widened it about 2" or from tip of thumb to where it meets my hand. Or another way to look at it, I was taking my grip flush with the start of the knurl before.
  14. 7/17/2017 When Even Your Gif Game Phones It In Lift Bench 45 3 60 3 70 3 75 3 85 3 90 1x3 85 2x3 OHP 45 2x3 50 3 62 3 53 3x3 Squat 45 3 115 3 135 3 140 3 More bench grip practice. Widening my grip by 2" seems to be the way to go, but more practice needed. Squeezed in squats, but then I was in the run to make it to work. Recover Calorie AVG: 2466 / 2466 Iron Maiden: 14/28 Recovery Summer: 6/8 Aikido Technique review: 1/6 Weekly To-Do Polish jewelry project - 83% Forgot my iron. It's Shark Week. Work is still a PITA. Hit the dojo, first lesson in ushirotekubitori shihonage. It's that first part that needs polish, once I have the shihonage grip, it's all downhill from there lol.