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  1. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    To prepare you for the possibility, Sprouts makes some darn good colby jack actually.
  2. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    10/16/2018   ....so, how are things going? Nutrition  2200 Calories. 2161 : 2123 110 Protein. 90 : 150 165 Carbs. 120 : 95 20 Fiber. 21 : 9 122 Fats. 129 : 124 <50 Sugar. 6/18 Measures Waist. 25.1 - 24.8 - -.3 Navel. 29 - 29 - 0 Hips. 34.5 - 32.7 - -1.8 Thigh L. 21 - 20.8 - -.2 Thigh R. 21 - 20.8 - -.2 Aikido Jo. 4/10 Tech Review. 2/5 Adulting Math. 2/5 - 46% Nutrition is chugging right along. I seem to have flipped Protein and Carbs from Monday to Tuesday lol. Not ideal, but these things happen. Miserably awful BM + Shark Week = Are We Done with Tuesday Yet? I seem to have eaten a Bad. Maybe it was Unauthorized Cheese, maybe it was something in dinner at my parents' (beef stew...maybe flour was used to thicken the sauce...IDK). I will repeat the use of the cheese and if I die, carve that colby jack on my tombstone for me, will you? Keeping the sugar down while hitting other macros AND preserving my (reduced) chocolate ration has been tricky, but I've been managing. Just barely, by a couple grams at times, but managing. It's hard to tell energy levels when you are bored at work for reasons beyond your control and want to jump off a roof to be done with feeling gross. Gym performance has been on point, so I guess there's little to complain about on that front. Weight decided to randomly be 118.6lbs this morning when it's been loving life at 120~ lately. Very predictable up to this point, though. 119.6 - 120.6/8 alternative non-gym and gym days, respectively. It's mainly weird because on gym days it never wants to drop (2 hours less sleep will do that for you). I mean, I'm fine with that, it's just weird. Watch it be 120.6 tomorrow, just watch....
  3. I don't think this is a fair statement at all. It is just as erroneous to say we shouldn't bother trying to better the human condition for fear of skewing internal and external perception as it is to say the US categorically has more/bigger issues with racism than other countries and the primary evidence for that is the dialogue itself.
  4. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    10/15/2018 ...and this time, it's personal Nutrition 2200 Calories. 2198 : 2198 110 Protein. 90 : 90 165 Carbs. 150 : 150 20 Fiber. 33 : 33 122 Fats. 134 : 134 <50 Sugar. 5/18 Measures Waist. 25.1 - 24.8 - -.3 Navel. 29 - 29 - 0 Hips. 34.5 - 32.7 - -1.8 Thigh L. 21 - 20.8 - -.2 Thigh R. 21 - 20.8 - -.2 Aikido Jo. 4/10 Tech Review. 2/5 Adulting Math. 2/5 - 23% Bench 45 3 65  3 75 3 85 3 101 5x3--3RM PR + 1LB!! OHP 45 3 50  3 60  3 65 3 73.5 3--3RM PR + .5LB!! 69 3x3 Talk about a mixed bag day. I scored some sweet 3RM PRs, meaning I have PR'd all four lifts in two sessions back-to-back. That's pretty cool. If I can keep this up, it'll be that way going forward. ...and then Shark Week hit. After a week of messing around, it appears to have decided to put all its symptom chips on red. Just call me Noah, because we're going to need a bigger boat. This resulted in an absolutely miserable day involving two trips to the car. Somehow survived the day and dojo'd. We reviewed ye olde kotegaeshi (from rear elbow grab) and sankyo from behind. Did fairly well, figured out why my kotegaeshi tenkan has always been excrement: I have happy feet and take too many steps. Go figure.
  5. What Tank said. And maybe swing on by this direction for some shrimp 'n grits to-go lol. Beery, bacony, cheesy grits with fresh seafood on top.
  6. Not sure if it makes you feel better in your current situation that this is common practice to fail so hard at their one job, but there you have it. Good job for confronting it even though it is the actual worst. Also, I watched the Gundham Tanaka compilation and confirmed he is THE best character. You can close those submissions down, the winner has been found.
  7. Did I tell you about the time I ordered a Christmas present for my husband and his brother and it was the wrong size so I had to return it. I got instructions to mark "RETURN" on it and drop it back in the mail. It came back to ME. I drop it in again. Comes back to me again. I march down to the post office and through clamped jaws explain to the man behind the desk that this package right here I dropped in the bin.... "...and it came back to your address?" I nod. Apparently it took 30 minutes of my life to get it through to the System that "RETURN" in all caps means RETURN, not DELIVER. He did do his job and make sure it got back to the Widget Company Alpha, at least. Finally. Good God but they hire the finest.
  8. I think he may be mine and I have never seen nor played Danganronpa. On behalf of @Sam Ashen....
  9. You didn't say anything about killing our enemies, so.....
  10. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    10/12/2018 - 10/14/2018 I'M HEALED Nutrition 2200 Calories. 2116 : 2098, 2145, 2067 110 Protein. 112 : 125, 110, 92 192 Carbs. 148 : 164, 146, 123 20 Fiber. 27 : 32, 18, 38 110 Fats. 118 : 105, 121, 134 <50 Sugar. 4/18 Measures Waist. 25.1 - 24.8 - -.3 Navel. 29 - 29 - 0 Hips. 34.5 - 32.7 - -1.8 Thigh L. 21 - 20.8 - -.2 Thigh R. 21 - 20.8 - -.2 Aikido Jo. 4/10 Tech Review. 2/5 Adulting Math. 2/5 Friday OHP 45 2x5 50  3 55  3 68 1 73 4x2 73.5 2 75 2 Bench 45 5 60  5 65 3 75 3 85 1 96 3x3 So I thought I was going to hit a 2RM PR of 73lbs on OHP, but turns out I've done that weight for a triple last 3s session lol. #sadtrombone Jumped to 75lbs to score a proper 2RM PR, at which point the press was moving better than the 73s. Go figure. As with last week, my weight is sticking closely to 119.6lbs. Given how I borked my hormones into a week of spotting pre-Shark Week (which has since actually arrived properly...), I am happy with static vs cra-razytown. Speaking of crazytown, that work day. UGH. I had to work very closely with my boss and the analyst team to rapidfire test and report back what changed for better and worse until right at the last minute we got it right....then I found an unrelated bug and arglebargle. Ironically, at the end of the day I had more energy than I usually do at the end of a Friday, much less a nutty one like this one. Fell asleep around 10~PM, woke up at 1AM, ate guac, went back to bed. The things we do to technically hit macros. It was a "high" sugar day, aka more typical of weeks prior to this one lol. This was planned, but still counts against my total, strictly speaking. Saturday Squat 45  5 115 5 125 3 145 1 160 1 185 1 191 4x2--2RM PR + 1LB!! 191 3--3RM PR + 1LB!! Deadlifts 135 5 145 3 165 3 185 1 221 4x2--2RM PR + 1LB!! 221 3--3RM PR + 1LB!! Took my measurements this day. I am still working on becoming consistent on how to do this whole measuring thing. I do think I have my ducks in a row finally lol. Such a simple thing, yet so fiddly. Karate tournament day. The day I usually make an idiot of myself and leave feeling tense, achy, and exhausted. It wasn't that bad this time. The Ring I was helping with had a team that had their mess more or less together. We did make some mistakes, but none of them were division-breaking cluster-farkles. I gave myself a mild heart attack between one division and the next. I had to leave the table to usher the prior division to the awards table, so my tablemates had to call up the next pair of karateka. When I got back the charter updated me on who had gone (pair 1) was on deck to compete (pair 2), so by extension I could know who to on-deck next (pair 3). So I did that, and pair 3 went up, and as they were competing I freaked out because pair 2 were sitting on the tournament bracket happily unresolved with a winner because they hadn't gone. OMG. Talked to charter and was like, okay well we haven't mis-paired anybody and she was like, could have sworn one of the boys on the mat was one of the guys from pair 2 (suggesting we HAD managed to switch people around). I look down at my boards and I'm like, but these are the guys who I called up (Pair 3). I don't Know any of these people because I know nothing about our own karate program lol. So I'm like, depressed and panicked because this had managed to happen (we were doing So Well up until then)...when the kid came up to tell us his name and it was one of the names on my boards I was sooooo relieved like, Whoa. Charter's explanation was the kids they had called for Pair 2 just...didn't come up? So we backed up, had Pair 2, compete, and merrily rolled along. Guys I get so tense doing these things you don't even know. I brought the carbs and the protein with a protein bar and some tortilla chips, along with preworkout and painkiller may have saved my life this day. It definitely saved my gym session. I did in fact go after the stress fest of volunteering, which is a karate tournament first for me. I usually just go to bed and wallow in a headache for several hours. But this time I did my squats and deads and totally scored an unwarranted 3RM PR on both lol. I left the gym feeling Pretty Darn Good about myself. I again opted out of takeout and made my own vittles. Macros, I admit, have been adjusted in MFP to reflect what I am actually doing and literally an additional 5% shift is right on target. Seeking to balance the Force here. Protein, carbs, fats, fiber, and sorta keep an eye on sugar and sodium is tricky. I think I have put my food choices on rails that will default to lower-moderate sodium. Lowering chocolate consumption helps keep sugar under control. Once I eat through my chip supply that will do a lot for carb control since I'll just plug fat sources in their place for the moment. Maybe not entirely replace them with fats given I am needy post-Aikido. I have been having normal BMs, so guac isn't the cause of last week's BM shenanigans. Oatmeal or hummus. Hummus or oatmeal. We shall see, maybe. Maybe I'll just not eat those things and be done with it lol. Again, felt pretty good all the way up until 11:30~ when I fell asleep and had to get back up at 2:30 to hang up laundry to dry (NOT. OPTIONAL.). I have noticed an up-tick in quality of life lately that's at odds with the fact that I am right in the middle of essentially a two-week Shark Special. Completely out of left field. Maybe it's pure adrenaline and I'll collapse in a heap by Tuesday. STAY TUNED, Y'ALL.  Sunday The good-feels continued. I never felt like my energy just tanked. I did have a bonus half bottle of kombucha in the early evening, in full disclosure. No other atypical stimulants were had from Friday to as of writing this, however. First sodium atrocity since going back to mildly caring about those number, in the form of ham and bean soup. I did cut sodium in half from prior batches, FWIW, and it still tasted amazing. Shark Week started for reals, which was actually a relief because that means eventually it will have to stop. It seems to love 3s week. When it deviates from the plan, it holds off for 3s week. I'm...not a fan of this approach. Not that it stopped me, of course.... Last minute jo, bokken, and technique review + finishing off the mathing FTW. I am starting to pull together a few techniques from memory. Huzzah. More nodding and smiling the Cal--we have struck integration and I am understanding the theory okay enough (Limits = how close can you get to a point without arriving, derivatives = function's rate of change, integration = area/volume under a curve) but quite happy to never be forced to apply it ATM. If my life depended on my Calculus knowledge...well, it was nice knowing you guys. That said, I will likely be revisiting these concepts in another format to try to make sure they "stick."
  11. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Just gonna drop this here, it needs no further comment.
  12. I'm sorry Finn is doing you a stress. Homesickness is a thing. It really is. You are doing so well adjusting given all you're dealing with.
  13. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    TFW the girl checking you out at Sprouts tells you not to go into retail because crazy stuff happens in retail. I was all like, giiiirl I worked at Walmart, so I know. She repeated the first part of my reply. Guys I have retail cred lol.
  14. Urgan

    Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    It's not gotten to uncivil (...yet. There are still 3 hours left.), it's just competing ideas of what the right course of action should be. Now it's like playing whack-a-mole. What's fixed breaks something else...later, rinse, repeat. I'm wanting to get back to the way my pants fit when I was around 116-117lbs aka when I took this job and started eating 2500 calories to avoid dying. This is complicated by the fact that I don't really care about the number on the scale, the measurements around my middle are favorite to come down a bit because I know for certain that is 0% muscle development since June lol. And I couldn't tell you what those measurements were because I was happy enough with it then and wasn't tracking. Even then my navel/waist area was on the rise, I just wasn't caring because my pants were still fitting and those were a different set than now lol. So It's Complicated. I don't see why you have trouble seeing what my goals are lol. What is wrong with you? I only weigh 119-120lbs depending on which day you're measuring. You're probably thinking, cry me a river I could probably get a cheesegrater and shave off that off for you. I know. I'm not living in agony over it. If I was, I'd just jump down to 1900 calories and call it a life given I'm now reliably see-sawing in that 1 lb range. I'll slowly drop the calories 'til the numbers start to move (the measurements...scale weight is just an indicator that I'm not just flailing around over here. This isn't the only experiment I'm running--I'm playing with increased fat--and it's intended to work in concert with total calories and keeping sodium in check toward a goal of better body comp while keeping my energy levels where they need to be. Fiddly. I'm not getting fatter, so even if I held calories in place, theoretically I'd eventually outwork 2200 as maintenance. Gonna have to wear a pair of jeans while flailing about trying to help rather than screw up a karate tournament ring tomorrow, so that'll be interesting.