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  1. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    6/21/2018 IT ME Try kimchi Sink Renew car tags Goodbye lunch was today. Nobody I didn't want to show up was there, so that was the win of the day. Came home and collapsed into bed. Much nap, such sleep. Last day jitters hit hard. So many mixed feelings that helped keep me up to stupid o'clock. ...those feelings were pounded in the face and smeared down 10 miles of road during said meeting in the previous post. So much extra BS coming down that I deftly stepped out of way of with departing this week. I could not be more happy to leave NOW if I am to leave. Still miss some people, buuuuuut 110% Will Cope.
  2. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    If I were more bitter, I might do. However, someone not part of this team will be hired to replace me and that person doesn't deserve manufactured chaos. So far as I will know. You know what they say about hatred. ....I'm really trying my hardest to serenity/serendipity now, guys. 3 more hours and 1-2 meetings to go.
  3. ixaera keeps on going~

  4. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    Can't fire me if they never hired me.....but that's a technicality.
  5. There is no better avatar for anxiety. Nap on the beach??
  6. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    6/19/2018 + 6/20/2018 Think they'll get it? Try kimchi Sink Renew car tags Keeping the expectations low for this week going into New Job Time. I'm just ambulating and attempting a repeat of last week, more or less. Wednesday gym was the same squats and deads as last Wednesday. Found my away message. See above. I figure it says it all with all the plausible deniability. Did the Aikido where we ryotetori'd our kaitenage all over the place. The rolling out was hilariously full of fail. What is ukemi anyway? Wednesday I turned out the light and went to sleep in that order. Today and tomorrow are half days because Done. I probably have PTO for it, we'll see. I'm at a place where it really doesn't matter that much either way.
  7. ixaera keeps on going~

    Crazy thought but maybe baby powder would help?? If moisture pisses it off then maybe it needs a drying agent?
  8. It's the brain damage. The minute they turn their back on it they've forgotten it happened.
  9. Somebody in Manufacturing third shift would do that. Smoke a bunch of crack then scatter coffee-making accouterments all around everywhere and slopping food all over the microwaves like a rabid, panicked family of raccoons and opossums tag-teamed the break room mistaking the sink area for a viable escape route. God rest the souls of the maintenance department, they have their signs, too. For all the good it does. Some people still think they live with Mommy.
  10. Tsune of RisenPhoenix

    I've had this happen to me before at Moe's. I got used to normal portions then the jerks started cutting the meat they'd portion out in like, half. Getting what I once got calls for an extra charge. This doesn't happen to say, my Dad when he'd go with me. So. Yeah. Stopped going there... Addit: mental image: once it was like going from a burrito the size of my upper arm to one roughly in line with my wrist. Kid's meal territory.
  11. ixaera keeps on going~

    Doctors, the biggest disappointment since dating. A shame your favorite PCP is so far away. Hope you ditch your clingy posse soon.
  12. Tsune of RisenPhoenix

    #goodthing Surely a little blood flow to angry tissues is good for you.
  13. You been hitting poor marcos all year long, man. I can't just overlook that.