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  1. Greetin's lasses! My apologies fer bein' absent this past week - I entered into battle with a vicious essay monster, an' have only just emerged, battered but victorious. A big thankee to cap'n DreamPirate fer takin' me on, an' I wish her all the best. Greetin's to me new cap'n Tundralily - I promise to do me best! I think fer this mini I'll be doin' a bit o' both types of activity. A question, can I restrospectively count me Friday run? It was very cutlassy - on teh beach an all!
  2. Yay for reasonable sleeping! This is something I have trouble with too, although I don't have the excuse of work. Someday I might be one of those people who wakes up without pressing snooze fifty times.... someday. Isn't it nice when exercising starts to feel normal? I've just missed quite a few days for uni-related reasons, and I found myself thinking "it will be so nice when this is done and I can go running again!" My former self would be shocked I've just written a novella in my thread in response to your lovely post from last week. I just thought I'd let you know that it was very
  3. Thank you so much for this lovely post! I've only got around to gathering my thoughts and replying now, but I read it earlier in the week and it was really encouraging and thought provoking I think that I do forget that I am making changes, and trying new things. If I look back even 3 months my life looked fairly different, so I should expect little bumps along the road as I figure things out. This challenge has been harder than my last, so I think that's a sign that I should look at my goals and what's stopped me and tweak things around a bit. Choosing what to study has alway
  4. Well... I've gotten a bit off track with my posting. And with my challenge, to be honest. I've lost most of this week fighting a terrifying essay monster, and when I finally got that done on Friday I slept for about 14 hours. So I'll have try and remember what I've been up to, which should be fairly easy this week because I've done almost nothing. But first: Week 2 Report Quest 1: To Dance Again! 1/1 Dancey-type activity per week: 100% Quest 2 Stand on one leg Part A: 7/7 ankle exercises: 100% Part B: 5/5 Single leg balances: 100% Quest 3 Control the Snacks 5/7 days controlled sn
  5. Week 2 Days 5-6 Quest 1: To Dance Again! Already complete Quest 2 Stand on one leg Ankle exercises: done both days! Single leg balances: done Friday Quest 3 Control the Snacks Didn't manage it Friday, but succeeded today Life Quest: Mental Homework Mindfulness: done both days Journalling: done today, putting me in excess of my goal! Mini Challenges Assassins: 120 archers Cutlasses: 64 Inverted Rows, 34 Push-ups Fitness-wise, it's been a good couple of days. I did a circuit session and some swimming yesterday, a long run today, and various bits of m
  6. 10 archers during warm-up yesterday and 110 while walking on the beach today. I pretended to shoot sea monsters. My dog thought it was very odd
  7. Week 2 Day 4 Quest 1: To Dance Again! 1/1 Dancey-type activity per week Quest 2 Stand on one leg Part A: 4/7 ankle exercises Part B: 3/5 Single leg balances Quest 3 Control the Snacks 3/7 days controlled snacking Life Quest: Mental Homework 1/3 mindfulness Mini Challenges Assassins: 20 archers Cutlasses: 20 Inverted Rows. Today was a shopping and scenery-viewing expedition, which ended up taking most of the day. I expected this, since my family is good at stretching out activities to take up all the available time. But it did make it a bit tricky to get anything else d
  8. It was a bit of an odd occasion - I get the feeling that this group has gotten pretty comfortable with this style of running things and wouldn't want to try anything else. But I'm glad I went - one of my hurdles with dancing is just getting myself there, so I'm giving myself full points for effort. d Yes, ballroom does seem to attract an older crowd. I've noticed this in other classes I've done, although there was a bit more of an age range than in this instance. Some of the other styles I've danced, like salsa and zouk, have a younger crowd, although this has its own challenges.
  9. Claireloise emerged from below-decks and blinked blearily in the sea spray. It had been a slow start to the voyage, but she had finally found her sea legs. It seemed the right time for a cautious venture onto the deck, to assess the situation. She was not prepared for the bustle of activity on the deck, the ship apparently in pursuit of some distant target. She stood for some moments in shock, before nearly being run down by a passing crew member. "Why are ye standing there like a stunned mullet, lass? We're chasing a bounty! Get in the riggin' an trim the sails!" Claireloise glanced u
  10. Week 2 Day 3 Quest 1: To Dance Again! 1/1 Dancey-type activity per week Done! Report below Quest 2 Stand on one leg Part A: 3/7 ankle exercises Part B: 2/5 Single leg balances Quest 3 Control the Snacks 2/7 days controlled snacking I did so well today, and then a liquored apricot slew me at the last minute. Life Quest: Mental Homework 0/3 mindfulness 1/2 journalling It still counts if I end up feeling worse, doesn't it? Mini Challenges Assassins: 40 archers CutLasses: 15 Inverted Rows. I've done my dancing activity for the week. It was... not quite
  11. Week 2 Day 2 Quest 1: To Dance Again! 0/1 Dancey-type activity per week Nothing today Quest 2 Stand on one leg Part A: 2/7 ankle exercises Part B: 1/5 Single leg balances Quest 3 Control the Snacks 2/7 days controlled snacking I finished the Christmas pudding, so that won't be a temptation any more Life Quest: Mental Homework 0/3 mindfulness 0/2 journalling I need to get started on this... I tried out my new exercises from the exercise physiologist today, and they're much more fun than what I have been doing. I'm also doing each exercise for a minute at a ti
  12. Archery? Yesss!!! One of my goals for some point in the future is to try out real archery, so some of these would be a good start. I did 20 in my warmup today.
  13. Sounds like a great end to a great week. I love baths too, they are just the most amazing thing ever after a workout.
  14. I love your story - mystery vampires in a castle, great stuff! I'm glad that last week went so well, and this week looks like it's off to a good start. Ant thanks for linking that hip stretching post - I've been really sore in that area for a couple of days, so I'm going to give this a go.
  15. Aw, I'm sorry your week was tough. Hospitals can be a stressful and scary place to spend time, hope your mum gets better soon! I'm impressed that you managed to fit in any working out. My first week wasn't great either, for far less legitimate reasons, but let's attack the next one with renewed vigour and so on!
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