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    Jason's Quest.

    October 2019. -For this month, I am done with travel and other tasks that take up all my time. I can do some new interests and classes, some dating apps, and a refocus on things i enjoy in this life and finding meaning in my life (private study and group adventure) through music and also balancing with enjoying the present (doesn't mean child like nostalgia consumption everyday). Also just clean and get rid of the clutter so I can move forward with meaningful things, I'm 7 months away from turning 30! Ideas for the Month: Exercise: -Steezy/Just Dance/Tab, Dance classes (Urbanity classes, Dance Complex [Jazz, Hiphop, Funk, House, Modern]) -AX Workout Month 2 -Muay Thai/Jiujitsu (BMAC)/Florian 1 month membership Guitar: -Continue Jamming with people and taking guitar lessons for jamming/soloing -Prepare songs: Erica, Enoch, Tim/Alicia, and self Relationships: -schedule oil change, tire balance -schedule massage -goodbye to matheus -change address of all your mail -call citibank for dad about letter for id theft Achievements/Experiences/Skills: WEEK 1: 10/1-10/12 -Organized and cleaned and did laundry, making my apartment much less clusterfucky and more conducive to work -Watch: Bookstores: How to Read more books in the golden age of content WEEK 2: 10/13-10/19 -Jam with Erica, "Bang Bang" -Watch: Primal WEEK 3: 10/20-10/26 - WEEK 4: 10/27-10/31 -