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  1. December 2020. -Your learning and your success is your own responsibility. Also, your brain will naturally help you out with achieving your burning desires and goals if you prove you are absolutely committed. -- Goals (and Accomplishments) for the Month: 1) Money/Life READ "THINK AND GROW RICH" - READ "A YEAR TO GET RICH WITH PURPOSE" DAILY OM - 2) Tribe/Partner -FINISH "MODERN MANNERS" 3) Fitness NF HANDSTAND - 50 CONSECUTIVE PUSHUPS
  2. November 2020. -Stop denying your own power and masculinity, and remember that an orator has to give 2 speeches at the same time. On my journey to be more authentic I want what I say to reflect how i feel, and how I say it and my face to match how I feel on the inside and my words. Authenticity and your truth. its simple i guess. Just one thing at a time commit and say what you want to say. Same thing with performance, perform songs because you have something you want to say to people. Conviction! Goals (and Accomplishments) for the Month: 1) M
  3. October 2020. -Count down the days! I want to spend my time either working on my instructions, or resting from working on my instructions. that is, free time when I'm not doing paid work. Also, keep the main thing the main thing. Don't do bonus or side stuff on work days unless its super urgent. -And wow, what a powerful thought I stumbled upon: No preference. By having preferences, we choose when to embrace life when we should be embracing life all the time and being grateful for the "messy middle where all the miracles happen." So stop having preferences, be grateful for a
  4. September 2020. -I want to be able to believe totally that I will achieve all my dreams through my instructions, that it is inevitable and I have that power. I want to feel this faith daily and use it to power myself into making it really a reality. Goals for the Month: 1) Money/Life -Read Think and Grow Rich -Read Reddit sub financial independence -Read A Year to Get Rich with purpose site 2) Tribe/Partner -Watch love island, the bachelor, italian for beginners -Read Blinkist books and thin out you
  5. August 2020. -I can start to see... the compounding effects of daily habits and efforts to reach my goals. I can really see a path to reach them. The burning desire first, then how to achieve them comes to you in flashes of inspiration, and if you capitalize it is inevitable that you will get closer and closer to your dreams and what you want. Fcking beautiful. Goals for the Month: 1) Money/Life -Read Think and Grow Rich -Read Reddit sub FI/RE -Read A Year to Get Rich with purpose site 2) Tribe/Partner -Wat
  6. July 2020. -The rising sun.... Today is Day 303 (left) of The Plan, feel it! I want to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier and meditate both. you have plenty of time, thats what the app fabulous is all about so use it again. i have plenty of time. Abundance and space. becuase its the same tiem but different energy and different space with that mindset. you have plent of time to do everything you want. You can be productive and enjoy the moment and work at a pleasant and relaxed pace. I mean sure you could work under pressure but its not healthy or sustainable longterm without sacrif
  7. June 2020. -I moved away from the "being" mindset a litlte bit and was too in my head. My brain fucks with me sometimes and I just gotta use force on myself, atleast just to start and then I can feel good and realize that my instructions make me feel good. Using force is good sometimes and is important for balance, just remember that. I exercise and feel great and enter a different and better frame of mind, which is why its good to exercise first thing even if you are tired and might not be at your max. Well, I have my vision for the next 11 months and i have my instructions for achievi
  8. May 2020. -So what I want to get out of my life is "satisfaction," then I realize that I thought I would get it by becoming things. Becoming richer, becoming financially independent, becoming friends and finding a partner and beign a black belt and winning a grammy and learning chiense. But I really got burned out because I was getting tired of hard work with a delayed payoff. My dopamine motivated brain wasn't having it and thats why I always got so distracted with video games and other easy dopamine farms that did not make me happier. I was unproductive a lot of the latter half of ht
  9. April 2020. -Birthday month again! Looking back at 12 months ago on the first post of this page, I can see that I did do a lot, but I didn't really gain that much because I didn't have a vision. I didnt visualize where I would be at this time and so I didn't have any specific progress. It's like focusing on concentrating on specific things you want, versus just nebulous "i will work on this." I know I did pretty much the best I could and grew a lot. So I'm satisfied but I could be more satisfied when I look back at this post in 12 months time, I want to remember the instructions I wrote
  10. March 2020. -1 year anniversary here in the city! I feel like ive done and accomplished so much. Still a lot of htings to do and a logn way to go, but I've learned the value of "The Middle." It's the space between where you are and where you want to be, and it is an engaging place where you can use your full mind and see real progress and see nobility and beauty. Another name for it is hard work, but that trope is overused and has a negative stigma with decades of abuse and guilt. So now I"ll call it the middle, and I see it for the noble and beautiful place it is. It's actually life, i
  11. February 2020. -nice month. a fuckign buzy as fuck intro but halfway through i got some time off and now am almost sick of it, as if haha. But yeah overload and then i wanted to design my room and I FUCKING LOVE IT. so much energy and inspiration with the redesign, this month I'm gonna concentrate on training my body, my mind, and my spirit through different avenues and also clean up my life/room, maybe some dating too. But yeah, life Ideas for the Month: Body: -Sign up for BJJ/Muay Thai classes -Daily exercises for body enlightenment Spirit: -Le
  12. January 2020. -This month is off to an explosive start. This year is off to an explosive start. Not enough sleep, too much work and too many activities scheduled. How will i find time to gym and to start my jiujitsu gym and starting using dating apps again? And being more comfotable with myself and who I truly am and what I truly want, and being fine talking about it and having other people know about it. Ideas for the Month: Exercise: -Steezy/Just Dance/Tab, Dance Complex classes -AX Workout Month 3 -Sign up for BJJ/Muay Thai classes Guitar:
  13. Year 2019 Review. What I accomplished: -Moved to Cambridge and the city!! We out here! -Started a per diem job at a mail order pharmacy for experience Skills I grew: -Training Program AthleanX MAX/Size: finished first and second month, working through third month, joined Planet Fitness -Rock Climbing with VC -Tried out for a rock band, and played with that rock band and recording sessions for improvement (Mexicola, Happy Everyday, Rebel Girl, No One Knows, Bang Bang, Someday) -Hip hop Dance classes @Urbanity (The Wop, Rock/Bounce, Smurf, S
  14. December 2019. -Last month of the year. What do I want to do this month? Well this is the last month that I 100% will focus on myself and building my habits and continuing to work on buildling healthier coping mechanisms instead of addictions and stop wasting time on distractions. Work and spend time on your hobbies and work out before using more apps and jiujitsu full time next month or so. Ideas for the Month: Exercise: -Steezy/Just Dance/Tab, Dance Complex classes -AX Workout Month 3 Guitar: -Continue Jamming with people and taking gui
  15. November 2019. -The Void. This month I want to further understand my addictions and work on developing healthy coping mechanisms and habits for feelings of distress, pain, loneliness, emptiness with habits of self-care and self-love. That is, the void. That includes taking care of your room and apt, your body, and your mind. Also continue daily rituals and fall in love with them, ideally before ten pm when you stop and just self-care/self-love. Ideas for the Month: Exercise: -Steezy/Just Dance/Tab, Dance Complex classes -AX Workout Month 2 -Muay Thai
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