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  1. 5-25. -Shitty start to the morning at work, but got off, slept a little, and then talked to my girl for like 5.5 hours... i would never have imagiend this kind of thign woudl be possible. First video chat call too, so cool. Went really well, its always nervous at the beginning for new stuff but then you get into it and then you like it. its just the cascade of feelings i guess, once you recognize this it will be much easier to handle the anxiety right before. It's normal, and will subside into fun in a little bit.
  2. woohoo new challenge! Missed this 5-21. -Worked 8-8, then came home exhausted, Talked on the phone for a few hours then slept, didn't get enough as usual... fck 5-22. -Concert Recital today for my singing class! I wasn't feeling prepared after my vacation and jetlag so no performance this time, just sung in the group songs and realized that singing in a group isn't for doing minimum work and getting by, its an opportunity to learn songs and practice singing and intervals and perform confidently, its a chance to work on your own piece and then come together and sing where each individual is a sure singer.... That's the best, not this minimum work crap. I'm sick of minimum work crap, at my music lessons and guitar lessons and jiujitsu lesson, going to them weekly but not preparing for them on my time off... so annoying, my growth is cut atleast in half from this. Way better than nothing the way I am right now, sure, but could be so much better. Then set up my new credit card with 0% interest for 15 months, so maybe i can save a grand or two over the period. Then posting of new challenge, and just talking on my phone. 5-23. -Woke up, worked all day. Joy. 5-24. -Day off, drove back home, food prepped with 2 of my high school friends. Literally all day, did my match phone call for big brother big sister, and went grocery shopping, mario kart, and cooking for hours, like 5-6 hours of prepping food for the week. Made a shit load of food, and it was terrible cooking and cleaning and listening to bad songs but it was so worht it later during the whole week when i can just spend like 10 minutes eating food and washign dishes and getting healthy choices.... lets see how i feel at the end, I just can't believe i spent all day driving to and from home, and grocery shopping and cooking food. Holy shit.
  3. "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet" - Bobby Unser If you're not early, you're gonna be late. It started with getting to work on time, and getting to class on time, and how annoyed I would be at being late and how I didn't take advantage of an opportunity earlier that day to make sure I wasn't late and prepared for this. How it screws you over, gets you to a bad start, and you miss out on stuff. It's a bad look, and I don't want to be someone who is always late. But I almost always am. And I want to change. Not only in being to places on time, but also to life goals and getting there on time. For events and being prepared mentally, and most importantly, for being prepared for opportunities. Because that's where success happens. During you're free time, prepare for things you can expect and imagine, and do that work, and in real life in the present when things happen you will have the skills and confidence to make the most out of your life. Its the same for Bill Bellichick and the New England Patriots. Preparation is key. It's true in any competitive sport, and its true in life too. Prepare in your free time when you aren't at work, sleeping, with people, driving, eating, or doing anything mandatory or that you schedule for yourself. Prepare for everything you are expecting, prepare for things you can imagine, and then you will be in the best shape to prepare for opportunities to succeed. Preparation should be said with an exalted hush, it is that revered of a word. It is the key to everything. Preparation is like hard work, but its hard work with a direction. Its quiet, its disciplined, its studious and creative and can be enjoyable and purposeful and satisfying. It is the engine of a burning desire, carrying you to your goals and your dreams. Preparation. -- Preparation no. 1: SOCIAL/LIFE Burning Desire: To learn more about myself (thoughts/feelings) and others, for new experiences outside my comfort zone Action steps: Take advantage of social opportunities, prepare for inevitable social opportunities -Weekly Goals- 1 book, 1 blog, 1 movie, Big brother outing/prep 1) Read: books -"Taipei" -"The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck" 2) Read: bookmarked blogs -Mark manson -Steve Pavlina -Wait but why? 3) Watch: movie list -Coffee and Cigarettes -Brothers Karamazov -Gladiator -Dead Poets Society -El Cantante 4) Big brother program outing /prep -Projects on days off- 5) Learn Chinese, duolingo?? 6) Finish cleaning shoes and leather stuff 7) Finish AOC consolidation 8) Get ready for Salsa lessons mid June -Future projects- 9) Look into rx ce for 2017 10) Posture while driving 11) Explore blinkist -- Preparation no. 2: GUITAR Burning Desire: To be able to express my feelings and thoughts through the guitar to other people Action steps: Open mic on second tuesdays and first fridays, prepping for singing class recital, jamming with friends, express myself on guitar -Weekly Goals- Take one guitar lesson, watch one AUG lesson, learn one open mic song, learn one band song 1) Play: Scotty guitar lesson 2) Learn: AUG course 3) Play: songbook for open mic -Things are Changin' -Flume -I'm In Love -Last Christmas 4) Play: Jam songs with Enoch -Just Give me a Reason -Thinking out loud -Whattya want from me -Simple, starving to be safe -Projects on days off- 5) Practice Singing class songs 6) Finish learning how to use ebow 7) Finish learning how to use new effects pedals 8) Practice scales and scale charts 9) Ear training -Future projects- 10) Look into your singing links, mechanics until unconscious 11) Rocksmith skill games -- Preparation no. 3: JIU-JITSU Burning desire: To further understand jiu-jitsu principles and life philosophy, to get fit -Weekly Goals- Class every chance I get, 3x lessons of GU per week on days with no class, NF every morning I don't have to go to work early 1) Play: Jiujitsu classes 2) Play: NF rings/handstands course 3) Watch: GU online lessons/practice -Projects on days off- 4) Finish consolidating yoga course/nf yoga, go to yoga class -Future projects- 5) Look into practicing jiujitsu techniques in home dojo, reading Jiujitsu University, review 6) Look into learning Alexanders technique, Crossfit 7) Look into learning how to swim better Hot