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  1. Hey thanks you two. I'll try both. I have pea protein at home so will give this a try after a run, but maybe less than if I was strength training? I won't be so afraid of a protein shake after my strength workouts either. I have a note from another site for how much to put in a shake: Post Workout: 0.8g carb per kg (like a banana) 0.4g protein per kg (include BCAA) Antioxidant (Pine Bark) Is this ok to work with?
  2. Hey guys, Wasn't sure to put this in another category but as I'm a vegetarian leaning towards vegan I thought I'd get more refined advice here. So I'm mainly a runner (minimal soles / barefoot(ish)) but I want to bulk up. I have a rack in my garage with weights and like doing the 5X5 compound strength training. But I have 2 issues. I need to lose about 5kg of body fat. I'm 65kg and would rather that was made up of muscle as this is in my ideal weight range but I've got plenty of spare flab around my mid section. I know a protein shake is importan
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