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  1. theodinspire

    The Meditation Chamber

    So last week's Steven Universe was about meditation
  2. theodinspire

    The Meditation Chamber

    Getting nerdy here for a moment guys—I know, wrong place—but even though it's a mental exercise, meditation is very similar neurologically to physical drills and practice. You can skip over this if you've heard it before. Look at it this way: we train drills for our art to strengthen not only our bodies, but also to strengthen the synaptic pathways that make the motion possible. Noob gains are mostly from the beginner learning how to fire their muscles in the right sequence to make the lift with good form, not so much from the strength of their muscles. Novitiates spend a lot of time performing basic strikes to build their form so that they need not think much about the form when tying it into advanced sequences. In our brains, what makes control of our bodies possible is the homunculus, the brain's model of our bodies that it uses for task planning and execution. Now, the brain has a model for itself in its homunculus, and that dear friends, is the focus. By meditating, you are directly strengthening the pathways to direct focus as you see fit. Irony: this post is because I got distracted from my intended task.
  3. theodinspire

    The Meditation Chamber

    Finally started meditating. Yes there is some good advice here, but I was building it up too much and making it more than it needs to be. I found this video which helped knock down all that pretense:
  4. theodinspire

    The Monastery Kitchen

    Do we have a spreadsheet of meals? Especially batch cooked ones?
  5. theodinspire

    The Black Ribbon Thread (The Sleeping Quarters)

    Hah, I got to sleep before eleven! I missed two days of that medication this past weekend (one day because I find it interferes with reading comprehension, and the other because I just forgot DX), and I had a theory I had forgotten where I need a certain level of sleep debt while on this medication to have a "normal" night's rest. I mean it's that or that tiny beer I had at dinner (8 oz at 6:30). I'll be keeping my eye on it this weekend though.
  6. theodinspire

    The Black Ribbon Thread (The Sleeping Quarters)

    My sleep seems to have fallen apart since last weekend: I haven't been able to fall asleep before midnight all week. I have been avoiding screens more or less, and have been writing or reading immediately before lights out (which too is happening slightly later than I'd like). The only major change I can think of is that I've added leg stretching to my previously wrist only stretching before bed. Otherwise, I might entertain the theory that something is up with the batch of one of my prescriptions: my focus is a little more off during the day and I can't get to sleep, it makes me wonder if release was somehow affected to be longer lasting? I know that bio-effectiveness shouldn't change in medication, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
  7. theodinspire

    Recruit Monitoring Thread

    "HEMA" might be a good term to add to search options. And "WMA"
  8. theodinspire

    The Meditation Chamber

    Hot dog, sarakingdom: thorough and informative. Now as a follow up question: how? Do you have a move to recommend? A set play? A kata to start the novice out, then?
  9. theodinspire

    The Meditation Chamber

    I'm interested in meditation, but I don't know where to begin. Especially because, as a skeptic, as soon as mysticism, religion or alternative medicine get mentioned, I am turned off. Is meditation possible from a position of materialism (i.e. the philosophy that nothing exists beyond the physical)? Also, as one who gets bored easily, are there more active forms of meditation? ones that can occupy that disractable portion of the mind?