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  1. I also have the Charge HR and I'm loving it. If you are using the iphone app, you can use the phone's GPS to track the run. When you open track exercise there is a little stop watch at the top right corner and that opens a page with a "track" and "log" tabs. Track lets you use the GPS to track your run. Then when you go on the online dashboard it gives you all this awesome data, which is fun to play with. Thank you! I'm glad a did it, I feel a lot more confident now. I can't wait until I get a little better and can figure out my max (Staci's Strength 101 says to wait a few weeks before figuring it out) It's hardly ever that my form is wrong per se, as much as they remind you to actually keep your glutes tight in a bridge (which I am generally not doing haha)
  2. Assassins Mini challenge 30 sit-ups 30 squats 20 burpees 100 jumping jacks
  3. Week 2, Day 2 I really love my gym, they are really good to the members! I also got a free hour personal training session for my birthday so I did that last night. I also have good form at a kettlebell deadlifting! Slightly less good at barbell deadlifting, but I'll get there. I am really glad I worked with him on it though, it was easier to understand using progressions. Plus he gave me a bunch of ancilliary muscle groups to work on. I'm writing it down for me to reference later 5 deadlifts. Elbow to foot quad stretch, then kneeling hip stretch during the rest. Ankle in line with kettlebell, or almost touching bar. Hips back to grab weight. Set shoulders. Lift to stand up straight and push hips forward. Set down. Optional let go to reset, otherwise I start going to faster and lose my form. Farmers carry with a 20 lb weight (walking down thew hallway and back) 20 single leg glute bridges. Face pulls on the machine I usually use for tricepts, keeping elbows up. Heel touches in sit-up position. Keep abs tight. Then I did Zumba because I'm a crazy person and I just NEED to dance. My calves are still mad at me. Movement: 1/3 Strength: 1/2 Pull-ups: 0/3 Cooking: 2/10
  4. Hahaha that's several more words that I could have managed without google!
  5. That is an excellent article thanks for the share! Maybe stashing some nuts or fruit in your car could help to avert sudden right turns of doom? That way if your lunch turns out to be lacking or you are extra hungry you have a backup plan.
  6. Killed a rabbit and got a hit but not a kill on a boar. I'll track him and finish him off tomorrow. Hopefully the blood will attract a bear for me to stalk. Solid first day everyone!!!
  7. Hip stregthening exercises 1. Clamshells (optional resistance band) 2. Sidesteps (optional resistance band) 3. Single-leg glute bridges (form note, do not arch back to get higher. Keep abs and glutes engaged) 4. Bent knee and extending knee hip extensions 5. Side-lying leg lifts 6. Single leg deadlifts 7. Knee lifts with resistance band around ankles 8. Kick backs with resistance band (or maybe weight machines?)
  8. As I'm learning on this life long journey to health and happiness, sometimes I learn things and then forget them. So I want to keep track of them in a specific place that will span more than just a single challenge. This will be less of a daily log and more of a reference guide for my training. If you're reading this I hope you learn something! -Firedance
  9. Ride on the magic longboat! Not a bad first week, you're in the groove. And Sunday was clearly a well deserved rest day!
  10. Buen trabajo de esta semana mi amica!
  11. I shouldn't think it's too late, it's only the first week. Welcome! Speaking of first weeks how's everyone doing? I managed to walk/run a greater than 5k distance outside, which was exciting and kind of a relief since I've only done that on a treadmill until now. Still working on running most of it, and eventually all of it! And today I'm going to watch some of the fastest people in the world run past me! Woo Boston Marathon! Manditory #BostonStrong hashtag
  12. Lord I hate burpees. But I have a week so I should be able to kill a bear! I'll focus on sit-ups and squats M/W/F, but I'll probably do some of each on all the days anyways.
  13. Long run results: OW Haha my calves were very mad at me after I ran/walked 3.5 miles. The breakdown according to my fitbit is thusly (technology is amazing): Mile 1 Avg Pace 14'51": Walking down the hill to get to the point where it would be 3 miles, then hovering between and 8-10 minute pace with a couple of stops for traffice and some walking around .5 mile. Mile 2 Avg Pace 11'52": Alternating between running and walking, with the running hovering around 8-11. Running into the wind is much harder! But still, I never stopped and I ran more than half of it. Mile 2.5 Avg Pace 15'24: I actually finished the circuit of the pond and managed sprinting at the end up to a 6 mile pace! For like a second. But whatever. I'm totally fast. At this point I rejoined my roommate who had got there ages before me, because she is actually fast. I stopped to pant and then we started walking back slowly, because my calves were trying to make me lie down. Mile 3.5 Avg Pace 17'52": I then walked kinda limped the rest. Arrive home, sit down on floor and slowly start stretching. Used The Stick we bought earlier that morning (excellent timing) gingerly on my legs. I'm not up to running the whole 5k yet, but at least I know I can finish one! Treadmills aren't as reassuring as actually running it outside.
  14. Well I'm a little confused by the ending, but holy moly those are some freaking high numbers. Good job to everyone!!! Especially Gilly's utterly ridiculous 1400 lunges. Can you even walk right now?!
  15. Week 1, Day 7 This morning my gym offered a free running clinic, which I was the only one to attend. So basicallly I got a half hour running focused personal training session. I had already done lunges and some other warm up exercises plus a bunch of stretching since I was a little stiff after my running yesterday. Then he had me do knee hug to lunge, side lunge shuffles, butt kicks, high knees and side shuffles. Then we did bridges to activate my gluttes (with some technique correction which was helpful) and knee lifts with a resistance band. Then he watched me run at 6 for a bit, and said I have good form. I'm a natural midfoot striker (I think all the ballerina walking I did makes it easier for me). I do tend to arch my lower back a bit, so I need to work on loosening my hip flexors and engaging my core. Then I ran at 30 second intervals at 8, still with good form just a little bouncy. Didn't know that was a thing, but once he told me I could tell I was doing it. He said to lengthen my stride a little bit and smooth out my gate, and I was able to fix it immediately. I also need to remember to put the tradmill on a 2-3 incline, which I never do. Then we did sprints down the hallway to check that I could fix my sprint stride not on a treadmill. Then we did hip stretches, with form correction (I love form correction. It's so important to have someone checking you periodically to avoid accidental bad habits!) and plank with yet more form correction. I feel a lot better knowing that I actually have good form, since I just started running without any training. You hear so much about the importance of form and there is a lot of conflciting info. I have a longer run planned for later today outside so that should be fun.
  16. Week 1, Day 6 2 hour gym session with my roommate, who is de facto my personal trainer. We like going to the gym on the weekends when it's much emptier and we can use equiptment. Dynamic warmup Circuit 1, 10 sets with 1.5 minute rests (I leanred I hate resting that long and doing this many sets, this took forever) 10 seated rows at 20 lbs 10 dumbbell chest presses 15 lbs each hand Circuit 2, 3 sets (much much less annoying) 10 chest flies at 20 twice and 15 once 10 assisted pull-ups at offest level 16 (wide grip, not chin ups) 15 rope slamming things Running intervel sprints! 5 minute warmup run 4-5 10 intervals of: 1:25 minutes walk at 3.5/4 45 second sprint at 7, 7.5, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 8.5, 8, 7.5, 7 5 minute cool down at 4-6 Finished up with a walk to Chipotle for delicious burrito eating! Movement: 3/3 Strength: 2/2 Pull-ups: 3/3 Cooking: 9/10
  17. Well I'm feeling like a slacker in the lunge department, but I added a bunch of miles! I walk to work plus running and have a fitbit to keep track for me
  18. Yep!!! I'm not a devoted cook but I'm trying to like it better. Unfortunately I'm not inclined to see it as relaxing, but maybe it will be less workload eventually! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. OH jealous of your blogging goal. I was thinking about it, but then I decided I wasn't ready to commit to going back to my blog yet. Maybe next challenge!!! Good job on the rows and push-ups.
  20. I keep getting distracted from reading your goals by the awesome history lessons. But you are doing good!
  21. The pool in my gym has intense politics that I have not mastered. There is one guy who is always there and is alpha territorial about it. It's both funny and slightly terrifying.
  22. Week 1, Day 5 Ran last night and did strength training. I think I'm going to add more weight to the sled next time, but also make sure to actually do as part of a circuit. 3 back and forths in a row is much harder than doing arms in the middle! But my gym was crowded so jumping between exercises was harder. I also learned that I should not take a whole week off from running, because it makes the next run so much harder. I knew that in theory, but I think it's finally internalized. Cooking isn't crazy stuff. Bagels at home to avoid dunkins every day which is good. Tortelli with vodka sauce and spinich earlier this week, and last night elios pizza and dumplings with spinch salad and blueberries. I think it was leftover Paella on monday. Movement: 2/3 Strength: 1/2 Pull-ups: 2/3 Cooking: 8/10
  23. Awwww, donuts are the hardest to resist. http://ih3.redbubble.net/image.14972427.7616/fc,550x550,white.u3.jpg
  24. Belatedly excited about mosaics! My favorite is in Pompeii and is basically a beware of dog sign.
  25. Week 1, Day 3 Cooking: 6/21 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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