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  1. I started my first version of this back in the middle of the last quest of 2014. I did well for about a week, but then the holidays happened and we went out of town, and the preparation for that got me completely off track. (Not to mention my husband's pay-schedule changed and we were scrambling to reschedule all our bill payments and still be able to afford groceries.) We were surviving mostly on rice, ground beef and Little Caesar's $5 pizza for a while, which made focus and motivation difficult. We're back on track financially now so it will be a lot easier to afford healthy food going forw
  2. Hi Aldi! Now, after reading your thread, I think we have even more in common than you thought originally! I love to write as well, though I haven't been as disciplined in it as I would like, lately. That is definitely something that I will be working into my life goals in the future! I'll keep in touch on your challenge as well; we have a lot of the same goals and focus (I'm hoping to join the Rangers as well once I transition out of the Level 1 Rebels) so I think we could make good Accountabilibuddies! How's your week going so far?
  3. Week 1 - Update 1 Day 1 - Tuesday December 2nd Workout: Fitbit steps tracker: 6,496 steps totalWarm-up: slow jog for 10 minutesBench Press (smith machine), 3 sets of 10 reps each; sets 1&2 at 30 lbs + Bar (15 lbs/side), set 3 at 20 lbs + Bar (10 lbs/side)2 sets of Dumbbell flys - 10 lbs; set 1 - 10 reps; set 2 - 14 reps (supposed to be 12 and 12)Kneeling Pushups - 15 total40 Hip Raises (bridges)40 Donkey Kicks (20/side)40 Oysters (20/side)40 Bird Dogs (20/side)Metabolic Finisher: High Intensity Cardio/Ab Endurance Superset - "Do any cardiovascular activity at an intensity you can only
  4. Hi Aldi! Thank you very much - and I saw you started the challenge recently as well! Looking forward to see how your journey goes over the next couple of weeks - good luck!
  5. So, I didn't discover this forum until this past weekend, so I'm starting this challenge late. I've already been working out with my husband for over a year now, and I've been really getting into the strength training, but I haven't had a lot of success sticking to the nutrition I know I need so I'm hoping I can push myself more through these challenges. So, here goes nothing! (*NOTE* Editing Quest on 12/5/14, as I was able to take the time to work out some more specifics. This may also be due to the fact that I actually just read the Level 1 Guidebook in detail only yesterday... Oh we
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