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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what's the GRE? I'm in a similar position, I'm applying for graduate medicine next year, and I really need to improve my score. I'm totally fine in the first two sections (reading/comprehension/writing) but the killer for me is the last section...all organic chem/biochem/physics. Nightmare! So I feel your pain dude. I've already done the exam several times (a fact I am not proud of, considering I have NEVER studied, and each year I say it'll be different!) so now, things need to change.
  2. I'm a total n00b, but here goes nothing... :: lose 5 kilos (11 pounds) by eating clean, just really thinking about each morsel that goes into my mouth! I think loading up on fresh fruit and vegies is the best way to go for me :: run twice a week (in my newly purchased Nike Free Run+ 2 shoes!), aiming to build up to half an hour of running continuously (at present I do a little run/walk routine, lol). Even if I plod along slowly, at least I'm still running and not walking! :: practice pole tricks and do strength exericises on days where I don't go to classes, with one or two rest days each w
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