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  1. Plan for T-96 Days (10/24/2016) updated in blue at 6:13pm on 10/24 Use 20 seconds of courage to ask how to sign up for the gym at work. turns out we have a health fair at work tomorrow and the fitness center will have several tables set up. Postponed until 10/25. Use all tools in the arsenal to go without soda Was let down and set up for failure because the right tools were not in my arsenal, i.e. approved substitute readily accessible. Goal changed to go acquire missing tools tonight post run. Go for a 2 mile run after work. To replace goal #1 I will research and sig
  2. Hey Rebels! This is a story that really began on October 19th, but of course that didn't line up with a challenge so...here I am now to fill you in on all the details. The TL:DR version is this: I looked in the mirror that night and really didnt like what I saw. Decided to set some new goals for myself and conveniently found out that I was exactly 100 days out from my next birthday! Its like this plan was meant to be. I'd like to consider it a rebellion respawn, but not quite a fitness respawn, just a re-dedication. You know, that sums up the back stor
  3. Hopefully I'm not too late to the party! Always love your approach to things and figure I might as well follow along. Promise to get caught up at some point.
  4. Bummer! My trainer told me to pop a couple tums if you get a bad muscle cramp. That's what the body builders do during competition. Turns out it works like magic! I have been taking tums preemptively for about a month now before running with great results. It may work for diaphragm cramps too, I don't know. Besides that, my only recommendation is to try and relax, which I know is hard when you feel like you are being strangled by your own muscles.
  5. Seriously no dairy isn't a strange request, resturants should be able to figure out how to handle it. I know it's the same for my mom with gluten. She will spend like 5 minutes asking the waiter what is gluten free then get asked if she wants crutons on her salad. What is the secret to properly ordering tea from Starbucks? I must test your ways.
  6. I am going to try it for breakfast tomorrow! Super excited. Week 2 Days 4 & 5 Well another few days down. TOM has not been nice to me this week. Almost all motivation has been sapped. BUT I do have some good news too! First off, I got my 50 squats in for the mini! Super proud of the the fact that I knocked those out on Wednesday and Thursday. I might even shoot for another 50 seeing as I have quite a bit of time left in the week. Other than that its kinda been a sad week for sports, both the 5k and my soccer game were cancelled this week *sup
  7. Week 2 Days 1, 2, & 3 Soooo this week got off to a rough start. Had to do laundry on Monday night, but the washer wouldn't start after moving it around for the remodel this weekend. Eventually, the engineer in my got the better of me and I started dismantling things. (See video) The result, I manged to get the washer to start, the downside, then the pump was leaking like a sieve and I got to bless the new laundry room floor. Admitting defeat for the night, I pulled out my super suit the next morning, thanks @Charlotte S! Went to work, called the rep
  8. HAHA yes!!! Thanks for the inspiration, I pulled out a dress, my form of super suit. Love the gif! Must work on improving my gif game. But its difficult on my phone. Week 1 Wrap Up Sorry for the delay! The weekends are really busy around here and I dont spend much time on my computer. Lets see here...what did I do this weekend? Friday was a rest day, turns out my muscles didnt like all that exercise on Thursday, I had some annoying DOMS and decided to go easy on Friday...which seeped into Saturday too, but we did go to a concert
  9. I should be able to get 50 in over the course of the week. Otherwise I will start counting my lunges too
  10. Awww man...squats! I have injuries that prevent me from doing many. I will try to get my 50 in but its going to be a stretch for me. Glad you guys like them though! I will happily cheer from over here.
  11. Ok you guys are going to have to wait another day for my week 1 wrap up. I had to spend the evening troubling shooting my washing machine...I think I made it worse. Now I have to go figure out what I can possibly wear to work tomorrow...
  12. Hey rangers! Quick check in so you all know I'm still alive and participating. Weekends are busy for me. Expect a full week 1 recap this evening. Here's to an awesome week 2!
  13. Another 3 miles for me this weekend. We are in 5th atm.
  14. Congrats on the exam, and thanks for introducing me to the world of cross fit.
  15. Crew of the Aluminum Falcon! The other ships are losing us! Its time to band together and see how far we can get with the last 2 days we have left in our walking challenge! Who's with me?
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