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  1. From personal experience, swimming is a funny one when it comes to building endurance. Here are a few things that helped me build swimming endurance Focusing 50% of my swim workout to technique work through swim drills Building upper body strength through lifting weights (think shoulder press, pushups, pullups). Swim technique is always number 1, it doesn't matter if you have excellent aerobic fitness from other sports, if your technique is bad, you will struggle swimming a few laps. Once your technique is good, having strong muscles makes it much easier. Seri
  2. First thing I'll say is, don't run, do a slow jog. This is important mentally because it transitions you from a walk to almost a run. Take it nice and slow at the start. If you think you can go slower, you should go slower. Once you complete the program, you'll feel more comfortable increasing the speed. As for the treadmill thing, if that's what is going to get you started running, then do it. I myself first did C25k on a treadmill. For the first few weeks, I alternated treadmill running with running outside. I found myself a little soccer oval that was always empty, so I ran ther
  3. I think the biggest thing that will blow out your meal budget is eating out. The more you eat out, the more expensive it is. That doesn't mean never eat out. Set aside date night once or twice a week, then aim to cook all your other meals. Plus date night doesn't have to mean going out to a restaurant. My partner and I started cooking dinner, then putting it in a picnic basket and walking over to a nearby park to eat. Another thing to reduce your grocery bill is to reduce the amount of flavourings you put into your food. For example, rather than putting many ingredients into a sal
  4. It's a good news day A few good things happened today. Firstly, I received my referee report for a paper I submitted, and it's very positive. Just need to make some minor changes, and I'll have my first ever academic paper published Secondly, my partner is being offered a job today. This is basically her dream job which is awesome. It's 8 minutes from our house, and pays very well. She just has to undergo some negotiations and get a contract written up, then once she finishes her PhD (hopefully April), she can start working Not so good stuff I'm learning how h
  5. My justification was if I do at least one triathlon, then I can get a triathlon watch, but I still need to save up for it. I guess it was my reward for doing a race. Do you use a watch to track your runs? If you just want to track runs, the Forerunner 235 does a really good job of it.
  6. Been using the splint for about 1.5 weeks now. The biggest problem is it's causing too much teeth pain. I tried adjusting it to make it a bit bigger, but then I started snoring again. Last night was the first time I slept without using it, which meant I had to sleep in the lounge room so my snoring wouldn't keep my partner awake at night. This is rather disappointing. I guess I'm most annoyed that the splint is made of rather cheap materials, yet there are plenty of other decent ones available for half the price. It really sounds like the sleep clinic is trying to make money off people by char
  7. By visible improvement, do you mean weight loss/body changes? If so, it generally takes about 4 weeks for you to notice changes. Have you taken photos and measurements of your body? Doing that once a month is a good way to see differences. Have you noticed your clothes feeling looser? I find that my belt size is my best indicator of fat loss because you can easily measure it. If you're lifting numbers are going up, that's awesome, keep using that as your motivation. At the start of lifting, your body adapts to it, then it puts on good muscle once the weight starts getting heavier.
  8. Night one of using the mandibular splint Ouch. Everything I am going to explain is apparently normal and will take 3-4 days to adjust to. Woke up with teeth pain, jaw pain, and headaches. I was told to expect this, as the splint moves your lower jaw forward, plus it can be uncomfortable to keep something in your mouth for over 8 hours. However, your mouth adapts to this after a few days. I laid in bed for half an hour with the splint out of my mouth so I could wait for my jaw to feel better. It got better after taking some ibuprofen. Basically, the sleep specialist said t
  9. Nice. I feel like when people have a fitness goal (like squatting 100kgs or running a marathon), it makes it a lot easier to stick to their diet. I'm glad you've been enjoying the lifting sessions. I did stronglifts for a few months about 2 years back and it was the most fun I ever had lifting. Don't worry too much about missing a day or two on your diet. Even the best people will have chocolate and chips and some beer every now and then. If you feel like the junk is sabotaging you too much, then try one of these strategies Get your wife and/or PT t
  10. Sleepy time Got the mandibular advancement splint today and will use it for the first time today. It's a trial version, and you can tell it looks simple and cheap (though costs $150 AUD) so still pricey. Hopefully I adjust straight away and get good sleep tonight. I had to go home early yesterday because I was just too fatigued. Hit the sack straight away and slept for 3 hours. Therefore I have a strong need for it. Less Training I think for the next week or two I'll drop my training load and add a lot of walking into my routine. Once my sleep improves (and hopefully I lo
  11. I think that will be my plan because I don't think my health insurance will cover it. I don't have too much weight to use. The apnea could go away if I lose about 10kgs, although I'll be aiming for losing 15kgs.
  12. Test results are back! Finally got those sleep study results back. Mild sleep apnea. Apparently I had 6 apneas per hour that night, if it was at 5, then I would be considered normal. My treatment is weight loss duh, but that's tricky to do with the sleep apnea. Effectively I receive 92% oxygen whilst sleeping but it should be at 100%. Hence I stay mostly in light sleep and rarely go into deep REM sleep. Deep sleep is where your body's metabolism kicks up a notch, and without it, you put on weight easily. Hence to lose weight for the sleep apnea,
  13. Given you are new to this, it would be a good idea to keep it as simple as possible. For your rests, just walk around the room for a bit and catch your breath. If you rest properly, then you can go even harder for each exercise. 30 minutes is fine. Feel free to add a 5-30 minute walk around the block to that. Again, start easy, then slowly make it harder as you get better at it.
  14. Mentally you need to accept that because you had a heavy lifting session one day, your run the next day will be really bad, but that's fine, that's all part of training. In those cases, your run is a recovery workout from your gym workout. I myself do 2-3 strength and conditioning sessions combined with 2-4 run/bike/swim sessions a week. Yesterday I had a great gym session, my run today I had to cut short because my body wasn't feeling it. Point is, listen to your body and you'll be fine with this type of training.
  15. Sleep apnea...maybe Near the end of last challenge, I did a test for sleep apnea. I'm still waiting on results but there's a strong chance I have it. If it is confirmed, then I'll either be on a CPAP, or I'll need surgery. My brother had a similar thing and it was fixed by surgery (tonsil removal), hence there's a chance I'll need it. Regardless of what happens, this is my priority for this challenge. If I need surgery, then I'll probably take a whole month off work. If I need a CPAP, then I'll need to adapt to it. Triathlons again If you read my last challenge, you'll s
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