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  1. Getting my boyfriend to workout?

    Encourage him to try it out just once. Say something like, "I'd like you to come to the gym with me today. If you find you like it, then maybe we can keep going to the gym together. If you don't like it, then I won't bother you about it again. But I'd like for you to try it out just once." As for my girlfriend, she actually mentioned to me that she was interested in going to the gym, so I brought her along to my next session and went with her ever since. Turns out, she requires an accountability partner in order to go to the gym. Since providing that accountability, she's been going to the gym roughly 3 times a week over the last 2 years. These are two possible options that certainly could help. I think the key is figuring out what your boyfriend needs in order to get him to workout. If you figure that out, then it will also improve the quality of your relationship.
  2. Thrillho's Recovery Montage

    Following along because I may have sleep apnea, and doing a search on the forums lead me here. How was the testing? Do you have results for it yet? I'm doing my test tonight.
  3. The Road to Racing

    See ya neck pain It's clearing up after seeing people to massage and manipulate parts of it. I've narrowed down the source of the problem to the mattress topper we purchased a few weeks back. My mattress is pretty firm, but my girlfriend wanted a mattress topper to soften it up because that helps her sleep better. However, I figured out that it doesn't help me. I removed it from my side of the bed so she can still use the topper and I can use the harder part of the bed. I've done this for one night, but it's the first night this week I woke up and didn't feel like I had a lot of back pain. I still need to find a new pillow, going to look at contoured latex pillows. Swim swim swim Managed to fit a swim in yesterday and my pace was pretty good. 5x50m swims with 20s rest, averaged about 58 mins per 50m. Basically, I used to do about 52-54 secs/50m, and that was in a 25 m pool so you get to kick off the wall which makes you faster. I think next swim, I'll go to a 25m pool so I can compare my time now to my time a few years back. Weight After figuring out that there's no hard flat surface in my house to use the scale on, I decided to use the scale at the gym, but they no longer have a scale (which I'm surprised by). Guess I'll just continue with diet, and aim to make training consistent and spend more time moving around and hope that makes changes to how my clothes feel.
  4. Crossfit Games: The Open 2018

    I might do the workouts for fun at my gym. Last year was the first time since 2013 that I didn't do the Open, and seeing how ridiculous some of the workouts were, I'm glad I didn't. Basically I think that what Dave Castro programs for these Crossfit workouts are a bit ridiculous. If the workout he posts seems sane, then I'll do it.
  5. The Road to Racing

    This challenge has the ultimate end goal of completing a mini triathlon on Sunday February 4th. That's right, on the last day of the challenge. The Race Swim 250m, Bike 10km, Run 3km. A "short" race which will be my first triathlon in 4 years (I only just realised that it's been 4 years since I've done one). My Current State Last month was the first time in a while that I've actually been losing weight. Despite having a reasonably good diet, I lost little weight over the previous 12 months. For a while I wasn't sure what was wrong, now I think the missing piece of the puzzle is that I wasn't active enough. Over the last month, I've been doing more walking (though still a small amount), but I've added swimming and cycling into my training. In fact, I went 6 weeks without going to the gym and instead I did 2 training sessions a week. With this, I dropped around 4kgs last month which suggests to me that weight loss is a lot easier for me if I'm doing some cardio. My Quests Project 90kgs Weigh less than 90kgs (currently at 96kgs) Be in ketosis for 1 month Become a pro triathlete Complete Mini Triathlon on February 4th Swim once a week Ride once a week Run twice a week Gym/Strength and Conditioning twice a week Work like a machine Change my work schedule so I focus on one project each day of the week Ride my bike to/from work at least once a week Future proofing Create side income by choosing one of the following two options: Offer tutoring services and resources in Mathematics Start a blog on Skill Learning and build a strong subscriber list Quests Explained in Detail Project 90kgs I accept that this will take 2-3 months to complete. If it happens quicker, good, means I can focus on other goals sooner. If not, that's okay, as long as I progress towards it. 90kgs is actually the first milestone in my weight loss journey. I think my final weight will sit somewhere under 85kgs, but right now, I have this first goal. Based on past experience, being under 90kgs means I can push myself to complete a 10km run without damaging my body. It's effectively the first point where exercise doesn't feel like it's a huge struggle and I don't get out of breath easily. To achieve this, there are three main things I'll be doing Stay in ketosis by saying no to all junk food Completing 3-5 workouts a week Going for short walks almost every day with my partner I just recently read Mark Sisson's Keto Reset book. In it, he suggests easing into keto by eating low carb for 21 days, then sticking to strict keto for 6 weeks. Until the 21st of January, I'm in that low carb phase. However, I can push it a bit harder without too much effort by focusing on saying no to junk food. This effectively means for 21 days, no chocolate, no potato chips, no ice cream (the three sugary junk foods that I eat). This will train my willpower, something I haven't done in a few years. Become a pro triathlete Over 6 years, the sport I loved doing the most was running and triathlons. Hence I got back into triathlon training last challenge and aim to continue it this challenge (and ideally for many years). I'm following Power Speed Endurance (PSE PRO) workouts (formally Crossfit Endurance). This works better for me and allows me to have a life outside of training. Currently I've been focusing a lot on skill development, especially with the swim. I barely did any skill/drill work for swimming yet now, the warmup + skill work is my workout (I don't even do the main set). In only a few sessions my swimming skill is a lot better. I now have a good rotation through the water, and I'm working on making my catch better. One thing that has slowed me down is my breath whilst swimming. I find I'm out of breath too quickly, but that might be because my workouts range from 1000m to 1500m of swimming. I guess I break down around the 800m mark, which is more than the 250m I need to do for my triathlon. I put running on hold, because I was hurting my lower legs too easily, a consequence of holding on to extra weight and poor technique. This week, I'll do some Couch to 5k workouts for running coupled with skill work. Nice and simple so I don't overdo it. Work like a machine I'm doing a little experiment this month where I change up what work I do for my PhD on different days. For example, Mondays I work on my beta oscillation project. Tuesdays I focus on Data Analysis. Wednesdays are personal days/business focused. Thursdays are for spatial models. Friday for writing. I find I get work done quicker if I have a shorter, but highly focused timeframe to work on it. I think this will work well. Future Proofing I've spent so much time following sites like Nerd Fitness, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Live your Legend, that I'm convinced that once I finish my PhD, I don't want to enter the workforce, I'd rather be a freelance consultant and/or run an online business to help others. My main motivation for this is so I have extra time in my day which I can use to enjoy life rather than waste away in the office. The two things I mentioned above cover what I'm passionate about, Mathematics, teaching, and learning. I've attempted to get this started in the past, but fear stopped me from sending my work to people and getting their opinions on it. This year, that won't happen. I'll pick an idea, stick to it, and focus my time on promoting my material to people who'd be willing to read it. Final Thoughts If you can't guess by all the things I wrote, I really enjoy goal setting and making lists of things to do. It gives me something to dream about which motivates me to actually do the work I need to achieve my goals. If you want help setting goals, just shoot me a message, I'd be happy to help with it. The most important thing I've learnt when setting goals is to work on one of them immediately after making them. For me, that's to head home early to go to the gym with my partner and do an Overhead press workout followed by a keto eggplant lasagna