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  1. Guys, I'm craving carbs and sweets and want to kill all the things

    1. starsapart


      Drink tea, breathe deeply, distract yourself.

    2. Barfly
  2. Picture food log will be updated in the below Dropbox folder, since I realized that logging this all in MFP would be a pain. (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n9g3e4krhpkke4d/AADjsRqviM6SVxeVDO7GJoYYa?dl=0) Happy Hump day!
  3. Annnd it's been a week. This means that my Whole30 started today, yay! I measured and weighed myself, as well as took pictures for the before part of the whole30 SL for the last week Made some food, it was delicious Yep, that's it. If you have any suggestions for not failing at the whole30, let me know! Other encouraging thoughts always welcome.
  4. Hi there readers (I'm kind of amazed that people are reading this btw, it's kind of cool) So we're about 4 days into the challenge and life is, well, challenging. It's positively freezing outside, which added onto my SAD/depression makes it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and out of the house at all. I've been doing really well with going to sleep by 10 (reading my devotional beforehand) and getting 8 hours of sleep, but I overslept the last two days by a good 2 hours. I guess it's alright at the beginning of the semester and we've only had 15 lectures, but still, I fee
  5. shit it's almost 10pm, beddy bye!

  6. Hey everyone, just found this forum and thought I'd comment on my progress. Been doing SL since December (so a little over 5 weeks). My gym doesn't have weights under 2.5lb so it sucks on OHP, BR, and BP, but DL and Squat is pretty good. I'm up to (in lbs) 110 squat, 110 deadlift, 75 bench, 60 overhead press, 90 barbell row I find myself hitting a plateau right now with these weights. I went in yesterday at lunch, and it was real shitty, mainly because I didn't allow myself enough time, but something wasn't right. I'm hoping that being less stressed will help me make these sets.
  7. Oh hey, there's a profile feed here. look at that :P

  8. Alrighty, MINI quest for week 1! 1) Make sure your goals are SMART a) 3x weekly strength training Specific - using the stronglifts 5x5 program Measurable - yes/no on training and more weight lifted = strength goes up Attainable - yes, 3x weekly shouldn't get in the way of studying and there's a gym 4 blocks from home Realistic - yes, I've been successful at this since December 1 Trackable - yes, there's even an app for that! Use Whole30 eating measures for 30 days Specific - what I'm allowed to eat and not eat is specific Measurable - yes, I will write that shit down (as well as weight/pi
  9. I'd be up for a meet-up in January. Just need a decent heads up since I'm still in school and all that not-fun-stuff. And agreed, non-food would be good, makes it easier to keep your head in the game
  10. Hey, I'm kristing! I'm currently a medical student in snowy and freezing Minnesota and I'm working on getting my health back on track. In a previous life, I was a competitive swimmer and soccer player. Life Quest: Get weight to 135 lbs Goals: 1) Do strength training thrice per week (I'm using the Stronglifts system right now, and am in my 6th week) http://stronglifts.com 2) Eat according to the Whole30 system for 30 days starting in one week to get prepared (aka, eat good healthy stuff) http://whole30.com 3) Get to sleep before 10pm and wake up by 6am Bonus Goal: Read a devotional every
  11. I've been meaning to get up north and do some hiking, so an outing would be awesome
  12. Hey Kat, read your log and just wanted to say, wow! Keep up the good work. I'm also in Minnesota so I feel you about the winter blues. -Kristin
  13. Week 5 Mini-Challenge "Declutter" done! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/57382-kristings-first-challenge/?p=1309538
  14. Week 5 MiniChallenge! Finals is next week, so this weekend I decluttered my room and desk to facilitate better studying and studying with a friend (my desk can now fit two). I'm also working on "decluttering" my food supplies, aka getting down to basics for food, as raw and non-processed as possible.
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