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  1. Back in the saddle... We bought a canoe. Woot! My husband and I are leaving our little man with my parents for a long weekend in May and going on a paddle trip with some friends. It will be the first time in a looooong time that we will be out on the water together. In the past we have borrowed a canoe from a friend, but now that we live in a more rural area with plenty of lakes and streams it was time to get our own. I'm so excited! Found one used on craigslist that ticks all the boxes, including being able to have the little guy in the middle once he gets older. Now to finalize
  2. I'm so glad this challenge starts AFTER this past weekend. We had the service for my MIL in NYC and were completely out of any routines. My poor little guy was totally out of wack with his sleep schedule and as a result no one slept well. All the coffee! Back to just my morning coffee today. Oh! We did buy a canoe. Woot! My husband and I are leaving our little man with my parents for a long weekend in May and going on a paddle trip with some friends. It will be the first time in a looooong time that we will be out on the water together. In the past we have borrowed a canoe from a f
  3. Thanks! I keep trying to do it, and have determined that TV tends to stand in the way of getting a lot of things done that I really want to do. To that end, I need/want to get my beehives completely painted by this weekend (you know, before the bees arrive) and after clearing out my MIL's apartment (she was a borderline hoarder) it has lit a serious fire to get my house & especially the office in order. With no TV I can chip away at it over the next week or so on top of making yoga easier to fit in.
  4. Well, made it to kickboxing last night and have managed to stay away from my afternoon cup of coffee so far. Now to add in yoga (and probably read rather than watch TV, when I get into a program I end up going up to bed too late for yoga).
  5. Hello! My last challenge attempt was in January and, well it was quite a roller coaster of a few months family-wise so it didn't work out. We unfortunately lost my mother in law at the end of March and have been working to get things in order. One big focus is on restarting a healthier lifestyle, especially with the warm weather around the corner. My goals for this challenge: Increase my water consumption Remove one cup of coffee from my routine (down to 2 from 3) Do yoga every night before bed to help me relax Attend kickboxing once a week T
  6. Thank you for all of the support. She made it through her surgery and we have a few pokers in the fire to try to find any more options, but she is stable right now at least. Hubby came home Saturday night and we spent Sunday taking down our Christmas tree (yes, finally) and doing grocery shopping. If there is one thing I am big on maintaining right now its meal prep. I have officially been tracking for 60 days now, which is pretty awesome. Oh, and on a more positive note it was my son's first time in the shopping cart. Previously I wore him in a baby carrier every time. Not my initial go
  7. Apparently this isn't going to be my month. This past weekend we found out that my mother-in-law, who has been fighting cancer for the past three years, is losing her battle. All treatments have stopped working and she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow that is kind of a Hail Mary. Really hoping it goes well, but the waiting game stinks. It's obviously thrown life into a tailspin as my husband is staying with his mom until we know more. We were all up there this past weekend to see her and so there is no food in the house, I'm essentially a single parent for the week, and have been having a ha
  8. Perhaps. What I like is how flexible it is, but sometimes it's hard to remember to refer to things like task lists. For items that I want to keep records of, and weekly planning it works nicely. I've found that ToDoist and Trello work well for me for task management and lists, but my budget spread will be super helpful moving forward and all my meal plans are listed in the BJ. Hope this helps, it's all in trying things until you find what system works for you. For me that ended up being a hybrid of paper and electronic.
  9. Well, Day 1 back at the gym! Was proud of myself for going to the free weights instead of the machines. After a few months of NF workouts I'm definitly more comfortable there then figuring out how to work new machines, plus it's just a better workout. Checking what weights I'm comfortable with and started with the ones below. Planning to up it later in the week. Now to figure out how to use Fitocracy! Goblet squats 25lb 12x3 Overhead press 2 10lbs 12x3 Deadlift 2 20lb 12x3 Seated leg press 75lb 20reps 160 12x3
  10. Hello! I'm looking for recommendations for a hiking pack designed as a baby carrier. We will be doing more outdoor activities in the spring with my son (who will be 1 in March) and would love to get one with a sun/rain cover to bring him with us on adventures. I am 5'2" and my husband is 6'6" so it needs to be pretty flexible. TIA!!!
  11. I'm certainly looking forward to a more consistent schedule, though I can't complain too much. He takes his morning naps really well and wake up and goes to bed quite consistently. Poor thing is working on 3 teeth and starting to learn to crawl and feed himself. Bound to be some changes and some missed afternoon naps!
  12. Thanks! Yea, it's a ton of fun. The instructor is great and changes it up a lot too. When I get more comfortable there is a Level 2 class, but I'm a-ok with Level 1 for now! lol.
  13. Thanks for checking in! Well, things have gone a bit sideways. My husband has been sick for the last 2 weeks and it's taking a major toll on my progress. I’m so exhausted after not being able to split baby duties at all (somehow LO has not gotten ill. Want to keep it that way). Fingers crossed that his new meds help and kick this plague's butt. So far so good, since he woke up this morning feeling better. I managed to get sick myself, had shark week, and we had a bad ice day here in PA and I almost got into a car accident. Managed to pull something in my neck to boot. Whew. Glad l
  14. Happy New Year! 2017 for me will be a year of regrouping and resetting life in every way (career, fitness, and finances). For more info on me and my quests: intro, battle log, and character are in my signature. In a nutshell I found NF quite a while ago but only joined the Academy in May of 2016 after having my first child. My goal is to get myself in a better space for when we start working towards #2 in the next few years. To that end I’ve broken out the following goals for this round: 1) Keep food under 2,000 calories a day. Goal is 1,500, but after tracking all last
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