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  1. Watch your carb intake....

  2. Not sure about volume, at least 2 cups/meal?, but it doesn't end up being a crazy amount (in my opinion) - 4-8oz a day, depending on what I have for lunch and dinner. My "standard" lunch is one chicken breast and as many frozen veggies as I can cram in the container, which ends up being somewhere between 3-5oz. I do love broccoli, I just succumb to other cravings sometimes :/ If I'm doing well, I can get through 2 Costco-sized bags of frozen broccoli and cauliflower in under 2 weeks. The last week, 29th-4th, was not as great as the week before that. I got sick, and I'm still under the weather. My family wants to take a break but I haven't run in 4 days and I hate it. I still try to do my pushups and squats, I'm up to 36/day and it feels like it.
  3. I'm measuring the food by weight. I've noticed that when I get to Thursday morning, the running from Monday through Wednesday is catching up with me. I've been resting on the weekend and only running 5 days out of the week. I will try to move one of my rest days to Thursday for next week and try to run on Saturday. I have been doing quite well with having 50% veggies at lunch, dinner is a challenge, but it's getting easier. Thursday- Sunday I missed my goals for pushups and squats. I'll pick it up again tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it!
  4. I'm finding it difficult to make the weekends work for me. I love running before the sun comes up, which is weird. But on weekends I end up sleeping in later than 6 and it throws me off. I want to run, but I also want to rest so I'm trying to figure out what's best. I have been increasing my pushups/squats and splitting them up, I'll do half in the morning and half at night. Monday - Friday was good and I accomplished my quests for physical activity, but to be a good Ranger I need to be good at a lot of different things, and eating right has been difficult with family here. They treat us to pizza or dinner almost every night and it's very difficult to turn down.
  5. Update: All on track except for Friday. I was called out to site for work and I didn't get my run in, I did, however, continue to do pushups and squats, while increasing the count by one every day. I'm loving the run. For the past many years I have eked out just a few more minutes of "sleep" in the morning, skipping things I don't need to do and rushing out the door to work. But now I wake up at an INSANE time, like 530am, before the sun, and just run. Screw it all, screw the weather, screw the snow and ice, screw being tired and sore from sleeping on my shoulder wired. And it's so early, I'm not even worried about being late for work. I have time to hang out and have a cup of coffee and gather my lunch for the day. And, I've decided to add one block for each week. Hope everyone else is doing great!
  6. Dang, 62 is awesome. I definitely want to get there. I'll try spelling the alphabet at my desk at work, I hate sitting for so long. Tuesday night: I finished my 11 pushups and squats. Wednesday morning: Went for another run, same distance with only 1 walking break. I think I'll keep it at 7 blocks for the first week. I brought homemade mac and cheese for lunch but I threw in an equal amount of frozen broccoli and carrots. I did 6/12 squats and 8/12 pushups.
  7. I ran today, early this morning before 7am. It was 11 degrees! Made it the same distance as Monday but with 1 less walk break. I did 5/11 pushups and 5/11 squats, so I'll finish those up when I get home. I wasn't totally 50% on veggies for my lunch today. I had a beef and barely soup which had some veggies but not enough to be effective. I'll reset my lunch tonight. I have frozen veggies and I'll probably make some spicy rice and beans to go with that.
  8. Yes! I was out for a while with some sort of issue in my shin, but my doctor couldn't find any cause. It's not a stress fracture or shin splints, so I guess I'll just keep running.
  9. It's my shorthand because I couldn't really think of how to write it up succinctly. In my mind, completing a run consists of getting up early and putting on my cold gear and shoes and running(jogging) around a few blocks until I'm awake and/or too cold. I have no idea how far I'm capable of running, but right now it's about 7-8 blocks with some walking breaks. My calves and feet are a little sore after, so I know it's working. After this 4 week challenge, or maybe sooner, I'll have a better idea of distance. Thanks for asking! I appreciate the question.
  10. I've moved across the country from Seattle to Long Beach to Schenectady NY and I've been away for a while. Now I'm back. 1. 10 Pushups +1 every day 2. 10 squats +1 every day 3. Run 4. 50% veggies/fruit for lunch All 25XP. Here we go!
  11. Thanks for the awesome game night everyone!! Looking forward to the next! I'll ping you all in a couple weeks to see when we can plan another.
  12. They have games there, plenty. I'm bringing my (somewhat) completed Settlers with an expansion, just for the heck of it. Actually the real reason I'm bringing it is so I can go next door and buy the missing pieces I need, and maybe another expansion.....
  13. Ah yes. I did not consider this. I'll still keep this date a "go" as it still seems to have a fair turnout. No worries if you can't make it, this will be one of many for certain!
  14. Thanks for the info everyone! We're still on! See you this weekend!
  15. Photobrandon is right! As a result, I've booked Cafe Mox! Things to know: This ain't free. The minimum to book is 4 hours and it's $10/hour. If there are less than 5 of us, I think I'll try to move it to a better time, but I personally don't mind spending $10 or less (each) for 4 hours. The more people, the less we pay! (I can cancel up to 24 hours prior) We can order food and drinks in the green room, but no outside food or drink. I'll bring Settlers of Catan and this will give me an excuse to buy an expansion. It might only be 6 players max, but maybe we can partner-up, or suggest a different game, I'm open for any game! This is was the next possible booking: "Your appointment is for 4 Hours on Sunday, March 29, 2015 7:00 PM with Green Room"
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