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  1. I’m posting this as I’ve run into a situation that I’m guessing would be fairly specific to this particular fitness community as opposed to other online fitness communities. I made a post to the respawn board re: my need to step up my workout game in general. However, I encountered a situation the other night that I thought warranted a separate post. One odd thing that has occurred now that my weight is down significantly and I’m forcing myself to be less of a recluse is that my old Rocky Horror Picture Show cast reached out to me a few weeks ago when they needed someone to fill in
  2. I’m not sure if this post is even, technically, appropriate to bill as a respawn but I’m posting it here because that’s where my head is at with this and I could use the input from other Rebels. I’ve sort of drifted from the site in recent months primarily because it was something that I had been in the habit of checking and updating at work where I’m in front of a computer most of the day. However, my work’s NO-FUN-OF-ANY-KIND filter has become slightly more totalitarian and Nerd Fitness is now flagged as a “Discouraged Site†and while not blocked, my ability to use it is limi
  3. I am still here I've just been a ghost of late. I still need to tally up my scores from the last challenge and I'll make a post about that. I just didn't want people to think I'd fallen off the face of the earth. I had just gotten in the habit of updating this site from work but I can no longer do that. I'll try to be better about it. I've missed this place.
  4. I had a question for the forum on the subject of loose skin. Namely, I’m starting to have a fair amount of it now. I’ve lost 96lbs since December of 2014 and well…it’s starting to show. It’s also leaving me with some hangage if you will around my midsection. It’s not terribly noticeable when I’m dressed but I was curious about it as I move forward with losing more weight. Does loose skin naturally tighten back up over time or will I need to look into some sort of medical approach to getting rid of it? Obviously this isn’t a terribly pressing matter as I still have more weight t
  5. Ugh. I’ve been incredibly bad about keeping up with my challenge thread this time around. My work’s “NO FUN OF ANY KIND†filter has recently been updated and Nerd Fitness is now an off limits website. I’ve been keeping to my goals for the most part but it’s been hard. I’ve hit a sort of blah wall where my motivation is sorely lacking. Fortunately I’ve been able to force myself to not lose any ground though I’m not pushing my workout regimen as hard as I should. I intend to change that though and this week I’ve been adding reps to each set with regularity. I also got a bit do
  6. Wow! I'm really happy that so many people seem to be enjoying this recipe. I hope it turns out well for all of you.
  7. Hello my fellow purveyors of stabbity death, I ended up not doing a challenge last time due to some family issues but those have largely resolved themselves now so I’m back with a shiny new challenge! Primary Goal: Lose 150lbs (55lbs to go!) Goal 1: Step up my workouts: While I’ve kept with them since I’ve joined they have become a bit of a chore at times and I need to breathe a bit of new life into them. My goal is to continue my bodyweight workouts 3-4x/week adding reps to each set at least 2x/week. Also, find at least 2 new exercises to add to my overall workout routine. Goal 2:
  8. 90 lbs lost! I'm 60% of the way towards my goal!

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    2. ElemHH


      Wow, that's amazing. I'm going to have to check out your challenges, to see how you've progressed.

    3. SomeGuyFromScotland
    4. heyarnold13


      woot WOOOOOOT!!

  9. Working on my goals for this newest 6 week challenge. Running a bit behind due to having to leave town for several days to attend a funeral. I should have things up tomorrow or Friday.
  10. Just hit the 50% mark in my ultimate weight loss goal this last challenge!

  11. Okay, I've re-tallied my points having completely misunderstood the scoring system. Here are the results of my 2nd challenge: Goal 1: Continue with body weight workout 3-4x per week. I’m keeping this as a goal because it seems to be working. This time I’d like to step things up and try to add 3-5 reps of each exercise to each set each week for the next six weeks. STR=C. While I did stick with my bodyweight exercises I didn't add as many reps each week as I liked. I think this goal will likely be recycled next time in order to up this grade. Goal 2: Maintain and broaden paleo diet. Cont
  12. I haven't been particularly good about updating these for a while which is fairly normal for me and I almost never post big things like this in a public forum but I trust this group and there is some overlap with the things that I do actually post about here. I found out yesterday that my Uncle Brian just passed away. He suffered a massive heart attack in his home and was pronounced dead on arrival when EMS arrived. While I was fond of my uncle we weren't particularly close. There was no animosity we just didn't talk much. I think what's making this affect me so strongly is the fact that he w
  13. I have, obviously, wrapped up this challenge but I need to re-tally my stat points as I initially figured them out quite early one morning and think I screwed it up. I'll try to do that tonight and get my results up and posted but if not I'll definitely try to do so in the next day or so. I'm in the midst of a bit of a family crisis now so if I'm sluggish in my reply that's why.
  14. I think it says something about how drastically I've altered my sugar intake when organic green tea with a hint of honey makes me as hyper as a 5-year-old on a pixie stix bender.

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    2. DrMobius
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      Yeah, it's pretty incredible when you look at it. That was my biggest hurdle as well. It's well worth it though.

    4. Basement Cat

      Basement Cat

      Good on slaying the sugar fiend! He's my main weakness too.

  15. Woke up insanely early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep due to an assortment of random life stressors going on at the moment. Eventually I ended up conceding the fight with sleep and decided to get my workout out of the way early today. While I don't know that I'll convert to early morning workouts exclusively, I do have to admit that it really did get a lot of the stress and anxiety out and I'm considerably more focused today than I normally am at this hour (he said updating his battle log instead of working). Note to self though: if you work out in the morning you will have extra
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