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  1. Yep yep! I'm 53 and currently working on improving my Deadlifts to 100kg. I have osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis) so I have been fighting that with lifting heavy. For me, "functional" fitness means I need to be able to put a rollerbag into the overhead compartment when we travel -so overhead press is part of my regimen.
  2. I highly recommend using a program, either Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe or Stronglifts. Mark has a great book out and lots of videos to help you get good form. or New RULES OF LIFTING (sorry, my shift key is kinda borked) is also good (especially if the bar is too heavy for you and you need to start with dumbbells). Focus on form before anything else. Once you can do all the reps and sets, move up in weight next time. progressive overload is the key to getting stronger.
  3. That is awesome progress! Starting up with Stronglifts for the next challenge will really continue/push your progress into new levels! Are you tape measuring to keep track of how much you've lost around your waist? If not, I would. It's obvious in your photos but it's nice to have a weekly measure of it.
  4. I start with a set of just the bar - except deadlifts, where I start with the bar plus the smallest full-size plates (in my gym that's 5kg each). Then I do typically two more sets midway between bar and working weight, at 3 reps and 2 reps each. So, for example, my deadlifts might be 5x30kg, 3x40kg, 2x50kg, then 5x60kg or whatever. I find the 5, 3, 2, scheme is enough to prepare my body and my brain for the heavier weight, for now. I'm not doing *that* heavy* yet. I am not waiting between warm-up sets much, 30-90 seconds. I do SL 3 days a week, and I'm also working on a pull-up program t
  5. I have such bad ankle mobility. Seriously tight achilles. Best thing I have found for it (along with a lot of ankle mobility work and foam rolling) is squat shoes. Seriously - they make all the difference in being able to get good form for me. And squatting in the squat shoes has actually helped my ankle mobility. It's a virtuous circle. Seriously, squat shoes - worth every penny!
  6. So glad you found some solo workout drills.
  7. Great to hear they're doing training to help the girl come out safely. And great to hear about your gym adventures. That first exercise sounds like Supermans. The rest, glute bridges and various leg lifts?
  8. Just did my workout. Bench and Row. Didn't do squat, I mean, squats, cuz 'toe'! It's very colorful today. Not as tender as yesterday but I don't wanna push it, or push on it. So, no squats. I did do push-ups - with one leg crossed over the other to keep my toe off the ground. That was kinda fun. I think I'll do more of those. Also did my pull-ups practice. all weights in pounds: bench 5x5x65 felt solid row 5x5x71 felt easy (Note, I'm suing cable row machine for these.) push-ups 2x5 reps, one-legged pull-ups 3x5x-40 (assisted) Now I'm having my shake, then off to the ocean for a roma
  9. Do you have any fruit teas? Those help me when I'm having "sweet" cravings. Alternatively, if it fits your macros, measure out one portion of chocolate, write it in your food tracker, and put the rest away. Go into another room, sit down and savor that piece of chocolate. I've found that sometimes, a craving will lead me to overeating other stuff to avoid the thing I was craving, while just having one small portion of what I'm craving, will stop it in the bud.
  10. Wash was my favorite. So sweet. So ... Wash. Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
  11. Sheep? What kind of sheep? How many? Meat, milk or wool? How long havevyou had them ? Details. We want details. Please. Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
  12. When you say you lifted 20kg, do you mean that's the total weight? Or do you really mean 60kg: 20kg bar plus a 20kg plate on each side? Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
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