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  1. After cooking a huge amount of meat I needed to not use dairy other than my post workout protein shake to finish it all before it went bad. I was sick of it in two weeks; it was too heavy. So I like cottage cheese and Greek yogurt for variety.
  2. I'm going to continue to be 'helpful' and suggest that you deadlift your ruck or ruck your deadlift.
  3. Seriously. I'm also going to point out that I could get 150 grams of protein by eating ~1200 calories of spinach. It does have more grams carbs than protein (at a 5:4 ratio) but so what? I need carbs too.
  4. Pause squats: still don't quite have the legs for three sets of five at my current weight, though I did complete two. 1-arm DB Incline Bench: Not quite as well as I did last week. RDLs: added weight, still light.
  5. Bwahaha! I'll admit that if I kept seeing a co-worker go to the break room for hot water and leave without putting in a tea bag I might wonder if they were drinking it plain, but I also keep tea bags at my desk and I'd at least frame the drinking of plain hot water as a question (I mean, maybe they don't like flavored drinks and just want something warm!) instead of an assumption.
  6. Well, really it's more than I don't care and am not planning on changing anything in my life than being too busy, but I don't care, am not planning on changing anything in my life, and have some stuff that I should finish in the next six weeks, so I'm focusing on the stuff since everything else will be status quo.
  7. Honey mead? It'll be more or less of a kick in the head, depending on your mead.
  8. Happy start of challenge to those of you who are actually doing one! Split Squats: added a couple of reps to work sets and I'm still not getting totally wiped out, but it's closer. Whee, 'high rep' cardio! Bench: Decided to see if eliminating my overwarmup helped me be less tired or if it was worse because the same weight feels heavier going up than it does going down. Results inconclusive. DB Rows: added a rep to work sets.
  9. Oops! If you don't want to use the lighter weights maybe try sticking with the weight and completing more of the workout next time instead? Or drop to three-quarters of your test weight instead of half or something.
  10. Tired this morning so I didn't get around to lifting until this afternoon: Front Squats: the usual SLDL: didn't feel like KB swings so I used it for single leg deadlifts instead to get my hip hinging in.
  11. Happy Ragnarok! Have a totally unbiased explanation of what it all means!
  12. Well, I got in the habit of having my lifting week start on Saturday instead of Monday because of how my work schedule was, so even though the challenge doesn't start until Monday, I'll start now. Because it's not like I really have goals anyway, right? Squats: Up to heavy single, kind of; I failed once, brought down the weight and did a triple, brought back the weight and did a double and then failed on a single above that and gave up. So things still sucking here but I've been having what feels like intermittent sciatica warning pain so I don't want to really aggravate things and have been spending more time on my sciatica stretches. 1-arm DB OHP: Decided to move up in weight even though I could have also spend another week or two making things more solid and unbroken at the one I used last week and things went reasonably well -- I could do my minimum five reps with my leading arm on set one and three though I broke things up with both arms on set two -- not enough rest, I guess. I also ran out of steam on my last set and had to cheat with push presses after rep three so I did an extra one to make up for it. Deadlifts: Still not back up to doubles, see above re squats.
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