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  1. “ARE YOOOOOOOU READY FOR A GOOD TIME?! Cause I know that I am! We’re going to have a great night here, folks! Our two challengers are ready to put their lives on the line for your enjoyment and I’m loving every minute of it! Tonight we have the classic Cinderella story! Crowned champ defending his title against an up and comer! It’s going to be brutal, Bob!†“That right, Steve! Coming into the blue corner! The undisputed! THE UNSTOPPABLE! The Super Heavy Weight champion of the world! Weighing in with all his opponents crushed hopes and dreams, lets give it up for Sweed’s New Ye
  2. Well the last week of partying left me at a one pound gain, not the best start of a new year. Gunna stay strong for this challenge.
  3. I am definitely hanging out with the Monks on this. Hopefully we'll have our own mini challenges?
  4. Gunna be a rough week food wise. Keep me safe Brodin.

  5. Pardon the double post here but you can just hyperlink it into your signature. Like so Battle Log[backslashurl] except you want and actual / instead of saying backslash.
  6. Favorite color: Red Video games: Dragon Age and Pokemon Omega Ruby (Cause I never grew up!) Movies: I am definitely into Comedies, Pixar movies, and Super Hero stuff. Music: I regret to inform everyone that I listen to a lot of metal, rock n roll, and every once and awhile Funk Books: Ready Player 1 is my favorite book of all time Favorite country: 'Murica or Germany I think they're nifty keen States traveled to or through: I have been to every state with the exception of Hawaii, it's on the list. Favorite form of exercise: Boxing! I enjoy punching things! Otherwise I also enjoy
  7. Hey I wouldn't mind joining up with you guys, seems like the thing to do!
  8. I started that website a few days ago. If you guys wanna add me to a super sweet group here's my stuff e702371d-f59c-4672-ba4d-44252532aeda
  9. --Warning Lame Writing Ahead-- Svvede lazily stared into a mirror that he had liberated from a rather slovenly fellow so many years ago. The site before him left a man wanting. He was small for an orc. Large for a human. A being permanently stuck between two very different races. However what he was, was a wide man in both girth and stature. A frame thick with the story of a rough life that had suddenly become too soft. A calloused finger prodded a thick roll. Soft… like a truffle. The mental picture brought a high pitched chuckle. Still he couldn’t help but flex slightly. There used to b
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