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  1. Towards the end of the challenge and I feel pretty good. I've had trouble making time to exercise, but I feel great. My diet has been improving gradually, For the next challenge I plan on starting a paleo challenge, yay! I already eat paleo, but I'm more aware of what I eat. I have all my quests already set! These past weeks have been real eye opening. I'm more aware of what I do, what I eat, the way I think and the reason I do things. I'm more consistent and I'm trying hard, but I still feel like it isn't hard enough. There's a parkour and free running class that's going to open up next week, right before the end of the challenge, I SOOO WANT TO TRY IT, but I'm so scared, so so scared. People look me down, they ask "what is she doing here?", I don't want to be uncomfortable and I don't want to feel that way.
  2. I haven't updated in so long! I know nobody reads this anyway, but it helps me. I've doing great but I'm sick right now, my throat hurts so bad and I've been feeling a bit hot, hopefully I don't have an infection or get a fever. All that taken into consideration, I'm great, in most aspects, I've even begun to go to bed earlier, which is awesome. My energy is pretty depleted because I'm sick, I get sleepy from time to time during the day, as well as headaches. I've progressed a lot, I haven't drank any soda, I've cut back on chocolate, I barely even crave it, I've been eating more vegetables and I feel better about my diet. Every time I'm about to make an unhealthy decision I think to myself "is this getting me closer?" and I stop. YAY for progress!!!!! FIGHTING!!
  3. I almost drank soda this week! Father bought a package that contained two large cola drinks, saying he bought it because of the flimsy looking cup that came inside, I have no idea where those went but I didn't try them, I have the cup right now filled with water to drink through the day. The next day or so, my mum bought a bottle of a fizzy drink I really like, and yesterday at lunch time she poured a cup for herself and left me the rest. My boyfriend was here and he drank it, and I thought "well, I haven't had any soda, might as well take a sip" but I didn't! Dx It's not something that makes me proud, but it made me realise that I'm better at restricting than adding things to my diet/routine...
  4. I haven't updated in over a week, but I'm still doing good! I got sick, I vomited a lot, and I'm now better. I vomited after eating salad!!! WTF I think it was the cheese though... that cheese was gross. I've doing so good, I feel great, but I'm trying to find new ways to be more active, because I go from school to my house to school, back to my house. I don't even go out with friends, but once every two weeks at best -.- It's so unlike me, sometimes I hate the person I've become, and I don't know why it's like this now. I want to be better. I have not missed one day and I haven't had fizzy drinks at all, not that I'm craving any, I don't very much like them. I'm trying to go natural on my diet, but we don't have places that sell all natural hormone free food around here, so I just go to the market near my place, where food is supposed to be less bad. I've been eating less and less chocolate. Lately my mum keeps insisting on buying food instead making it, which makes it hard for me, because she gives me the easy choice of avoiding the work of cooking and saving time herself. SO... I'll just keep trying, keep going, because I have no reason to stop, Here's to every day's internal struggle...
  5. I'm very happy right now because yesterday I went to my auntie's house to celebrate her birthday and there was a lot of meat and fizzy drinks and crisps and I didn't have too much of everything. I tried the crisps, I ate meat, but I drank WATER, everyone be looking at me like: And I be like "YASSSSS" It was so easy to not be overwhelmed by all the food, specifically crisps and drinks. I always eat so much on reunions like that, everyone does, it's allowed, but I didn't yesterday and I feel so good. I haven't had one fizzy drink at all, and I even went to the movie theater and drank WATER, and didn't eat popcorn, WHAT?! I haven't made the time to excercise because I have exams coming and I have loads of homework to do, so I will try next week. I will try to improve my portions thought it's hard because it's something that we don't care about in my culture, but I have been doing so good, I've been cooking a lot too and experimenting with food :3 I'm very satisfied about my progress. The one thing I struggle with is chocolate, ugh. I love chocolate so much I hate it. But I have cut back on it for the past few months. LET'S KEEP GOING!!! FIGHTING!!!!!
  6. Yes, it's very hard to digest fat that's solidified in your stomach or small intestine, so it doesn't move, it just stays there, in the way and if it's a habit, you have bad digestion, trouble going to the bathroom, maybe swelling because food gets stuck and stuff.
  7. I'm feeling very satisfied about myself and my progress. I really want to do this, I know I can, I just need to be more disciplined and organised. I didn't have any soda and I cooked my own meal and had a proper portion of rice, veggies and protein. I'm trying to look at the process as something that is easy when taken step by step. I had a small proper portion of cereal in the morning, I cooked rice and fish for lunch and I'm going to eat a sandwich for dinner. I'm not going into a lot of detail about my daily progress here because I will track it on my notebook. I've been meditating since week five of the last level 1 challenge and it's awesome! I love doing it because it makes me feel so much better and I feel so calm. Always, after lunch, I drink warm tea. I used to do it only when I ate greasy foods because I read that if you drink something cold afterwards it stucks on the walls of the digestive tract and it's very unhealthy. I have a mixture of chai green tea and peppermint tea, and I believe it's helped me have better digestion and aids in weightloss. I'm working on eating dinner earlier, which is a bit difficult because I pretty much always eat dinner between 9 and 10 p.m. I'm sooo determined to go to bed early tonight lol I don't know how to end this xD FIGHTING!!!!!!!
  8. Main quest Lose at least 20kg by the end of 2015. First quest No fizzy drinks for the whole duration of the challenge. Measurement: A = 42 days, B = 28 days, C = 15 days or less. Stat: A = +2 CON +3 WIS, B = +2 CON +1 WIS, C = +1 CON Note: I actually don't very much like fizzy drinks, I consume them once, maybe twice a week at most, but lately father has been bringing big bottles of soda for family reunions and I feel like I've been drinking too much of it. Second quest Strict proper portion control for at least 4 weeks. Measurement: A = 28 days or more, B = 18 days, C = 10 days or less. Stat: A = +3 WIS + 1 STA +1 CHA, B = +2 WIS +1 STA, C = +1 WIS Note: This is truly one of the things I struggle with the most. In my culture, everyone has big portions so it's very hard to change the habit of having two times what I should have (one of my fists as measurement) of something like pasta. Third quest Exercise at least 3 times a week. Measurement: A = 18 days or more, B = 10 days, C = Less than 10 days. Stat; A = +2 STR +1 CHA +2 STA, B = +1 STR +1 STA, C = +1 STA Life quest Track my progress at least 5 days a week. Measurement: A = 30 days or more, B = 18 days, C = 10 days or less. Stat: A = +2 CHA +3 WIS, B = +1 CHA + 2 WIS, C = +1 WIS Fighting!!!
  9. I solemnly swear that I will try harder. I think my biggest challenge is my diet, because I never fully realise what I'm eating, and while I didn't complete 3 fruits a day some days, I would eat 2 or 1, and for the veggies it is a bit harder because I just don't like veggies. I eat vegetables every day, but in very small portions, mixed with the food, and I don't really count those because it's in small pieces. I didn't have that much trouble taking out my dog because whenever I didn't feel like walking or simply going out I would think "but he NEEDS to be out and walk around", and I'd do it. Excercise isn't that troubling because I don't have to think about it, so I don't really struggle. SO... For my main quest, to lose at least 1kg by the end of the challenge, I SUCCEDED. My first quest, to walk my dog at least three times a week, success c: My last two quests, eating fruits and veggies, it was so-so, I didn't fail though. For my life quest, going to bed at 11 the most, was a miserable fail... So how do I add the points now? However I want?
  10. Awww that's so cute! I'm feeling so discouraged! So disappointed in myself, I'm not trying my hardest u-u
  11. Thank you so much! n.n I have good and bad days of course, I try having more more good than bad. I don't very much dwell on what I do wrong, but I do get quite disappointed when I know I can do better. I'm really trying to pick myself up right now, it's just that some days are harder tan others. I haven't properly been tracking my progress, but I haven't had crappy days, just crappy hours, LOL. And thanks again for all the support.
  12. I feel very discouraged, I havent tracked my progress in a few days and I'm very disappointed, I don't want to fail... Going out to walk my dog...
  13. I would really love to go through all the guilds, but I'm scared to fail and get discouraged. I really want to be a ranger, but I'd love to do yoga and tai chi and capoeira, and I'd very much like to at least try parkour, I'm also a big fan of heavy lifting and running and swimming! Today, I really didn't want to walk my dog but I went anyway. What motivates me is my goal of being fit, I don't very much think about motivation, I think about discipline and habits that I know I must build and I feel pressured by the thought of having to write everything down and know that I didn't do my best. I'm in the process of starting the second mini challenge and I'm so excited! I've been wanting to clear my room for ages! I'm so happy I found Nerd Fitness, and so happy that everyone is so supportive of everyone.
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