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  1. Thanks!! I've kind of forgotten about posting here, again. But I am doing well. I actually got a coach and started a more defined program, because I felt like I needed more personalized accountability and support. So I'm being accountable to her, and it's been intensive enough that I guess I've forgotten about being accountable here! I'm trying to level up my life and it's proving pretty hard to get past the initial transitions, but so far so good!! Last week was probably about 80% on with my goals, and this week I'm shooting for 100%!
  2. Last couple days have been spent barfing. Not a recommended way to lose weight.
  3. Every day isn't happening so well. ;P But yesterday was 100%. Today was not. My exercising was great, the snacking was not! But bedtime has been good as well. So today was my off day for the week I guess.
  4. Thanks for the tips!! I am definitely finding that if I prepare food ahead of time, it makes it a lot easier. I already have to go shopping tomorrow though- that's the downside of wanting fresh produce. I buy it in smallish portions so it won't go bad, and then I have to go back. I love the idea of portioning it out ahead of time too though. That's definitely something I need to do! I'll report back how it goes. So I didn't check back in yesterday, but it was a good day as far as all goals concerned. Today also has been good: did my meals properly, did interval running for 25 minut
  5. My last challenge wasn't the greatest ever. I'm ready to level up this time though! The goals: 1. Exercise for AT LEAST 20 minutes every day. The kind of exercise that will get me sweating. If I don't sweat and have heavy breathing somewhere in that 20 minutes, it doesn't count. The exercise can be anything at all, with just that one stipulation. I'm allowed one day per week to do a milder form of exercise. 2. Eat regular meals and eat REAL FOOD. I need to meet this goal at least 6 days out of the week, giving me one "off" day if regular meals don't seem too possi
  6. Here's my final check-in. I did about 50% of my goals while I was away... and I ate way too much junk food. One morning I got up early and got dressed to go running at the treadmill at my hotel, but the fitness room wasn't open until 8am!! That's crazy. Who waits that late to exercise when you're traveling? I was gone before it was open, so that was my biggest bummer. I still did some exercise in my room, but I'd been looking forward to that run. So here's how my challenge came out: Exercise: I think came out to about 80%. Weights: was more like 20% Diet goals: probably
  7. Got my exercise in this morning (cardio and bodyweight exercises) and eggs and avocado for breakfast.This is probably the last time I'll check in until Sunday, so I'll be keeping on top of things in the meantime.
  8. Super late checking in here. But: Did my workout and weights for the day. Ate treats, blargh- curse you, cadbury eggs! Finished all my paintings! Found out my hotel has a workout room, so maybe it will be a decent one. =B
  9. I do! I'm gonna do it! This morning I had the guts to get up and work out before the kids got up. Life is so cool when I do that. Today feels like a great day.
  10. Okay. I really have not been good at daily check-ins. Yesterday was good; not fantastic, but good. Got my exercise in, diet was moderately decent and I kept in my limits. Today, same thing actually. Been a little bit more on the "survival" mode rather than thriving, unfortunately. I'm trying to pull myself out of it. I got my double JOGGING stroller, so I'm excited to go for a run with it tomorrow!! So for week three: I don't feel super amazing about it, but I do feel pretty good, and I did keep almost entirely within my goals. I never did get that third weights session in. I'
  11. I didn't get my exercise in yesterday. Blah. But, today I did weights and 20 minutes of tabata. Also had my second treat for the week. So that was actually pretty good spacing, I think.
  12. Okay, today was a moderately all right day. I did some brisk walking for an hour while pushing my big fat double stroller as my exercise. Diet was moderately okay, and I did have a treat today. Eh, it was just that kind of a day. Not awesome, but still within my goals!
  13. And today was great! Finished the day without screwing up my diet or doing anything too foolhardy. It was a stellar day!
  14. Thanks so much you guys! I already got my workout in this morning and followed up with a sensible breakfast. I'm not going to embarrass myself when I post again tonight. Its looking like a good day!
  15. Thank you! I need to talk more nicely to myself. I definitely struggle with that, and no doubt about it, life is throwing lots of junk at me right now. I'm trying to push against it AND not beat myself up. Easier said than done! So, I said I'd check in every day, and I mean it! Today has been GREAT with nutrition, and I even got a lot of painting in! I've done my uplifting material, and will do a little more before bed. I waited until the end of the day to get my workout in, but I GOT IT IN. 20 minutes of HIIT cardio, then did weights! Overcame inertia today, and I am so happy about it! FREA
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