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  1. Helloooo!! I am very very sorry for the hilariously late reply , but I couldn't log in at all for a few days due to a laptop issue. ( I didn't remember the password , auto log in was only on this laptop.) Sorry Anyways , I'm just going to post the 'wrap up' of the challenge post : started at the bottom ( last year , beginning of the fitness journey) : Sorry about the tacky slogan , lost a lot of data , this one was on instagram , so it has been saved now we here : middle ( 3rd week) photo and now (today) The double chin has vanished as well .. My family would just not be comfor
  2. Helloooooo! Just got back home and immediately got down to posting So , I DID ITTTTT !! and HE ACCEPTED!! And holy frick is all of this a massive change. We ended up going on an impromptu roadtrip to celebrate with our friends , and I forgot to take my laptop along..apologies on the tiny stretch of radio silence. Well then. One goal is DONE . Two : The traceur ascends to the next level. I don't know if any of the traceurs have tried the art out on the beach , but it is totally worth it ! Putting all the pictures together in the next post to showcase it ! Three: Lifting Didn'
  3. Started Stronglift ! I have to say ,this is more fast paced than what I had planned , and does feel better too . I'm only doing it 3 days a week as advised by the gym 'coach'. And though it seems like too few days in the week , truth be told I think it may work well . Anywho , Staying put at 5 miles free running. and staying put at 5 pirouettes as well. Started off with learning high jumps ( 1 metre )... still practicing the 'safe fall' . I'm landing on my toes and forward rolling ..but I roll on my back , not shoulders . Working on getting the shoulders in there ! Vaulting seems easy , b
  4. I make weapons ! To be precise , I work with micro-processors for military missile trackers , fair bit of sensor arrays too. Some assignments include RADAR and IR too .
  5. Day One Update : Fun: 4 miles free running , did 5 pirouettes mid run today ! Not on my toes , with the entire foot flat but that's 2 more than normal ! I'm guessing a good mood helped . Workout : Low Incline Benchpress Sets: 3 , Reps 8 ,Rest: 60 sec. Three-Point Dumbbell Row Sets: 2 , Reps: 12 (each arm), Rest: 30 secPushup Sets: 2 ,Reps: 15, Rest: 30 sec. Single Leg Bridge Sets: 2 , Reps: 9 , Rest: 30 sec. ( This one got a lot of weird looks ) Dumbbell Pullover Sets: 2 , Reps: 12 , Rest: 30 sec. Plank Sets: 2, Reps: Hold for 60 sec, Rest: 60 sec. Pull Up : 1 ( Did itttt !
  6. Thank you for your support redtomato ! Flight is awesome , and coincidentally most of my classmates are absolutely lovely people. And yes, I wanted to make sure I was in a good place before making a lifelong commitment. Checked out Stronglift 5x5 , and it does look like the answer to all my hassles ; atleast from what I've read. Will be talking to the GymCoach here and figure out if I'm a good candidate for it . Thank you for the recommendation!
  7. Good to see you too Schrodinger32 ! Congratulations on the weightloss progress And thank you for your support .
  8. Absolutely love the rampaging energetic start ! Fellow newbie on these boards here *fistbump* How long 'till thing get 'back to normal'? Takes a little effort but doesn't take as long as you think it would . I've lost 110lbs over a year , doing a bit of lifting helped keep the excess skin in check. May just be my personal experience , but you might first turn into a ' skinner fat version' of yourself , then you can get to being lean and ripped Has anyone used a standing desk at work and have they helped? Had to Goggle what a standing desk was ...so N/A How are you tracking your workou
  9. Hello ! Glad to find another camping enthusiast here . All the best with the challenge ! I'm new here but your goals do seem very precise . Kudos on that !
  10. Love your way of assigning points . Here's wishing you success ! *makes cheerleading noises in the background*
  11. Hello! All the best for your first challenge as well ! *whispers* congratulations on embarking on a challenge in the first place ! *done*
  12. HO-LY SHIIITT ! This one is a the fabled holy grail , innit ?! Thank you Xisiqomelir , I owe you a solid. Made a trip to the local organic store , and these gorgeous babies are available for 5$ a kg. Tried it with sour cream and sun dried tomatoes .. heavenly. Saves me a loton the 'budget for carbs" too ! Salud sire , Salud!
  13. Hello sylph ! Thank you for clearing that up. I think I will take the first challenge to get into rhythm then And will link the videos in the signature line . Thank you for the prompt reply !
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