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  1. the one in Smithville in May is the reason I'm getting active again. So I'm reviving this, if possible. Anybody else feeling like 6 months is looking short?
  2. Day 24 of 42 of the third challenge. today I drank 7 pints of water and ate 1530 calories with 148g of protein. 9 out of 10 points. I didn't ride my bike due to rain again, so I'm going to try and do a 2nd day on the elliptical, I also didn't do the warm up. So 5 out of 8 workout points. Had some other stuff going on tonight. Logged no project time.
  3. Day 23 of 42 of the third challenge. I drank a gallon of water and ate 1500 calories with 166g protein 10 for 10. I did all of my work out stuff, but my run was pretty weak. I walked more than I meant to. still 8 points. I logged an hour on the garage project. This is so slow going. 1 hour.
  4. Right on! I hope Zombies, Run! is going well, I'm on week 6 of C25K, and it's really getting difficult for me. Running isn't my favorite, but I used to like it alot. Keep on rocking, there isn't much of this challenge left!
  5. Day 22 of 42 of the third challenge. For the 2nd day in a row I didn't cheat on my food logging. I ate 1514 cal and 149g of protein and drank a gallon of water. 10 of 10 on first goal. I did all of the workout stuff, I need to adjust the rear wheel on my bike again. But I will not bring an excuse. I will bring a hammer. 8 workout goal points. We had a friend over for dinner so no time was logged on projects.
  6. Ok, day 21 of 42 of my third challenge. I logged all of my food today, there were no pinches of cheerios or just 2 chips or a cracker that totally isn't a serving so it doesn't count. That bad habit needs to end if I'm going to be able to get anything out of the data that I'm keeping. I ate 1405 cal with 152g of protein., I drank a gallon of water. 10 out of 10 today. I dug into Ezekiel and did day 1 of week 6 of c25k. I didn't ride my bike due to rain. I'm reserving the right to do 20min on the eliptical on a non-running day. I got 5 workout points. I put in 30 minutes with my eldest daughter working on a mask that she made. So .5 hours logged.
  7. Just checking in here. You should be at the middle of your 6 weeks, so how's it going? No shame if it's not going well! Let us know if we can offer any assistance or encouragement!
  8. Ug. Week three was better than prior efforts, but still under performing. I think my goals may be a little unrealistic. I am officially modifying the diet goal to eliminate the penalty for being under calories. I has led to some late day eating that turned into a "cascade failure". I'm also reducing the protein intake requirement to 150. My main goal right now is to cut within the bounds of sanity. I feel like I've been on a cut my whole life, and I really want to get to the point where I can start tweaking for maintenance. It also appears that I grossly over estimated how much time I have available to me, so I am modifying the Projects goal. Still one hour of qualify time with each other family member, but reducing time spent working on the garage to 11 hours from 15. I'll fix my first post later today. I pulled an F in diet and hydration last week, but only barely, with a total of 5.3. I squeaked out a C in the exercise \ workout goal last week with 36 points. I failed in the Projects goal. Brutally. I'm going to keep hobbling along at this. I really do believe that I can make a go of this, eventually, even if it's just one of the 6 weeks in the challenge.
  9. Aww yeah! Double thumbs up for Fridge Cop! The mouthwash solution is also pretty genius, with the added bonus of waking up with somewhat better breath. I've implemented a bunch of these suggestions, and am trying hardest to stick to Slates' exhortation to just stay out of the kitchen. I lost about 2.4 pounds last week, so it seems to be working. I am honestly unable to express how much the support of this group has meant to me in this effort. It's a bunch. Thanks you guys, you're all pretty rad.
  10. Day 18 of 42 of my third challenge. I drank 8 pints of water, at 1710 cal and 194g protein 10 out of 10 I did all of the workout stuff, except one of the bike rides due to heavy rain. 7 workout points I put in 2 hours on the garage. Feeling good about that. 2 hours logged.
  11. I'll 2nd everybody who found this inspiring and motivating. Hopefully you can hear the applause from Minneapolis. Keep the things you liked about the old Daniel that still fit. I'm sure there was some valid reason that was a you that you were happy with. I think there's a lot of things here that are going to resonate with a lot of us. After all, each of us has some reason we wound up here, thanks to the wonders of the internet. Keep the posts going man, and stay in the fight. Each of your wins is a win for all of us and each lesson learned and shared is a lesson we can all gain from. What I'm trying to say is "Don't become unseen, moving only in the shadows, like a Ninja!"
  12. pwallace, it's Thursday. How'd it go man? Did you get the result you wanted?
  13. Well, I'm at one day now and going strong When I get up at night, I just tell myself on the way downstairs, "ok Al, we're just going to take care of business, and then go back to bed, ok? Right. You can do this." I'm incredibly simple in the middle of the night. Still, I hardboiled some eggs just in case. I'll keep accountable to this and post up if the proof is, or isn't, in the pudding.
  14. Day 17 of 42 of my third challenge I drank 7 pints of water, at 1790 cal with 156g protein, so 8 points I did all of the workouts, except on of the bike rides, since I was driving to the burbs to pick up another 90lbs of plate for the weight room downstairs. 7 out of 8 points I did about an hour of work on the garage, mostly getting stuff ready for the garage sale the wife wants to have. 1 hour logged.
  15. Didn't recognize you for a minute, Daniel. Yeah, this weekend was especially bad. Just gotta keep climbing back on that horse.
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