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  1. Heyoo Wife and I have been pretty consistent with getting better with diet! I think our only flaw is we've been on a starbucks kick. I'd like to change that. But other wise lunch and dinner have been solid. Friends coming to town this weekend but we're motivated to stay on track. Had a great work out last night! Ran 7 laps on my 45 sec pace and my goal was 8 laps. I think Friday I'll get it At 9 laps it'll be a half mile so thats my goal for next week. I ran my 7 laps and then went to do 5x5 bench press with 7.5lbs and did 5x5 squats. I felt this time around I had more deep/high quality squats. I'm starting to feel the point of when I need to come back up. Monday I plan on running either a mile again or try and push out 1.5 miles. Then do push ups and sit ups. We talked about it last night and I think it'll go something like Monday: Do exercises that are on my PT so sit ups, push ups, and run. Wednesday do laps at 45 second pace, as many as possible then do bench and squats or a pull type of day with dead lifts and lat pulls to balance out the push exercises Friday will be body weight I think. Still working on it.
  2. Did some barbell work today after dinner! Bench with just 7.5 lbs on each end 5x5 Squat just bar 5x5 One set of push ups 4 on toes, 6 on knees One plank for 30 seconds Maybe just do 5lbs on bench press so I can do more push ups in the future.
  3. Back again! Diet has been better by far. Especially since Monday. Very paleo things. Today for lunch was pork chops with broccoli and I think tonight is omelets. The big news, I ran 1 mile last night and I liked my time! I ran it in 9:50, 12 laps around the upstairs track. I kept a great pace considering I had a week off of running from the .5 mile. Tonight the plans are strength training. :] Happy days.
  4. My weekend wasn't the greatest but we bounced back on Sunday and stuck to a good diet and did a lot oh physical labor out in the backyard. Though sadly I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder. Fighting 6-8 inch grass with a full sized lawn mower is a lot more physical than I thought it would be. But finally our yard isn't a jungle and we put down some chicken wire to help with the dog digging. I have a busy day today so hopefully I can gym. Oh! And we bought all our food to get us to Sunday and it's all Paleo :]
  5. Dinner was a success! My wife wanted so badly to go out for dinner, and probably not do Paleo. But it was late by the time she finished her homework so most places were closed so I was able to convince her to stay home and make dinner with me. We did a bowl of broccoli, bacon, and chicken. Breakfast: Oatmeal Lunch: Broccoli, bacon, and chicken Dinner: To be determined Today is a run day. With my goal being 7 laps at 45 second pace.
  6. So dinner was a bust, but only slightly to be perfectly honest. Had 3 slices of pizza. And didn't strength train, but I can live with that because today was better! And I could have eaten WAY more slices of pizza. Breakfast: Yogurt Lunch: Omelet that had eggs, bacon, sausage, steak, peppers, and onions. Not shabby! Dinner: I can't remember what we have planned. I'll come on and let ya know. Sidenote: At work they brought in 4 large pizzas from Dominoes for us during a meeting. Didn't even touch it. Or the soda. As far as physical, I volunteered today at Care and Share so I spent 2 hours lifting boxes and boxes of water bottles. Each box had anywhere from 35 bottles to 60+. One woman even commented, "you go girl!" when I pulled a pack of water out from under some soda in a tall cardboard shipping box. So I think I got a pretty awesome arm/shoulder work out. Plan tomorrow is to run.
  7. You thought I wouldn't come back till next week huh! Luckily I was on the Academy Facebook page which reminded me about this! One day it'll be a habit I hope. We ate corn with chicken sausage last night. Was tasty. Fitness related I DID run last night! When I was running about 3 weeks ago I got to 5 laps at my 45 second per lap pace. Last night I did 6 laps right at 4:30 total time. That's 1/3 of my test distance. If I can slowly increase the number of laps and stay that pace, I"ll hit my 1.5 mile in 13:30. That time is the best I've ever had and I've only had it once. During boot camp 3.5 years ago. Breakfast: Yogurt, have oatmeal in case I get hungry before lunch. Lunch: Chicken sausage with grilled asparagus Dinner: I think it's our mix of chicken, broccoli, and bacon in a bowl. We love it. Strength training tonight. Probably body weight because I want to go to bed early. My dog didn't let me get much sleep last night.
  8. I'm back after another week of fail! I thought the wife and I were ready but we just weren't. Which is ok! We talked about it more and now we think we're in the right state of mind to start. We made our shopping list, made some rules for eating out, and I WILL go to the gym tonight. I'm excited to get back so is the wife which makes me happy. Breakfast: Sausage Lunch: Chicken and Broccoli On my third cup of water. Actually, I gotta go fill up for my 4th cup. BRB.
  9. College classes start today, I'm enrolled in only 2. Though working full time and taking 2 Bachelor degree level classes should be interesting. I jumped the gun on my idea of working out this morning, thus waking up at 6am instead of 7am. I haven't worked out in close to 3 weeks I imagine so for me to try and make that jump was pretty silly! But I don't want today to go to waste since it's June 1st and my test is in August. So I'm making a point to go run today, or work out. We're probably getting out of work today a little early which helps. I told my wife I want to run outside and not upstairs on the hamster wheel that makes me go 19 laps before I reach my 1.5 miles. So either on a trail on base, or even the outside track with only 6 laps. I want to run at least a half mile today. Because my run time is my worst area of my test I want to run at least 3 times a week and put strength training on the remainder of the week. I'll be back tonight to post about my run! Haven't had breakfast today. Lunch will be turkey burgers with grilled zucchini. And maybe some left over wings from Buffalo Wild Wings.
  10. I'm ready to get back on the grind! My wife is too! I fell off the wagon pretty hard once while her family was here in April, and the last two weeks where I've been studying for promotion to Staff Sergeant. I have a thing where when I'm stressed I pull out my eyebrow hairs...and now I'm left with a hole in my left one -___-. Needless to say I was eating crap. But studying for Staff is over! I took the test and now I wait for results. My next Boss Battle is my Physical Training test with the Air Force in August. I did well on my last one on everything but my run time. I almost failed because of my run time. Which is nuts because that's the worse I've done in 3 years. Max points on my waist measurement at 29.5 inches Max points on my sit ups at 54 in 1 minute And got 8.1/10 points on push ups with 29 in 1 minute. My mile and a half time was around 16:10. But that was with an altitude adjustment because of Colorado's elevation. So they took like 30 seconds off my time. Without that adjustment I would have failed. I just hate running with a passion. But I NEED to improve because I love the Air Force. The passion I have for the Air Force must be greater than my passion for running. This week my wife and I are getting back on track diet wise, then next week we'll be hitting the gym/track. Our lunches and dinners this week are all mostly Paleo. By mostly I mean sometimes we eat potatoes and corn. Other wise it's a protein, usually chicken, and then a veggie. We got a gas grill so we've been grilling just about daily. Yesterday for breakfast I had 2 donuts. (BAD) Lunch was ribs and potatoes (DECENT) Dinner was chicken breast and asparagus (AWESOME) Today for breakfast I had 1 donut (BAD) Lunch will be chicken breast and asparagus (AWESOME) Dinner, I'm not sure but I'll update this. My wife does the meal planning. I'll use this week to track food. Next week I'll lay out my different avenues for exercise and some of my plans. Once I start to go to the gym my posts will include food and exercise.
  11. Well hopefully you can get a camera soon enough cause I think you'll be one of those Rebels featured in Steve's blog for your awesome journey one day! I look forward to following your updates
  12. Plus I got stationed in Germany so I got to see Europe. You can get stationed in England too. And my ticket to Germany was free.
  13. You sound like all the people I work with. Have you thought of working Intelligence with any of the 3 letter organizations? NGA, NSA, NRO, etc. The socially awkward nerd who loves cats more than children. The logical way of viewing things. You said so yourself, "Give me research to do, data to analyze, or reports to write and I'm all over it.". I had a lot of co workers at my last duty station who were battling depression or didn't fit in with people in high school so they joined the military and found the Intelligence Community. We really are a group of socially awkward misfits so a lot of people feel more comfortable or are able to say what their hobbies are without feeling judged.
  14. Thanks! I'll keep another month in mind and we'll have to take some more pictures. I do measure my waist because it's part of my criteria for physical fitness in the military, but measuring other places would be helpful too I think. Plus I think it's a quest in the academy to do so : P I know the scale is terrible since you have no idea about body fat % or muscle mass, I just know it makes the wife feel better. She's a little over 300lbs so seeing the numbers fall is really motivating to her. We'll have to work on making other indicators (like tape measure and clothes) just as motivating.
  15. Quick question that may be very vague! My wife and I have been doing Paleo for 3 weeks now (yay!) and we've noticed our energy levels are up and our clothes fit better in some areas. It's just weird because we took pictures when we started and even though we feel different in clothes and in general, our photos last night didn't look any different really :/ My wife has lost 11lbs but you wouldn't know just by looking at the pictures. Is this normal? When do people normally see physical results? It's been almost a month so maybe I'm jumping the gun but I just figured I'd ask around!
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