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  1. Alright, officially no one has replied definitively yay or nay for this Sunday so I am going to assume most are unable or uninterested in coming. Totally fine! We could do a meetup in Sept in case not all Rebels will be coming to Camp. What say ye?
  2. I've been wanting to go to DC since I moved to ATL 8 yrs ago! But, alas, too much money for me right now. I love both ideas! The lake idea would take a bit more planning, but I'd totally be game. There is a section of the Chattahoochee River National Park close to me (junction of I-75N & 285) with a beach area to chill, listen to music, drink, play games, etc. But... there are also 30ft rock cliffs to jump off into the water & rope swings for our more adrenaline rushing Rebels. I've been there a couple of times with friends, so much fun! Play Hard Gym (parkour) has...drum roll...a Sunday class! Woot! It's 1:00pm-2:00pm for $15. Not bad! Just throwing this out there to see who likes it: I'm going to nominate Sun, Aug 30 for hanging out on the lake/river/body of water in the ATL area. That's the weekend before Labor Day, & I'm going to say 2:00pm til whenever we get tired & want to quit? If it rains, we could go to Play Hard & try out our tracing/parkour skills? Feedback, what do y'all like/dislike about the idea? Other ideas/suggestions?
  3. Great afternoon of ice skating with DJtrippyT & Hermione Gainser! Although DJtrippyT definitely wiped the floor with us lol.
  4. Lol my resting bitch face is terrible too. I had to train myself to smile when relaxed, hence the kid in a candy store face. It helps that I look like Barbie so people aren't too freaked out by it.
  5. One last reminder for TODAY'S NF meetup: Center Ice Arena 5750 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs, GA 30342 1:30-3:30pm (public skate) $8 admission + $4 skate rental (they don't take AmEx - boo!) I'll be there about 1:15-1:40ish by the skate rental desk & I'll be the mid 20s blonde in the highlighter yellow shirt grinning like a kid in a candy store. See y'all there!
  6. Alright, throwing this out there to see what y'all think: NF meetup THIS Sunday (July 19) at 1:30-3:30pm (that's when they have public skating) at Center Ice in Sandy Springs. We can skate till we get tired then head to a nearby restaurant/bar for games & food. Cool? Most people seem to prefer Sundays for meetups over Saturdays due to workout schedules. Thoughts? Comments? Who's excited?!
  7. I'm good with Sat or Sun that weekend. My vote is for skating (cause seriously, who goes ice skating in July?? Awesome people!), but if more people want to hang out/play games I'd be down for that too!
  8. Nope, sorry. I can run in the cooler weather months like the Hot Chocolate Run in January, but July in ATL is too much heat/too much sweat.
  9. Regarding earlier posts on our next meetup: So we it looks like the nominees are food/games & ice skating. I'm good with either, so let's put it to a vote. I'll nominate Saturday, July 18 so that'd give us about a month to decide. I'll be going to the free yoga this Saturday because...free yoga. In the park. Does it need any further reasoning? Drop me a message if anyone else is going!
  10. Would it be weird if I said I love you for finding this? Made my day. Hell, my week!!
  11. Or realizing it's because at some point during squats you split your shorts right down the butt seam. I was wondering why there was a bit of a breeze & why everyone felt the need to suddenly check out my butt. Ah well!! Laugh it off.
  12. Ditto! Three cheers for Nike outlet stores at end of season clearance sales on tax free weekend. I'm so cheap a word has yet to be invented to accurately describe me. But being...um...blessed with ze bosoms & le hips while being a trainer & wearing my stuff into the ground, I need quality clothes.
  13. Skating sounds so fun! Are you sure it's open July/August? Kickball is tough, mostly because it takes about 15+ people to get a really good game going. Princess Bride? Inconceivable! Find out where/when! And free yoga?? Yes please!!!!
  14. Maybe we'll do something a bit more low key next time, like yoga? Also awesome, but in a different way. Thoughts? Requests? What would y'all love to do for a NF meetup?
  15. SO much fun rock climbing & bouldering with DJtrippyT today! Only one problem: whole. body. sore. Um, ow! But worth it!!!
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