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  1. After years of kung fu and other martial arts I trained in the west i switched to muay thai. When i was doing wing chun i found repetition was the thing that stopped my brain from freaking out when in a stressful situation ,your body just starts to react by itself so no thought necessary if you have done the movement a billion times before. But i found that my techniques where sloppy and i was lacking serious power and speed when under stress when my mind starts running all over the place. First day I started training muay thai here in thailand i was taught two things that was more valuable
  2. The whole stigma around "cage" fighting is so stupid. The cage is actually safer than fighting in a ring or in a open hall as anyone will tell you that's either been thrown out of a ring or into some chairs at their local school hall as opposed to being pushed into a padded wire mesh wall.The word cage i think just lexically triggers thoughts like "dangerous" and animalistic in peoples minds. I have seen five year olds fighting here in Thailand with muay thai. its hilarious. they are swinging and kicking at each other and missing by a mile. they do it for about 30 sec a round for 2 rounds. the
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