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  1. I've been doing a routine with a lot of volume for about two months, and around three weeks into the routine I started getting a lot of tightness in my calves, to the point where squatting was painful. I stretched a lot, foam rolled, took a deload week and the tightness subsided somewhat. After my deload I jumped back in, was fine for a couple of days and then one of my hips started acting up. Again, I stretched and foam rolled but all I seem to be doing is moving the knot around to different parts of my hips. It's become so painful when squatting that my workouts are getting cut short.
  2. Female Bodyweight: 53kg Bench 43.5kg x 8 reps
  3. I only use free weights as that's all I have access to. The only times I miss machines is when I want to do a very specific accessory exercise or I have some kind of minor injury and want to avoid getting that body part involved. Both have their uses but I would advocate for getting comfortable with free weights.
  4. Also watching this. I have PCOS and am slowly transitioning from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. If it helps at all, I was a veggie long before my diagnosis and my symptoms of PCOS are minimal.
  5. I would get a hormone profile done. It can be a symptom of PCOS as you said yourself. Do you experience any other symptoms like hair thinning, acne, irregular periods or weight gain? In any case it could help put your mind at ease. But lots of women have PCOS and it can be managed.
  6. I'm going to watch this thread closely as I'm interested to hear about others' experiences. I was diagnosed only a few months ago; for me the struggle hasn't been weight management, but more irregular cycles and mood swings with some excessive hair growth. I haven't started on any medication yet and I'm reluctant to as I always prefer to treat these things with a more holistic approach. As Alanna said, the symptoms and management of PCOS seem to really vary across the board. Having a good diet and exercising regularly is a good thing for anybody, not just those with PCOS, but if yo
  7. Thanks for the comments, people. I'm going to start incorporating some speed squats into my workouts and try to work on my breathing.
  8. Well done! See, you're even stronger than you think.
  9. miss_marissa - I totally agree with you and I do feel that is an issue. It always feels like my lungs give out before my legs do, which I know is an issue with squats but I have wondered if in me it's excessive (I don't know if the fact that I'm asthmatic is a contributing factor). I am planning on doing some HIIT once or twice a week to improve my cardiovascular fitness so I hope this helps. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. May as well just plonk the video in here so I don't have to explain myself again. https://youtu.be/q6F107yVL6g This is the set I failed on. I'm pretty sure I'm eating enough although I don't track calories anymore. I'm gaining weight and currently this is the most I've ever weighed in my life.
  11. Good idea, I will post a video later in the other forum. I train at home in my living room and mostly have no support, although my boyfriend who has been training a lot longer than I have chips in sometimes.
  12. I've been strength training for about 2 and a half years but have only been following a proper programme for around a year. Once I went on a proper programme, the weight I was squatting shot straight up (from 46kg x5 to 60kg x5 with a 1RM of 75kg) but it's since stagnated whilst all my other lifts have been going up. I've only added 3.5kg in the last four months and this week failed going for the fifth rep on 65kg. To me this number should be higher when I have a 1RM of 75kg. I currently weigh 55kg, age 27, female. My other lifts at the moment are: Deadlift 78.5kg x5 B
  13. I've been considering the same ideas a lot lately and I do feel we live very unnaturally. In my opinion we should work longer hours in the summer and much shorter hours in the winter. We are far too mobile without actually being mobile (we can travel halfway across the world in a day without moving) and we spend too much time sitting. We eat too much, and what we do eat is pumped with hormones and chemicals whose effect on our bodies we're still not fully aware of. I read an article recently which suggested that we are biologically designed to sleep shorter cycles a couple of times a day; inst
  14. At the moment I just use an app to record weight, sets, reps, etc, but I used to keep an online journal where I would upload videos and go into detail about things I was struggling with or form issues. I don't know if it helped particularly but it's certainly cool to look back on a year later to see how far you've come, which in retrospect does wonders for inspiration and self-esteem.
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