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  1. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 39 Log Morning MeditationSpinningNight StretchDay 40 Log Morning MeditationNight StretchDay 41 Log Morning MeditationNight StretchIs the end of the challenge? What happens next?? -=End Transmission=-
  2. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 38 LogMorning MeditationYogaNight Stretch These are good ideas. Maybe I'll hire a personal trainer for one session to help me make sure my form is concrete. -=End Transmission=-
  3. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 37 Log Morning Meditation Spinning Night Stretch Been limiting the workouts to spinning and yoga this week due to problems in the lower back. I don't know if lifting is for me... -=End Transmission=-
  4. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 36 Log Morning Meditation Yoga Night Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  5. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 35 Log Morning Meditation Spinning Night Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  6. -=Begin Transmission=- Thanks again for the info! I still have to do some research before I get comfortable. I think I'm going to try to find a CrossFit gym to go to in Seoul... Day 31 LogMorning MeditationYogaNight StretchDay 32 Log Morning MeditationSpinningNight StretchDay 33 Log Morning MeditationNight StretchI helped my brother move out of his apartment on the fourth floor (no elevator). It's not official, but I think I got a good lifting workout. Day 34 Log Morning MeditationNight Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  7. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 30 LogDoYouYoga's 30 Days of Meditation: Day 1SpinningNight StretchI started a new meditation thanks to PolishRifle's recommendation. I'm taking a break from Barbell Battalion because my body aches. My lower back and my neck. I don't know if it's because I have too much weight or I'm not doing it right. I'm thinking about changing to something else. I'd like to do Crossfit, but I don't know a good way to jump into that. I like easy to read and organized workout plans, and the WODs and BOXES and CLEANS is just confusing.... -=End Transmission=-
  8. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 29 Log Yoga Morning Meditation Night Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  9. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 24 Log Morning MeditationYogaNight Stretch Day 25 Log Morning MeditationNerd Fitness WarmupDeadlift 3x5 with 12.5 kg weightsPullups 3x5Custom Cool DownNight Stretch Day 26 Log Morning MeditationNight Stretch Day 27 Log Morning MeditationNight Stretch It's the weekend... Day 28 Log Morning MeditationNight Stretch Today is Monday, but I didn't get a chance to work out. My workout time was occupied by the game of games: THE SUPER BOWL. It played live this morning in Korea. I went to a bar to root for my favorite team since I was a kid, The Seattle Seahawks, and was
  10. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 23 Log Nerd Fitness Warmup Push Press 3x5 with 12.5 kg weights Squats 3x5 with 12.5 kg weights Custom Cool Down Spinning Class Morning Meditation Night Stretch I upped the weights, but brought down the reps as recommended by the Barbell Division calender. -=End Transmission=-
  11. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 22 Log Yoga Morning Meditation Night Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  12. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 21 Log Week 4 LET'S GO! Nerd Fitness Warmup Deadlift 5x5 with 10 kg weights Pullups 5x5 Custom Cool Down Spinning Class Morning MeditationNight Stretch Thanks for the kind words! Hope your challenge is going well as well. -=End Transmission=-
  13. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 18 Log Spinning Morning Meditation Night Stretch I skipped my Barbell Battalion for today because my neck was really sore. I don't know what it was from. Maybe the push press on Wednesday or maybe the Yoga on Thursday. I decided just spinning would be better. Day 19 Log Night Stretch Day 20 Log Morning Meditation Night Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  14. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 17 Log Yoga Meditation in the morning and night Night Stretch -=End Transmission=-
  15. -=Begin Transmission=- Day 16 Log Nerd Fitness WarmupPush Press 5x5 with 10 kg weightsSquats 5x5 with 10 kg weightsCustom Cool Down Spinning Class Meditation in the morning and night stretch. I tried to move up the weight to 12.5 kg, but after one rep of Push Press, I realized that's a little too heavy. I stuck with 10's and I'll try to move up next time. -=End Transmission=-
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