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  1. Pretty much what SpecialSunday said. For me, I tend to through in a bit of butter/oil/whatever you want on the bottom (spread it around), add a bunch of veggies, some chicken breasts, then about a cup of chicken/vegetable broth. Normally takes 6 hours. Although if you use a fancy pancy slow cooker (such as the Ninja. I love that thing, best investment) that also has an oven/stove option. You can sear the chicken in it first, do what I said earlier, put on oven mode and it is done in about an hour. Only one thing to really clean up other than your plate! Plus, that lasts me (if I'm eating it by myself) for about 4-6 meals depending on how much I eat. Also, it's fantastic as you just take the main dish out and put it in the fridge. Back on the Ninja, oven mode for about 30 minutes and it's good to go!
  2. Not sure if still applicable. But like Raincloak said, I prefer it cold. Except I tend to eat it right out of the can as is, occasionally add a touch of mustard (or a small amount of mayo) to add a bit more moisture to it. One of my favourite post-workout snacks.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Baconhunter, that's why I tried a TL; DR part at the end of the shory novel. Also said if you want more to go to the other thread. I would rather type a lot so all of the information is there than have something be missed. I am sorry that I am having a lot of issues at this time. Sorry all of this inconvienences you. Vintage, thank you for reading all of that, I understand it is a lot. I have had xrays done of the entire area, knee to thoracic spine. Shows nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have been seeing a chiropractor for about three weeks now. I have no health coverage so I have to pay for everything out of pocket. Was considering massage therapy next, but might try to find a PT. Eld, I have tried a few, terrified to try anything specific like using a tennis ball (or at least for around the hip). I will try to do more like that though, hip/leg raises. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I know I was looking at the new-ish P90 system. Didn't realize they also had a Yoga one. Tony Horton seems like he knows his stuff. Also, Netflix?? Really? I haven't seen anything like that on there. Then again, unless it is some really freaky yoga stuff I doubt it will show up in any horror sections.
  5. Awesome! I will definitely check that out next time I get a chance!
  6. Malakir, that is fantastic to hear. I am so glad to hear that everything seems to be working out for you and hope that you get back to where you were as soon as your body permits! Also, thanks, I will keep you in mind I've also made a thread in the "Make a Workout" board in hopes that someone over there may know a thing or two as well!
  7. I'm not sure if I consider not working out as unhealthy, or just simply depressing. I will have to think about that and, if that's the case, see if I can't switch that mindset around. Yoga was mentioned earlier but as I stated, haven't ever really experienced yoga before. Any ideas on where to start on that? Just some googling or is there a decent site you know about?
  8. Hi everyone! It was suggested to me to tell my tale here to see if I can get a workout routine again. It's been about three months since I've been back the the gym due to a couple of somewhat-related injuries. Now please, do note that I have absolutely no idea what caused these. Just all of a sudden there was pain. It had even been awhile since I've been to the gym when each of these developed (due to work and family stuff). For more of my history, my first thread is here; http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/62424-newbie-here/ I will add a TL;DR section at the end of this bit. About mid January, I developed what I now know to be Meralgia Paresthetica in my right thigh. Which means that the lateral cutaneous nerve, or lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (the nerve on the outside of the thigh that goes up to the spine), is either being compressed or has been entrapped by muscles near the hip bone. Symptoms are numbness, tingling (pins n needles), and burning sensation (this one can be very painful). Okay, so this happens, can't do any circuit training or cardio anymore. I can still walk around and do that daily instead. At the gym I simply decide to focus on strength training/upper body. This goes on till the tail end of January where I stand up to go to work and sharp/acute pain shoots through my right hip. Can't even put any pressure on it. Decide it would probably be a good idea to go to the hospital, where I am told it is Bursitis. Bursitis! Two days before my 25th and I get something that you generally don't develop until your 50's! Happy Birthday to me. Okay, so told Bursitis, I get a steroid injection with a local anesthetic to help with it. Pain lessens, not having as many issues with the tingling or burning sensations (although the numbness is still present). Around the end of February, the pain starts to get worse. I see another doctor, get some x-rays, go see a Chiropractor. Told that due to the fact that my one nerve is compressed, it is causing all of my muscles from my knee to mid back (all on the right side) to be in a constant state of contraction. (Which I thought was kind of weird as I can still flex all the muscles related to it, but whatever.) And that because of this, the muscles are compressing my Sciatic Nerve. .. My Sciatic Nerve is being compressed because a nerve in my leg is being compressed. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Why not. Since then, (well, about a day or two before really), I have been reduced to using a cane. I am unable to stand for more than 5 minutes with the pain kicking my ass (haha, get it?). I can drive for about 10 minutes before this happens but it is usually more bearable than standing/walking. I also have the same issue with most chairs. If I am not able to lounge out, the pain starts after about 30 minutes (unless it is a hard chair than more like 10 minutes). The best thing for it is to lay down. Or lounged somewhat upright on a bed. TL;DR This is the predicament I am in. I have a compressed Sciatic Nerve, an additional compressed nerve in my leg/hip, as well as Bursitis in the hip. All on the same side. I am unable to walk for more than 5 minutes. Sitting, chair dependent, between 10-30 minutes. So, I come here to ask for some help in developing some sort of workout routine to help keep me going as I'm falling into a funk here. My diet is starting to fail because of this and it's just one big vicious cycle. I can't workout so I feel bad, eat some sort of comfort food with is incredibly unhealthy, then feel even worse after realizing what I just ate. I try to do what I can, which at this point is about 5 push-ups every now and then along with some dips (depending on where I am). I have really no idea what else to do! I have thought about getting a pull-up bar (can only really do about 4-5 in a session, max was 2 at a time (was also chin-ups, not able to do pull-ups yet) Has anyone else gone through something similar? What did you do if you have? All my doctors are telling me to rest but I have been for almost two months and I can't do it anymore.
  9. Thanks for all the replies! It does seem harsh, especially since I have no idea what caused it. Don't remember tweaking anything during a workout. Just one day I noticed the numbness, a month later, sharp pain. That's the most frustrating part! Arrggghhh. I have been talking to doctors and my chiropractor. They all say the same thing which is to rest, rest, then rest some more. I can't do it anymore. I'm going to get depressed from my inability to do anything (literally, I stand for 5 minutes and the pain kicks in) and completely ruin my diet even farther. Otherwise I need to find things to do. Trying really hard to stick to my diet, which isn't really much of a diet to be honest. I just try to eat healthy things. Snack on carrots or celery with peanut butter (almond butter when I can afford it) instead of crackers; try not to keep bread in the apartment; no soda; etc etc. But one - everywhere I go there is temptation, ie. co-workers going out to eat and constantly offering me stuff. Super nice and all, but damn, so tempting. (Have only caved in about twice so far). Two - I think I'm slowly getting depressed, or at least falling into a funk, with my inability to work out. My willpower is definitely weakening and it turns into a vicious cycle. Feel bad about not working out, eat something fatty/incredibly unhealthy (usually an old comfort food) to help feel a bit better. Then feel even worse afterwords as I realized what I just ate. DAMN YOU PSYCHE! Thanks, I will definitely do that. Hopefully I will be able to get some sort of routine just so I can get going again. As for the bodyweight exercises, if I had a pull-up bar, I could do a couple of those (think my max is only two at a time right now, total of either 4-5 in each workout session). Also, have never really tried Yoga yet. Haven't found a time or place for it. It is not fun at all. Are you able to do much with it? Like I mentioned above. Standing for 5 minutes causing pain. Also, sitting in most chairs starts to become troublesome after awhile too. I think this wouldn't be as bad if I could at least go for walks! Get something in here or there.
  10. Hi, I'm Krzyzstof (well, kind of. Alternate version of my name). (I hope this is where I am suppose to say/type all of this.) I am relatively new to the whole fitness thing. I like to call myself an ex-couch potato. I signed up with a gym about 2 years ago. Went pretty heavily at first, burnt out, didn't go for a couple of months. Started back heavily, got sick/life got in the way, missed a couple more months. Last year (2014) was my best year. Was pretty solid all the way through. Went to the gym 3-8 times a week. Developed a circuit that I loved, and kept altering it to keep it fresh and fun. Didn't worry too much about strength training as I was mostly focusing on weight lose (although I did like to play in the weight room). Lost about 70 lbs during this time (most from this past year), was feeling fantastic! (albeit still overweight) As of now, it's been almost three months since I've been back to the gym. Not due to lack to interest or energy, I'm practically foaming at the mouth waiting to get back in there. But around that time I developed a nerve issue in my leg, Meralgia Paresthetica (for those who don't know, it is when muscles in your outer thigh compress a nerve). Okay, numbness, pain, burning sensation, I can handle most of those. Can't do any cardio so my circuit is out the window. Decide I will focus on my upper body, do some strength training. That lasted for about a month. Tail end of January, two days before my birthday, I developed acute hip pain. Go to hospital and told it is Bursitis. Fantastic. I've developed something that you usually don't get until your 50's. My body thinks it's an old man! Alright, so no more walking around places due to pain. Stop going to the gym all together. Nursing it for about a month, pain seems to be getting worse. Get some x-rays, see a doctor and a Chiro, told that due to the nerve issue and the Bursitis (all on the same side mind you), the muscles on that side are in a constant state of contraction and have pinched/compressed my Sciatic nerve! Fan-freaking-tastic. We are now 3 weeks into March and I've been reduced to using a cane. Can't drive for long distances and have issues doing simple tasks like getting groceries. I'm fallen into a funk, re-developing bad eating habits and have no idea what to do anymore. TL;DR Used to be avid gym bunny. Lost 70lbs, feeling fantastic. Developed lots of leg/hip issues - Meralgia Paresthetica, Bursitis, compressed Sciatic Nerve. Fallen into a rut and re-developing old eating habits. Don't know what to do anymore. I'm hoping to find some exercises to do at home to either help improve my situation, or to at least keep me busy. I currently do some push-up here and there, but I can only do about 5 at a time, then have to rest for quite awhile before I can do another set (I was ecstatic when I was able to do my first real push-up, even more so when I did my first chin-up!). Well, I think that's about it. That is the gist of my story so far. Or at least all that I can think of.
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