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  1. I did see the "Strong Lifts 5x5" and it's only built of 5 exercises? Squats, Bench Press, DeadLift, Overhead Press, Barbell Row. Doing just those 5 repeatedly every other day will produce results? No other excersies included?
  2. So do you think I could get away with just a weight bench? The basic rack for bench press and a bar? I could do any grip on the bench press & I could curl the bar so would I even need to spend my money on a big machine that offers all kinds of excersies? Also, if I take SuperSweed's suggestion and buy a good dumbbell set would that be enough for a great home workout?
  3. Fitness aims- I want to get bigger arms, mainly. It's the most noticable feature so I want to isolate the best workouts for biceps/triceps. I'm not too worried about legs but I think a simple leg lift of some sort would suffice but focus on arms the most. It will fit in a room and there is about 8ft x 8ft of space for this machine AT MOST, I would assume it would take up less space than this.
  4. Hii all, first post here after creepin' the forums for about an hour and I couldn't find any relevant information on a well rounded workout machine for home use so I decided to sign up and just ask... So, my question is, having a squat rack would be nice but can anyone suggest their opinion on a decent workout machine if I was to purchase one for my home? I don't mean treadmill or elliptical I'm talking about something like a "Bowflex Home Gym" but those seem to be way too expensive and I'm sure there is something more cost efficient with the same workouts included. Please include link
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