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    Hi evry1. After lurking here for a bit and seeing how I culd be accepted here, I decided to join. I was excired to do this challenge, my 1st one, but I cant. My mom passed away right b4 new years and I am barly holding it together. Thankx for the kindness u all have shown but Im struggling with dealing witb her being gone (she had colon cancer). I would like to try this again whne im ready. Thankx again evetyone.
  2. I hope evry1 has a Merry Christmas! Im really lookin forward to the new year and a first challenge (for me).
  3. When does the next challenge start? And could neone guide me on goals. I know I gotta lose weight, but idk what else to do. Ty.
  4. Ur introspective thinking is amazing (and ty for reaching out to me, btw). If u 2 have been together for so long, there must be something that has kept u together...and it might be worth giving one more chance. If u 2 have both changed, ull be in a different headspace to 'begin again'. Id say that if uve tried for this long with it bein bad with really no hope, maybe its worth some time with new hope. If ur different and she says she is, its worth a chance, at least for a little while. U deserve to be happy.
  5. Thanks! I hope ive found a plave that accepts me for me and helps me grow. Im shy but have strong opinions and kinda need to be more in the middle than the extremes.
  6. Hi every body. I'm Eve and I've been kinda lurking here for a bit, but finally made myself join. This challenge is almost donr, so ill make a fresh thread for thr next one. If u want to know anything about me, ask away. I qas kinda scared to join because I think people dont like me...but im being brave and trying. Ty.
  7. Hi. I'm new to this place and was poking around and saw how honest ur bein Teros. It sounds lik Uve been through so much, u and ur girlfriend, so I hope it works out for u 2. People can and do change, so if she says she has, maybe give it another go around. There's got to be a reason you stayed with her all those years. Do you still love her? If u do, which it sounds likes to me, maybe ur both ready to be better together. Good luck to u. This is my first post here, so I thought Id do it on an important persons thread. I really want to be social but it's hard and I'm scared everyone will ha
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