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  1. Tomorrow is the day!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Congrats on the baby! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Placeholder for challenge recap
  4. It's been a couple of years since I've been around these parts. 2018 was a year of changes for me Namely: I officially became a parent with the adoption of my first progeny, Bee. My second daughter, AJ, will be adopted some time this year. They have both lived with us since the middle of 2017. We also have 3 other fosters, so we currently have 5 progeny total. I got a new job. I was formerly teaching the youngest progeny at the College of Dynamics in Rata Sum for the past 9+ years. I now oversee technology throughout the entire University. As a resu
  5. Day 8 Water = 48 oz again We had church and then karaoke for my birthday, which is tomorrow! No workout. We were a bit strapped for time with all of our weekend plans, and sore from lifting heavy objects yesterday. Going to bed early tonight. The pups have a 7am grooming appt and then I have a training at 8. I am supposed to wear "comfortable clothes" which I choose to interpret as Activewear! So I can easily do an interval run somewhere on the high school campus before starting my training.
  6. Week I Summary! 01. Strengthening - I am planning to do Stronglifts 5x5 for now, with interval runs on alternate days for cardio. I am going to TRY to do these in the morning. 02. Hydrating - Because I can do at least 48 oz of water a day, that is what I have set as my baseline. 48 x .25 + 48 = 60, so my week 1 water goal will be A MINIMUM of 60 oz a day. 03. Musicking - I have a plan to practice, but I didn't get to it much this week. I think it's because "3x a week" is too vague. So this week I am going to practice M, Tu, Th afternoons for 20 min.
  7. Day 7 We went to breakfast after intercepting a few work crises by phone. I had a veggie omelette and coffee and fries. We had to go to my grammy's house and pick up my dog, who has been staying with her since Easter. He is a cool guy but he's been running through her legs like an asshole. We dropped him at home and then went to help a friend move. According to MFP, I burned over 1,000 calories moving boxes for an hour. We were sore and grumpy D< We were paid in beer, pizza, and gratitude. We came home and watched TV until we crashed. We also ate Cana
  8. Day 6 I once again did not get any sleep, and did not wake up in time for exercise. I only had a half day of work, MUCH closer. I drank 48 oz of water. I napped in the afternoon and my wife drugged me at bedtime But I don't remember much of the rest of the day. Did we have something in the evening? I'm not sure.
  9. Day 5: Whew, the last few days were busy! Here is Thursday: I slept only 4 hours but I still managed to wake up early enough to do an interval run before heading up to the mountains to work. The scenery was beautiful! I don't have a photo of it. But here is an Internet picture taken from a nearby park. After a long day making our work plan for next year (basically the goals for our school so that we can apply to be an official Expeditionary Learning school) I had to rush home to talk to a social worker about our foster care home study. Traffic was bad, but
  10. This looks funny! I'm going to roll a pose tomorrow and see what happens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Day 4: I drank 60oz of water. I might drink a little more before bed. I did not get the camp job but I will most likely get the day program job -- it's with my wife's company and she said they already have a couple of clients in mind for me to help. I will most likely hear next week. I started a little late on the piano this week, but I have some exercises chosen to begin working through. I'm meeting with my director, assistant director, school designer, and another teacher tomorrow to do our work plan for next year. Unfortunately I have
  12. Yeah, I inherited an antique upright piano from my Papa and we recently got it tuned. So I need to actually play it!
  13. Thanks! I did one quest with the warriors in 2016 but I'm glad to be back!!!
  14. Don't Disappear is a good challenge. I need to do that one, too.
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