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  1. Hi. I feel like we have pretty similar goals. Glad to see you got 'em up and are plunging into the ol' challenge! It's weird how time flies - I was looking forward to this challenge a full week before hand, but somehow it still feels like I fell on my face off the bat! anways, I agree with the above - you got this!
  2. Hi I like your goals, I think it's the way you state them so matter-of-factly, it is apparent that you really know your problem areas and what the change is you want to see. I know what it's like to be pretty far from a gym - are there other facilities near by? I have a community hall near me that I found out has yoga and old ladies that do line dancing. Often there are courts, such as tennis, and other sport things tucked away in corners, maybe that would help? I'm not sure how homeschooling works, but maybe the two of you can do some good workouts in a "phys.ed." type time? I'm not sure, sorry if that is just wrong...
  3. me challenge be here. It be but a beginning before I get me sea legs and salty tongue If I search "cutlasses" as a tag will everyones hallenge come up so I can set me eye upon em???
  4. Hi. I like your goals - they seem manageable and are defined nicely so they dont leave room for debate. double yay definatly a life goal - I know exactly how you feel
  5. Yup. the latter.I dont know what they call other places, but it's really hard. I kinda tossed it back and forth whether it should be my goal as, to be honest, when it comes down to the timing, I believe after basic if I can't do it my Chief can still accept me. I'm a volunteer firefighter right now, so not completing the test would mean I would never go professional, but that would suck as I like to help my brothers, and keep my options open for wildland fighting. In the FF magazines we always get they always highlight the badass races FF's do - climbing stairs such as the CN tower etc. we'll see - here's hoping I can do it! if anyone is interested, here's a guide to the test and here's a cpat recommended workout shedule I'll tackle this next challenge. I kinda hope that it will resolve itself slowely just because I will be thinking "fitness" so much more. We'll see... I didnt think of that - maybe. If I really work up a sweat. The job includes hauling soil around, digging up huge swaths of blackberries and scrapping logs to make fence posts, so it will be a workout! Thank you! Im really hope we all make our challenges and make 2015 super awesome
  6. Insert awkward greetingThis will be my first challenge. I'm happy I found NF - it seems like a huge bunch of awesome people. As a coincidence I found you guys at the end of 2014, so I guess this challenge is also my new years resolution +2yayAn intro to myself, my motivations and more of a plan (esp. re: exercises) will be on my battlelog and epic quest soon, so I'll just stick to my challenge here.I will say I am a 31 yo female and currently tip in at a mite under 147lbs*Main Quest*overall this year is to complete my CPAT. A physical change benchmark I will work for first is to go down to 122lbs and I am hoping to lose 5lbs this challenge*pre-quest*I'm a total noob/boob at fitness and especially gyms. I had to google pretty much every reference/word I came acrossin NF articles, including barbell/dumbell differences. So I need to delve into this strange world and learn more about exercises, different available equipment and sports*Quests*1. Drink water. This is to ready myself for future quests and I think will most help with dietary change. I am aiming for the recommended 2.2 LA > 5x/wk, B 4x/wk, C 3x/wk, F < 3x/wk2. cut back on those -coses. I have a pretty good diet but it gets derailed by 1) sugar and 2) serving sizes. Attacking the sugar: I will cut back to one treat a day 5 days/wk and none 2 days/wkA yup. that. create a low sugar habit B = 4x a week. C = 3x/wk. F=sugar cravings not dealt w/ adequatly3. Participate 2x/wk in some sort of group activity where sweating is mandatory. If groups are not available, individual activity counts if it takes me away from my comfort zone (gym weight equip. doesnt count but online zumba and bball doesA= exactly that as outlined in quest (+A if two things are adventurous!)B= one week missing once. F= all else. Do or die pretty much.*life quest*Overall I want to move towards a more sustainable lifeQuest for this challenge: Get the greenhouse ready to plant - this involves a LOT more than putting in a bit of fertilizerA gettin 'er done! B= 70% (roughly) complete. D= 50% complete. F=<50%{edit to re-size lines: can anyone explain why I cannot change font, colours, size or anything in this text box? It also is not automatically setting my line length so I had to chop it ll up...hmm...}
  7. Ahoy, ye mighty Dames! Perchance there be room for but an apprentice? I'm feelin so noob-like, I be like a babe thrown out to the sea - nary a chance!
  8. Hi. I like your goals - I havent figured mine out yet but I'm sure they'll be similar - especially the chocolate and vegitarian one.
  9. welcome sounds like 2015 is the year! I too would like to do a 5k this year and will be doing my first challenge
  10. Hi. Sorry if there's a thread on this already, i tried to search... I am new to NF and wll be doing my first challenge soon: my main goal for the year will be to do the CPAT test and overall in life is a move towards sustainability. I dont do yoga now, but have always appreciated it and have done a few classes in the past. I'd like to start. I dont meditate although I am a farmer and like to hike, both at which I tend to fall into what I can only descibe as a meditative state, which i love. I am trying to come up with classes/group activities which I would like to do to get me out and working-out, this is a bit of a challenge b/c I live in a village where my options are limited. For yoga I have an option of a class which is one hour per week ($8/class) which is run by a friend who is very nice and presumably it is a nice social time. My other option is to goto my neighbour and ask her to be my yogini (is that the word?) - She is...intense. And would be a teacher more n line with classic hindi (language and all). She's 84 (I think) and lives/breathes yoga. She takes students on for free, in any discipline (I have a friend who does chanting with her who thinks its great) - I'd be doing posures. Here's the thing - I'm fairly terrified of having a yoga teaher being so close. The dissapointment if you dont succeed, the emotional closeness, the 1-1 aspect being so, I dont know, personal. Does anyone have this with a teacher? Do they like it? Do you get a lot out of the group/social classes? thanks for any help!
  11. kick ass. i'm in. thanks for keeping this going. I'm starting to go through the book, I thought about starting today (one week until the next challenge starts) but am in the wrong place for it (travelling, family for another week), but mainly my excuse is I want to start co-currently with the next challenge in the hope more people will join and help keep me on task For now, I'll look through the previous posts and try to get my exercise form down (and figure out ths whole ladder thing)
  12. I was perusing the west meetup and saw a post from red_queen about a 5k - the run scared (http://www.runscared5k.com/). It occured to me that if I had seen it earlier I just may have dropped $5 for the race (the run is for leukemia and lymphoma). NF's are a very caring and giving group, I think, and it would be a great way to show support to members, especially when theres a run (or whatever) in support of something that has affected my own life. Maybe a sub-topic under battlelogs, or woot? I also remember when my cousin was going through muay thai internationals and some of the fundraising they did (mind you I think that was grant work, but still) I believe races have a way of creating individual pages and can collect money there, for accountability. I know I'd rather give $5 than go buy a latte
  13. Im in for next year. this looks amazing! Im diggin' the father-son sumo team in that link
  14. Hi. My experience with forums which have a strong USA following is that Canadians make up the second largest population demographic. I can see that their meetups in the international section get quite a few views and it would be nice to have a section I can see quickly - canada's a big place but we tend to be pretty tied together and have a smal population, so it's nice to cheer someone on in PEI even if I am in BC and to be able to quickly see their posts w/o mining through the international topic. we will try to not just talk about hockey meetups thanks
  15. Now Im mainly spending some time checking out all the boards - I tend to have to really KNOW a topic and jump into it, becoming somewhat obsessive, so I'd like to say I'm casually checking out some posts trying to figure out a routine and how to actually do exercises (mainly only on NF although I;ve ventured into other fitness sites when trying to figure out what the equipment in the gym is exacly - and i still dont get the stability balls entirely, cant imagine not feeling ridiculous on one!) since im a complete noob at exercising and all things fitness related, but in reality that "casually" means hours and hours, and im still not sure so Im just stickin to body weight routines, I suppose. If your new to this I'd love to hear how you choose one thing/way to concentrate on....
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